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Top 22 Unique or Oddball Interview Questions and Answers


Every job seeker goes through the process of the interview session. He/She would know there is a certain type of interview questions for each type of job or position.

The usual types of interview questions and answers posting on websites and various other professional websites. But do you know that some unusual interview questions may seem odd or simply unique posed to the job seeker, who seems to raise his eyebrows?

It allows the interviewer to get more insight into the interviewee. These oddball interview questions could not only catch you off guard but also lighten and loosen up a bit.

Though it is not possible to prepare for every inevitable question, here are some of the typical job interview unique questions and answers.

Oddball Interview Questions

Unique Interview Questions and Answers:

1. If you were given a chance to add color to the crayon box, which color would you prefer to add:

From this type of question, the answer you give indicates what your attitude and creativity nature is. It also indicates your thoughts on creativity or out of box perceptions. If you chose red, then you seem to be bold in your work, if blue then you might seem to work background. So give a color that is not dark colored.

2. Have you ever been in a boat?

This is going to know about your traits. It’s an open ended question wanting to know if you answer with just a “yes” or “no” or go on further to describe how you took the first trip on a boat or whether you enjoy going on those rides or talk about being a leader on the cruise trip. No matter what you describe, it will tell more of your personality. You could answer according to the position you are applying for to show more emphasis on the trait required.

3. Have you recently experienced any hilarious moments about yourself?

The interviewer perhaps just would interest in knowing about your upbeat and positive notes. Everyone does experience them but being able to share them is the best part.

This attitude is sure to help out knowing how you as the person would know to handle customers. Do express the moment you felt was funny as it would show how much you enjoy each situation. Being hilarious is not wrong but you should not go overboard.

4. Why do you think that the tennis ball is fuzzy or furry?

Now here is a situation that you wouldn’t have expected. Don’t know about tennis or haven’t seen one. Don’t worry. These questions are mostly asked to test your technical knowledge as well as to check out on your creativity.

The answer that as tennis balls made of rubber it covered with felt covering to slow the speed down during travel in the air and also regulate the bounce. This shows you know something about physics. There is another answer that the ball’s spin regulate which is important for a game.

5. Can you instruct us on how to make a paper plane in words?

Well, this seems interesting. But the interviewer is keen to know how adept are you in being able to describe the whole activity in words. You have to be careful in sequencing the steps and describing the way it has to be folded.

See it’s not so simple! Moreover, this would help them to know whether you have the visualization and ability to explain clearly.

6. Tell us in simple words as to how the internet works:

You may need to be a little aware of some of the technical advances of today’s world. This happens only when you connected with peers who are sound in technological advances or youngsters who are always updating on trends.

The answer is ‘A global network of computers connects to the Internet through specific address called IP or Internet Protocol address’. The Internet has many servers where computers or clients get information or mails through Internet service providers.

7. How do you think accidents can be avoided?

If you are going to work at a manufacturing site, then you must be more aware of some of the basic safety measures. Pick some examples of instances or situations that happen at site work to indicate the correctives measure to take.

Like for instance cordoning the area with ‘yellow or red tags’, using safety boards to highlight ‘men at work’, etc. But if you are being interviewed for administrative posts, then visualize the arrangement of tables, desks, carpets, sharp objects, wiring, etc. These have to be properly arranged so that it does not cause trips and fall.

8. You were assigned to do a project at city “XX” and your visa, travel arrangements have been made, and you have to travel with next three days, what are the top 5 things you would do?

This tricky question intends to know the way you organize yourself and the way you manage the time given. You would inform the family first and then start to collect all the information on the project, exchange money, get to know the climatic conditions there, the time lag between the two places, who are the team members to prepare for meeting them.

9. What do you consider is the worst quality in humanity?

It’s to know about how you perceive life and qualities associated with it. The best answer is ‘cruelty’, ‘unforgiving’. Sometimes, you could indicate what is the way the world is going towards and what makes you feel happy or sad about it.

10. You would have confronted with a difficult situation. How did you manage it?

Here you have to provide an example which you would consider as difficult and indicate the way you had handled. From this, they are sure to know the perception of ‘difficult’ in your terms. Do not search for trivial matters to be described.

Also, don’t give too much exaggeration on yourself. You have to emphasize the participation of other members as well. It’s would only show how you recognize other’s work.

