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Top 29 Pros and Cons of Being an Intern You Must Know


An intern can be a student or a trainee who works to gain experience without payment. This process is undergone in order to gain knowledge and to satisfy the requirement of qualification.

It is mostly done as to gain practical experience within confined and restricted limits. This job training can be given for professional careers and can be undergone by the white collars. Here we are going to discuss about the pros and cons of being an intern.

Being Intern Pros Cons

Pros of Being an Intern:

The consistent agenda at the meeting will be defined when the small and medium sized companies will define their huge programs. They will also define the data by creating programs that contemplates the interns. Here are some of the advantages of being an intern.

a. Hands-on work experience:

As well known it is very difficult to start a work without experience these days. These internships give specific experience that will help him finding a better opportunity of job.

By being an intern, one can gain more knowledge on a certain field that will help to mock any kind of related tasks.

Interns can also opt for higher education on the specific subject like PhD etc. This will help them to know deep about the knowledge gained and also the defined roles.

b. Responsibilities:

A graduated intern while coming into role will straight away get responsibilities. These roles and responsibilities will make them learn more that offers them a deep end and a good way to learn things practically. They get an opportunity to learn things practically.

Responsibilities and preference given for an intern are more and higher than a fresher. This depicts that the intern can get more detailed into work.

c. Gaining industrial knowledge:

Being with professional workers and being a part of the industry will make the interns look forward about their career. This becomes amazing when the interns concentrate more upon things that they strive about.

It moderates the studies that cannot be learnt inside a classroom. It aids the practical knowledge that can be learnt as an intern.

d. Unforgettable life experience:

While doing internship, interns will explore the possibilities to experience certain situations that will help them to achieve certain goals that the organization sets for them.

New professions can be built that sometimes becomes passion. It also becomes life time memory when the interns travel abroad.

e. Opportunities:

The opportunities to get minimal work are easy. But as the intern, one will get more opportunities to work with many people and to learn new concepts and to explore them.

It is basically from different point of view that the jobs will make them more interesting. Each and every month there may be tough challenges which will make them learn new concepts and to apply it further.

f. Wide network:

Since interns have to concentrate on different tasks that help them to come across wide range of people which in turn contributes to wider network. It symbolizes the specific area and the opportunities they have in their internships.

If an intern is thrown deep into program then this makes them more analytic to learn different ideas. Interns will be more concentrated towards work that helps them to learn new ideas practically at the time of different challenges.

g. Industry contacts:

The higher education generally meets employment. This allows students to gain practical experience. When a vital role is performed with the practical experience that is gained during the internship, one can have defined set of industry contacts that is vital in helping to get a secure job.

h. Professional working relationship:

Interns will be an excellent way to expand the list of contacts. It also obtains major roles that one can stay permanently. One can get the help from university lecturers that helps in working as a professional.

It also helps with specific managerial range of people in and out of the department. This can hopefully be the great reference for the other people to value for the mind and position that hooks up all the hard opportunities to stay permanently on a job.

i. Being positive:

Staying positive will help the interns learn many concepts and practice it accordingly. This attribute can become more recent announcement of various things. It also keeps the interns self motivated and also hard working.

It emerges as the branded working nature that mediates between the intern and the organization. Even though the employees are reluctant to explain, the intern has to take initiative to learn.

j. References:

By establishing wide network one can get many referrals and also their internship plays a vital role. To get many references one may opt for internships that are closely enabled to work in a professional way.

So interns must try to remain good so as to maintain the contacts and should also be in touch with the person. This will help them to get more referees and references.

k. Generates valid resume:

The job market of the graduate is incredibly increasing as well as competitive. It has valuable asset and sure to increase with the experience.

To make the resume outstanding in the job market one can have number of internship experience which will be valuable asset. Being an intern will help one to look for the future employers.

l. Industry skills:

Being an intern one can perform variety of roles that are entrusted within the actual responsibilities. They will have designated roles while working within an organization as a team.

Many university students will have theoretical skills but may not have practical knowledge. But interns are bound to have practical knowledge as the roles will be designated to the individuals. It has many real world opportunities that will make them more enthusiastic towards the role.

m. Gainful employment:

Internships are the best method to obtain gainful employment in the field of interest. These internships will really help in getting a job and also makes a drastic change in the forthcoming years.

n. Potential career opportunities:

Interns will always be in win-win situation that makes them move more towards the goal. It can also be manipulated to define the goal and to experience it. It experiences and defines the career path along with direct way of handling a job.

