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Top 7 Interview Questions that Job Seekers Hate the Most


During an interview, the most challenging situation is when we have to talk to employers face to face and the one who has to keep talking is us.

We have to keep our composure during that stressful situation when the persons sitting in front of you are looking at you and trying to judge you by your appearance first and then by the way you talk, walk and even by your body language.

Questions Job Seekers Hate Most

What Does an Interviewer Do?

There are many signs of body or body movements which happen on its own when we are nervous or scared. This employer notices that a lot. They hunt for your mistakes and try to use it against you.

Backfiring you with questions which are most irritating and hard to answer. To avoid this kind of situations, you must be confident, look confident and speak confidently and answer tactfully so that the employer notices your response, not your nervousness.

Ofcourse, each and everyone is nervous out there but if you want the job you have to keep your cool. But sometimes the employer throws you off guard by their irreverent and silly questions.

How to Tackle these Interview Questions?

We usually avoid some of these questions, but the people who are busy or lazy enough to not make their own desired questions prefer internet questions or google searched questions which are not appropriate sometimes.

Some of those questions are never related to the job they are taking or the topic of discussion they are having at that movement. Sometimes the question is so off the topic that, it irks your conscience.

Questions Every Job Seekers Hates to Answer:

Some of the most irritating questions which the employer asks are:

1. Why should we hire you when we have so many options?

This is the most annoying question you will face during an interview. The candidate who attend the interview are good, and everyone might be talented in something or other. Either they will hire you or not completely their decision. If your answer and your body language are impressive enough they are sure to hire you. If your attitude is little dull, they will lose interest in you and you will lose the job.

This question looks like they are trying to take your advice but actually they are not. They just want to know your special talent that others don’t have, which they can ask directly but they usually don’t. It’s like a mind game in which they try to loosen your confidence and composure.

Make sure not to show your nervousness or else it will be their win. Even if the question throws you off guard, never loosen your grip or have a frightful or dull facial expression, answer with a confident smile and a smart answer which will make an impact on the employer’s mind.

2. What is your weakness?

Why will anyone care of your weakness in an interview? The person is here to do his/her job, whatever his/her weakness or strengths are has nothing to do with the work. Of course, they might try to get in the field or work area in which they are good at ,so they must be sure to work hard and good in the job. Each person knows what they are best at and choose the work accordingly. Maybe the person’s weakness is kind of personal or related to something they don’t want to talk about.

The way of asking this question isn’t quite appropriate. Either the employer is getting bored or want to know about you a little more. Still, if you can answer that question it’s good if not then one should be frank about their comfortability and the topics they want to avoid during an interview. This will not hurt anyone. Ofcourse, someone’s personal life isn’t something to talk about so casually. But if you have a smart answer, be sure to answer it to them to make a lasting impression. A confident and smart answer is the best to counteract the situation.

3. Which special talents we can expect from you?

Sometimes the questions are too much ridiculous to answer. Of-course, the person already has the required abilities required to work in the favor of the job so why does he/she be ought to have some special abilities? This question is always threatening the candidates to say something they don’t possess or lie in front of the employer. To get out of the situation, the person always tries to get the best answer.

But here also, the talents which are required in the job must be presented, nothing else. If the job is a chef, the talents of knitting or sewing or making drawing won’t help at all. The talents should be like those which can help you in making better or best food. A better sense of taste or sensitive tongue is the best thing one can use, as it will help them to know the missing things or extra things they added to the dish. But lying about such ability is not good as it will affect you later on.

4. Asking about the last job salary

It is one of the most impolite questions to ask from a candidate. Nobody should ask for the personal finance information from the person who is trying to get a new job. It is not a topic to talk about in an interview. This somehow depicts the employer having an upper hand at the time of interview which is not true. They need an employee and ofcourse you could be a great choice for this. If they lose you, then they will lose a capable candidate.
So make sure they figure out how good you are.