11. What mistake did you make that changed things around in the company?

Of course, you could shy away saying that you hadn’t made a mistake. But if you had done and there was a situation which caused some significant impact, you could be frank and describe in short.

Also, explain to them how you had handled it and about the preventive measures they had taken. Mistakes do happen and disclosing is not a sin. It would indicate that you are truthful in your dealings.

12. If you compare yourself to any animal which is the one similar to you?

The employer prefers to know your logical reasoning and how you associate with nature. You would have seen how different animals behave. At least the common ones that are seen around.

You would have to associate at least a few characteristic features to your nature. Like for instance, you are being interviewed for the graphic designer post, then you would be fascinated with colors and patterns. Then you could associate with butterflies.

13. If you had to write an autobiography what would you name the title of the book?

Here too the creativity pulse is being tested. There is a range of title which could be mundane, arrogant or intriguing. You need to select the appropriate title describing your best quality.

14. If a fight is to erupt among the superheroes who do you think would win?

This is to verify your personality trait. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t want one superhero to win over the other. You could answer that Hulk is indestructible or Batman is there to fight the evil forces. But the more diplomatic approach is ‘No superheroes would fight against each other as they fight for the same causes to save mankind.

15. What do you work during your free time?

Here you need to mention about the hobbies you have and how you spend your time on it. Sometimes, even spending time with your child is also good to mention. All the activities that you describe would show your character and attitude.

Things like gardening, reading books, listening to music, cooking, spending time with grandparents, drawing, painting, etc. are all part of it. But be sure to say what you do so that you could explain better in case they are inquisitive to know how you do it.

16. What is the most interesting thing you prefer to watch on TV and why?

Sometimes these questions indicate whether you watch to gather information and learn or have a passion for it or just pass time. Some people love watching football or tennis, some love to watch wildlife channels, some love to watch cooking programs, while some love to watch serials. Each type of program has its pros and cons. And the answer indicates your passion in life.

17. Which part of your high school life was best?

Now this question is sure to bring a smile on your face. It was indeed a carefree period with no worries. So taking back to those memories would rejuvenate you and the employer would understand the person you were. You could brief on the events taken place or places you had visited. Bring out a little about what you had learned during that phase.

18. Is there something more inspiring, other than money, which would have kept you still working at your previous working place:

Everyone does leave their previous employer for some reason. But whatever be the reasons, there would be some inspiring points as well. Here the employer intends to know whether you analyze the positive and negative facts. Think about it and answer them.

19. Tell us the most interesting thing about you which we wouldn’t find in the resume:

Now is the time to tell your nature and personality traits. But be specific to the most interesting part of it. You may not be aware of immediately what facts you would say. Having a resume will not show all those attributes.

So review your previous experiences and how you managed them, what steps or methods you employed, how do you take life, what are other attributes besides your professional background and get them listed. It would be easier before going to an interview.

20. If you were to rate your memory, how much you give?

Some people have a good memory of what happened twenty years back while some forget what they ate yesterday! This all depends on one’s interest in the subject. You don’t need to be so hard on yourself if you don’t remember somethings. Rate yourself average to be on the safe side if you are not sure. It’s to test if you have a concentration on the assignments given.

21. You find that your mailbox has 1000 emails on Monday morning and you have time to answer only 200 of them, which ones would you answer first:

This is to know what you consider as important from your point of view. Would you relate the importance to your customers or not. As you know every work or transaction or information done through emails. Hence you need an answer that you would focus on customer-focused emails and categorize before answering them.

22. Can you name any other organization where you know most people and why?

You could name the organizations where you had worked or where your friends work. Probably it was to know how much you associate with the other groups and how you interact to gather and share. Mostly it helps to know how your network as well.

So, there are many such unique interview questions that the hiring manager could surprise you halfway down the session. It could be to energize you and let the creative thoughts flow in. Don’t allow yourself to pull in different directions by those strange questions.

Just acknowledge those questions with a smile and pause for a few moments allowing time for yourself to consider the answer rather than blurting out whatever comes out of your mind.

Think for a moment as to why this question asked. Was it relevant to the post applied for? Sometimes, it could be. But overall the main intention is to understand your attitude, skills, enthusiasm, creativity, ability to be calm, whether you would handle pressure, the reaction towards unexpected and how well you would fit inside.