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Significance of Training and Development of Human Resources


Human resources is the term that refers to all the employees of a company. The workforce makes up the very back bone of any company and it is for this reason that the company should be made of highly skilled as well as professional individuals who know exactly what they are doing.

If not, things can get seriously out of hand and the company will not be able to gain any kind of success. Given below is a list of why it is significant to have proper training and development in HR.

training development of human resourcesImportance of Training and Development of HR:

Here we discussed the what is training and development of HR and importance of training in HRM.

1. So that they can work as a team:

The HR training and development programs offered by the company should be of some standard so that the employees actually benefit from it, instead of wasting valuable time.

Training can be in a number of forms as having someone come to speak to them or in the form of a comprehensive power point presentation.

Training helps bring together the work force, train them to work as a single unit and encourage them to stand together at all times so that nothing can divide them.

2. They know how to act professionally:

Training and development process helps bring about human resource development. Without proper guidance the workers will not know how they are expected to conduct themselves at the work place.

All companies have different things they expect from their workers, so a brief talk or training of some kind, will serve as a way of acquainting the employees with the way in which they are expected to conduct themselves in the office.

While some companies are alright with a relaxed and casual behavior, other companies do not accept any such thing.

3. How they ought to behave in front of clients:

Companies know that without their clients, their profits are bound to go downhill, therefore at all times they strive hard to keep their clients happy and content.

Sometimes it is not merely the bosses or the seniors who come in contact with the clients, but the regular employees too converse and interact with the clients and in such cases they ought to know how to behave as well as what to say.

If they are unaware of how they ought to behave chances are that clients are bound to be angry and unimpressed.

4. What the policies of the company are:

While working for any company it is of paramount importance to know what the policies of the company are. No two companies have the same or even similar policies.

So rather than having a work force that says things which are not in consonance with the policies of the company, It is better to acquaint them with what the policies are.

Training is something that is not merely needed by the new comers alone but all workers need it from time to time in order to develop.

5. What behavior the company will not accept:

training development of human resources

The training of the company should categorically instruct the employees how they ought to behave. The company should make it sure to mention those particular things that are bound to get you fired.

The high the quality of the training you provide, the better will be the standard of your work force. Many companies do not give proper training to their work force and they end up regretting it at a later time.

If you want your company to prosper, then training is something which you cannot afford to ignore at all.

6. The standards which the company adheres to:

All companies have various standards which they uphold it is indeed a shameful thing if an employee is asked about the standards which his company upholds and he is blissfully unaware of them.

Sometimes even if employees know thing about the company, over time they might just forgot, so having training, seminars, talks, discussions or even getting feedback sometimes serves as a way of interaction between employers as well as the employees.

7. How to treat subordinates:

No matter what is your rank in a particular work place you should know how to treat those who are around you. Many people assume that just because they have certain qualifications as well as credentials, they have the right to treat those who are below them in any way which they want to.

This behavior is absolutely unacceptable and should not be condoned at any point of time. The proper way to act with your subordinates does not come easy to all and that is the reason why training is absolutely necessary.

8. How to act with colleagues:

In addition to learning how to conduct yourself with clients and subordinates, it is important that employees know how they need to act with their colleagues.

If proper hr training is not given then this could certainly lead to an unhealthy work atmosphere as well as negative work place politics.

People of the same position should be given a similar kind of training so they know what is expected of them.

9. Manners to talk to seniors:

talking to seniors at work

Talking to seniors is an art which not many are able to master. Everyone requires training even if it is only for a little while about how you are expected to talk with your seniors.

When talking to a senior or a boss, it does not imply that you have to agree with everything which he or she is saying to you.

You ought to put forth your views as well, but you must ensure that you do so in such way a way that you do not come across as being too forward or even rude as that will not go down well with any senior.

10. What exactly the job entails:

The chief purpose of training is to teach the employees and to acquaint them with knowledge on what the job specifically entails. Once you employ and individuals you cannot expect him to know instantly what the job entails no matter how skilled or experienced he or she may be.

The biggest of companies take a great deal of pain to ensure that their employees get the best training as well as management so that they are able to work efficiently and properly.

11. Things which need improvement:

Training is vital so as to bring to the notice of the employees all the different areas in which they are lagging behind and the training is so as to ensure that the employee work on all the areas in which their work is not up to the mark.

If there is no training conducted on a regular basis then when will it be possible to address all these pending and pressuring issues that need addressing? Companies should ensure that the training sessions are well attended so that things can get better soon.

12. So that they know when they have done a good job:

Training is constantly required so as to ensure that the team works as a comprehensive unit, but training is additionally required so that the team remains motivated and knows about areas in which they are doing well so as to keep up the good work.

Constantly putting the team down is something that can have adverse affects and this is something which is absolutely detrimental to the success of any company so seniors must ensure that along with stating negative they give praise when it is due.

13. To keep them updated with facts and figures:

The business world has become a cut throat one indeed, with all companies; both big and small are trying their level best so as to remain relevant parts of the business world.

It is of paramount importance of training and development for the workers so that they know where the company stands in terms of its competition with other companies as well as in terms of how many profits they are making.

14. So that they learn to use the office equipment:

Training helps the employees learn how to use the different equipment which they are required to use on a daily basis in the work place. Using the equipment efficiently will really go a long way in being able to get the job done in a faster and more uniform manner.

If a company does not bother to keep up with the changing time in terms of technological advancements then in the time to come, your company may be left behind in terms of the success it is able to achieve.

15. Approaching the Human resources department or HR manager when things go wrong:

talking to human resources manager

Training will help the employees know that in the event of facing any trouble they can go and approach their HR department or human resources management team or their manager. In addition to this, training also helps to make the entire work force more disciplined such that they do not get out of hand and start acting in an unruly manner.


The work force of the office is responsible to a large extent when the company either does well or does badly. Without proper training, the employees will just remain employees and not coerce to become a comprehensive workforce.

After all there is some truth in the common saying, that ‘united we stand and divided we fall’, so that is why all companies should look into the needs of their human resources and make sure they are happy and content at all times, If the work unit is happy, the work output will be better.