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Top 10 Common Cover letter Mistakes to Avoid


Cover letters are very important even today when you apply for a job. Many individuals tend to take it lightly and hence commit some very foolish mistakes.

There are many candidates who are extremely brilliant and deserve the best jobs but do not make it to the interview.

Some of these individuals fail to prepare an impressive resume and cover letters. You need to know the various tricks of the trade and the risks in diverse intermediate stages so that you make it to the interview.

Read to know the common errors and mistakes that can make a cover letter boring and unappealing. Knowing the common errors will help you to consciously avoid these errors.Common Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid

Common Cover Letter Mistakes You Should Avoid:

1. Following a fixed format:

Format not meant for you to replicate and reproduce whenever you get a chance. Their function is simply to give you an idea of how to write and present a cover letter.

Do not use it as a template. You must try and use your intelligence and creativity to make an interesting cover letter that easily draws the reader’s attention.

You do not need to make the letter too stylish. And you just need to make sure that the letter covers the essential topics and is impressive.

We live in a tech-savvy generation which prefers letters that are short and concise. Do not opt for too long letters.

2. Being too formal:

A letter needs to have a human touch. If a letter appears to be too formal, the recruiter is bound to lose interest in the letter.

Keep it brief and effective so that it lures the right audience. You may use words and phrases that reflect a higher level of knowledge and experience.

Your cover letter should pinpoint to the specific job opening and reveal your knowledge about the firm and the designation. This will provoke them to select you for the particular designation.

3. Neglecting spelling and grammar:

grammatical errors The engineers and people pursuing professional courses usually tend to neglect spelling and grammar. They have this gross misconception that a person with good technical knowledge can manage without proper communication skills.

Many Indian professionals fail to reach echelons of success simply because they neglect their language skills.

Make sure you read and reread the cover letter to check whether you have made any mistakes. Make sure no error is left as it is because the cover letter does hold a lot of importance.

4. Leaving it too short:

In professional letters, it is essential that you maintain the precision and do not deviate from the topic. Yet you need to make sure that the letter does not turn out to be too short.

Short letters fail to cast an impression. They may even go unnoticed in a bundle of letters. Try to maintain the balance and the length of the letter so that it notices by the recruiters.

5. Creating a long cover letter:

Recruiters are busy people. They need to screen through a countless resume before they shortlist a handful. This clearly means that they do not have time to go through lengthy cover letters.

Make sure your cover letter is not too long or boring. Make sure you have a proper introduction, an effective body and a very polite end to the letter.

Words do have a lasting impact on the reader. The right use of words may help you get the job.

6. Poor presentation:

work on resume Presentation always has a great impact on the minds of the reader. If the recruiter has to be persuaded to select your resume from the heap, you must present the content in a very pleasant manner.

The modern resume writers come up with interesting infographic designs for resume and cover letters. You can always try to design your cover letter in an eye-pleasing manner.

You must use a legible font, select the right colors and have a proper border to the content. This kind of presentation instantly prompts the visitor to have a closer look at your cover letter.

7. Archaic language:

Many of us try and reveal our language skills by using archaic usages in the cover letter and the resume. If you really want this job, do not use archaic language.

The language keeps changing with every generation and you need to alter your speaking skills with the present generation.

It is not a great advantage to use old English proverbs which are not even understood by the present generation.

8. Excess Creativity:

Creativity is always appreciated in different fields but when you are applying for a job, do not forget the professional conduct.

Over creativity makes you look unprofessional. Limit your creativity to the extent that it looks rational and professional. Try and reveal only the skills which will be useful in a particular profession.

A poetic skill will not be appreciated in a cover letter for an engineer’s post. Use your logic when you prepare the cover letter so that it looks like the cover letter to a sensible profile.

9. Personal Opinions and Stories:

help in writing resume It is always best to avoid including personal stories and examples of the firm you wish to join, as it can have damaging effects on your job application.

It is never wise to criticize or opine about the firm you wish to join in the cover letter. Most employers may take it personally and your chances of getting the job will reduce.

There have been instances where the employers have not considered the applicant for the job interview due to the negative comments they have written about the firm in the cover letter.

If you are confident you will be able to maintain a positive tone in your writing, you may risk writing your opinion but it is rarely advisable.

10. Don’t Ignore or Neglect:

The modern generation is quick and equally lazy. Some of the youngsters may even regard the cover letter to be an unnecessary addition.

It is not wise to carry this attitude. Cover letters do matter even today if you want to apply for higher designations in renowned companies.