It is completely seen in different fields that are managed to help a particular task or assignment. It has permanent paid positions in the designated roles with specific responsibilities.

o. Career exploration

Learning about the same field of career inside and defining it with the entry level job search can be recollected in academic preparation.

Interns can be alongside as a professional in working with a chosen career area. It modulates when the expectations or observations are made clear.

Learning about a career field will help one to define the estimated goals in career area. The expectations can be defined with the same field as to elaborate the evidences.

p. Exposure to various fields:

A common mistake that makes people to choose major, fit for all the good demands to enter into the world of work and to realize a new career path. It is enabled when the internships are offered to a student.

Being exposed to various fields that are modulated within the exposed and experienced career development brings exposure to different fields. The decisions made will be for the growth of the organization.

q. Developing skills:

Undergoing internship and working with professionals will help one to learn new skills that become base to the knowledge gained. Opportunity to make it as a practice will be gained in the form of internship.

It achieves the sense of accomplishments that are reliable and responsible as teamwork skills. Gain knowledge about industries is a most valuable part as an intern. They provide evidences for the professional world and also make them learn ideas as pre-professionals.

r. Enhancement of potentialities:

Gaining valuable experience will help one to manage the accomplishments that are enhanced in graduate schools. It helps to create an advantage over jobs and also for the other job applicants. It serializes the possibilities of all networking preferences and also for setting a successful career path. Potentiality is more important for the performance.

s. Interest:

By undergoing various tasks and projects an individual will show more involvement towards the role or responsibility that is assigned. Because of the interests towards works it will never become dull.

Interns can choose any field from diverse range of fields. As interest towards certain subject increases, interns will achieve their target and even soon.

t. Real world experience:

Interns can have a better understanding of all the theories that applies to the real world. It manages the transition career that matches the level of expertise and also academic job market. It helps them to do a research regarding the knowledge that is gained during the program.

u. Accumulated abilities:

Rather than gaining theoretical knowledge intern will be exposed practical environment that makes clear about the concepts. They gave some internship programs that is calculated while they implement the techniques for the career purpose. This demonstrates one’s capability and also the importance of feelings.

Cons of Being an Intern:

a. Low pay:

Most interns will be financially challenged relying on part time jobs. It tempts them to opt for a job that is unrelated to the career. For companies that gets more profit it will be pretty regulated with the concerned relationships.

Most of them are financially challenged as they cannot meet the relationships that meet both the ends. So it is typically hard for them to work for lower wage.

b. Cost expensive:

Some internship will actually cost more money that makes the students discouraged. Few organizations will take money from the interns as tuition fees. This expensive cost is managed when the designed rule is paid for the tuition fees alike paying for any of the courses.

Here this becomes much more related to the organization, where certain organizations demands for money.

c. No guarantee of job:

Even though the company offers you a prestigious offer to impeccable work ethic, at the end sometimes the hirer may not be satisfied with the intern’s performance.

So an individual should be more careful in finding and learning everything in detail. It matters when the hirer is unsatisfied with the performance during internship.

d. Disrespect:

Sometimes due to ignorance of the intern they may feel exhausted and force themselves to involve in work but this causes disrespectful behavior for intern from the employee.

It will be worth while exploring new things than concentrating more on the entire team. As the saying goes if something has to be achieved then something has to be lost.

e. Competition:

Sometimes getting internship or being an intern is more competitive. This competition becomes fierce when the organization is a well paying one.

Although down the economy have more competitions and more positions, it becomes a real job. Thus internship should be a valuable position and also a good experience.

f. Unknown outcome:

Interns have to put their effort for months together rather than exploring something new. Atleast to build strong bridges interns have to show more commitment towards work even if there is some potential mismatch.

g. Lack of fulfillment:

Interns lure their positions that are promised to be bountiful learning rather than providing upper level tasks. Then engaging themselves with the employers will become a nightmare until the objective is achieved. It involves delayed submission of tasks, inappropriate response to the employer.

h. Relocation:

Internship might not match the individual goal. In that situation interns have to relocate in order to obtain that makes them more difficult. It serializes the security in the new place and also the cost of maintaining both residence and relocated place.


Based on employers and the organization, interns have to undergo and must always take an initiative to learn the professional concepts.

As internships can be undergone either as paid or unpaid, the interns have to motivate themselves to achieve the purpose of internships smartly.