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Job Enrichment: Top 15 Advantages and Disadvantages


Most of the job availabilities and design structure of any job comes with an overall feature. And that overall feature can be clearly mentioned in one’s job description.

The job description involves all the duties and responsibilities of the candidate who is going to take charge of that particular job.

This covers all about the job description but

What is Job Enrichment?

Job enrichment is a process where the organization try to boosts up the morale of employee by providing a importance and higher work satisfaction to their employees. They treat them well by offering best of tasks that hep them improve and perks just as offered to their superiors or mangers.

In job enrichment, a candidate might be eligible for those benefits which can provide security and growth in the post of work.

Most probably some companies believe in providing job enrichment in its job description.

Let us now look at some of the few advantages and disadvantages of job enrichment.

Job Enrichment Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages
1 Learning new skills Increases work load
2 Boosts energy of the employee by reducing boredom Additional skills needed
3 Creates a positive and better working environment Lack of knowledge
4 Increases the chances of recognition and reward Incapability
5 Provides motivation for the advancement Mis-communication
6 It provides a sense of accomplishment Lack of performance
7 Reduces absenteeism Unfavorable for the employees
8 Create a professional approach Lack of training
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Advantages of Job Enrichment:

As per the job enrichment theory, there are several advantages or benefits of job enlargement in terms of their own origin and structure.

These job enlargement advantages can provide overall job satisfaction and growth in the field of work.

And even cover up all the importance of job enlargement and necessary objectives of job enrichment in the growth of the company.

1. Learning new skills:

Providing job enrichment comes with a burden of additional duties and responsibilities. And to complete those duties and responsibilities of the post of work, the employees need to be aware of all the additional skills.

These additional skills provide details of the work which need to be completed.

Most of the time job enrichment can be favorable only for those employees who are willing to learn new skills for the sake of their own bright future.

2. Boosts energy of the employee by reducing boredom:

Boosting energy is the answer to the question how does job enrichment motivate employees.

As it has been already explained that job enrichment provides additional responsibilities to the employees of the company. And such kind of responsibilities creates a differentiation of working pattern.

Differentiation in working pattern provides a different type of energy to perform that particular job.

And eventually, it reduces boredom in the daily working environment. This is one of the important advantages of such job enrichment.

3. Creates a positive and better working environment:

Providing job enrichment is one of the decisions of the company where in which it needs to be discussed that such type of job enrichment can be beneficial for the growth of the company.

Once the company experiences positive vibes from their job enrichment program, then it is quite possible that even employees can be positive about their new duties and responsibilities.

And this kind of environment in the workplace can be termed as one of the decisions for the betterment of the company and their employees.

4. Increases the chances of recognition and reward:

Once the company provides job enrichment for their employees then there is a mere possibility that those employees can be recognized for the work allotted or can also be rewarded for their sincere work.

And fortunately, these employee rewarding and recognition process can create some sort of boost among its employees to work even better for their better future and growth.

Therefore, it is necessary for the employees of the company that they need to make use of their job enrichment in a better manner.

5. Provides motivation for the advancement:

As per all the key elements of the job enrichment provided by the company, the employees will be awarded an extra load of duty, but that extra load of duty comes with an extra baggage of motivation.

Most of the time employees will be motivated to work better in their field of work and this can make things visible for the advancement of the growth of the company.

Therefore, it is possible that a small amount of motivation can create wonders in one’s professional life.

6. It provides a sense of accomplishment:

It generates a sense of accomplishment for both the employee and the company or the employer.

Most of the time the employers of the company provide job enrichment to their employees, not for the sake of their employees, but actually, it is one of the strategies that the company delivers to make sure that they can earn better profits and provide better overall growth of the company.

Therefore, the fact is that job enrichment is beneficial not only for the employee but it is very important for the employer as well.

7. Reduces absenteeism:

It is possible that after the company goes with a decision of job enrichment, it can reduce the number of absenteeism in the workplace. And this can eventually change the outlook of the company.

All the employees of the company will be interested to know more about the new load of work which can reduce the time which can be wasted easily.

Therefore, understanding job enrichment is important for the company which is necessary to build an empire of successful business.

8. Create a professional approach:

The decision of providing job enrichment for the employees is one of the important decision which needs its own time.

And once the company takes such a decision, then there are quite a few changes that are going to take place in the company.

One of the important and major change that happen would be employees’ professionalism. The employees of the company possibly keep a professional approach in the company.

Disadvantages of Job Enrichment:

It is necessary to understand that job enrichment not just comes with all the beneficial and motivational elements.

Unfortunately, it can be triggered with some of the limitations as well. And these limitations can make certain things clear about job enrichment with its own nature of flaw.

1. Increases work load:

As it is explained earlier and some of the employees of the company even agree that those companies which provide job enrichment to their employees expect a lot of their employees working structure.

And to understand that working structure, employers of the company increase the work load eventually.

It is even possible that job enrichment can mean a little extra for the employees in terms of their work load provided.

2. Additional skills needed:

This is quite clear that when the company provides job enrichment for their employees, it makes things tough for the employees in terms of learning new skills.

In brief words, it makes it difficult for the employees to learn new skills at that age of work. And eventually, that company can lose its standard of work because of that job enrichment decision.

Learning additional skills can be exciting, but learning during that type of heavy workload is a wrong decision.

3. Lack of knowledge:

Most of the time, job enrichment can be dangerous for the company in terms of their growth. And that is because of the lack of knowledge of the employees.

For example, if an employee is being provided with a job enrichment along with an extra load of work, then there is a possibility that the employee would not be capable of handling that load of work because of his/her lack of knowledge about that work.

4. Incapability:

Working under intense pressure is surely an effective and important trait. But after explaining all the above statements it is very much easy to understand that if an employee will be allotted with a job enrichment there is a possibility that particular employee would not be able to handle such kind of work pressure in the name of job enrichment.

Therefore, it is quite clear that not everything that comes out of job enrichment can be beneficial for the employees nor for the employers.

5. Mis-communication:

Because all sorts of problems and issues with a job enrichment there is a possibility that the company can even face some sort of miscommiunication between their employees and the employers.

And such type of mis-communication can lead the company to its end. Therefore, it is necessary for both the party that they need to handle such type of difference of point of view in a matured manner.

6. Lack of performance:

As it made clear that once the employee faces a load of work which he/she is not skilled for, can make things worse for the employees.

And it is very much important that to overcome that situation the employee needs to be aware of all the necessary skills needed to complete the task given.

In this process of learning the employee can lose his/her performance at work which he/she used to excel.

7. Unfavorable for the employees:

There is a quite a pile of decision which comes to accommodate with job enrichment. And those unfavorable decisions can make things worse for the company employees.

Therefore, it is possible that employees might oppose the decision taken by the company in the name of their employees’ growth.

And there is even a possibility that employees can take things in a completely different way and the company can end up suffering because of that decision.

The bottom line is that all these advantages and disadvantages can make one thing clear about job enrichment and that is providing job enrichment can be a power which comes from its own flaws. Therefore, interested people can definitely understand the actual objective of these benefits and limitations of job enrichment. You can also suggest your friends read all of the above details carefully to understand it even better.