You are a skillful professional who is not indebted to give your personal salary information to others. Nobody asks them about their salary information so they also should be polite enough not to ask ours.

5. Where do you live or the specialty of the place you live in?

Why does anyone have to know about your personal living details? It is nothing related to the work you are going to take part in. The place you live in is not going to help anyone in their job matter and especially the question of the specialty of the town you live in. It’s a good for nothing information for them, still, they ask these questions as if it is the most important question of the interview.

This question will really prick someone’s mind. A candidate is here to share his skills and show how eligible he is for the job. Asking such off topic question is not good. No wonder anyone will hate such questions. But sometimes the employer is also so bored that they start to ask the question that doesn’t even matter.

6. About your future plans?

There is no need of knowing your future planning during an interview. How does it even concern your job or ability to do things? Whatever future the person is planning is a completely personal question. Yes, the person can answer according to the job future or what they are going to do in this field of work in the upcoming days.

There are smart replies that one can give but this question is still not good. How can someone know what will happen in future? Right now what the candidate is concerned about is the job which is at stake in the present time, he won’t think much about future at that time. Before even getting the job how can he think of his future with it? But you can outrun the question with the smartest answer you can think of.

7. Tell me about yourself?

This is the laziest question the interviewer can come up with. It is like he’s bored and doesn’t want to talk anymore. He would rather listen to your life story than to ask you any reasonable questions. Such question would suit them in a social meeting or during a dinner with a new close friend. Ofcourse, nobody goes on saying about themselves to anyone whom they just met. And the employer is not interested in listening to anyone’s life story. He’s just trying to pass time, that’s all.

A job interview is a completely different thing. Here you can’t just come and say that you like watching drama and stuff like that. A job interview is a professional field and the answers should be a professional one too. Saying such a casual thing out of nowhere isn’t going to impress anyone.

Try and find out first what the job interviewer is asking for. The real you or the job interview version of you ie; the professional aspect of you. You should then answer accordingly to your comfortability. This question can be very frustrating to figure out because sometimes you try and say about yourself to find out what he wanted otherwise. The reverse can happen too.

Even in these questions, you must be calm as it is possible that they are trying to test your ability or your body language. Never give them a chance to point out your mistakes. This will be the end of your chances.

Some Points to Remember:

These are some of the ridiculous questions you will come up with during your interview period if you have bad luck. This kind of questions put the candidates in a tough spot as they are unable to figure out the real intentions of the employer. Is it out of curiosity or is it out of tiredness or are they trying to test the candidate. In no condition, you should let go of your composure and should be polite as possible.

  • While giving an answer to these annoying questions don’t let them know that you are getting irritated and in no world be impolite to them. This will drop your chances to zero.
  • Make sure you are answering correctly, politely and confidently with a smile on your face.
  • Never create an opening for them to hit your weak spot or else they will be the mightier one.
  • If your interviewer is getting bored use these questions as an advantage and answer in such a way that you will create interest in them. If whatever you are saying is good enough to attract them then make sure to use it.
  • The reason they are asking is enough to know that they are interested in listening to you more than others. But don’t overdo it any cost.
  • Never be too friendly with your employer. Even he does want that. He is your senior and in no world, he will accept your advice or your uninteresting speech.
  • Be diplomatic and answer accordingly. Some questions may be dumb or insulting but one must keep their cool and try to act diplomatically in such situations. They are here to give you the job you always wanted so never let them feel disappointed from you.

These questions will surely irritate you a lot, but only if you are good enough you can tackle them and get the job by impressing those people around you. In an interview, no one will help you, only you can. So never lose hope or get too agitated. This will spoil your own career. Be good, be smart, be diplomatic and everything will sort out as you like them to be. Everything is in your hands and makes sure to grab it tight and never to lose the sight of your goal. These are the tests they will have on you to check your ability and your patience. Never let them win and always stay calm and composed. As it is the only key to your success.