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Tips to answer “Can you come in for an Interview Tomorrow”


Interviews are now part and parcel of life. After completing graduation or the post-graduation, one moves for a job hunt.

In order to get an appropriate job, one has to pass certain steps that the companies take like written test, aptitude test and also the interviews.

Interviews are either personal or taken in the groups, whichever the type of interview is, one has to be prepared beforehand with number of things on the list like the number one will be the resume, then the attire to be worn, then how to answer and what not.

Interviews just make you restless one day before and tend to make you nervous, no matter how confident you are.

In order to answer that, “can you come in for an interview the next day”, there are some of the tips that one should go through:

can you come for interview

How to Answer Can you come tomorrow morning for an Interview Question:

1. Be polite and courteous:

First and foremost thing is to be polite.

This is because when anyone calls you for an interview, that is the moment of intense happiness within but if you speak rudely, then everything may go upside down for yourself only.

So, do not throw the rock yourself on your feet as it will ultimately harm you eventually.

Be wise enough to answer all calls, keeping aside the anger that you may have due to any other previous mistake. Do not let your anger take a stride on you as it will make no good to you.

2. Wishing is the basics:

When you upload your resume online and you get selected for it, you either get a call or the company mails you, but most probably, the company prefers to make a call to contact you, so whenever you get a call the basic indeed is wishing the one who made you a call.

This is something so basic and at times is taken for granted when the number is unknown to us.

So, you must be very alert and whenever pick any call just make a wish addressing them so as to make an impression.

3. Listen to what is being told to you and then answer:

When you listen to what you are being told, then you get aware of the policies of the company, your profile at which you will work and maybe the salary status too.

So, listen first to what he or she is saying to you and then decide accordingly your schedule, whether you will be able to go in for an interview or not.

May be you get satisfied with the job profile after hearing and you may say yes instantly. So, listen very carefully and answer with all the attention and alertness.

4. Yes or no, be straightforward:

Being straight forward does not mean insulting someone directly.

If you get to know that it is an interview call, then be direct by either saying yes or no. Do not beat about the bush if you cannot go for an interview.

Even if you are rude to them, they may not talk rude to you, but you never know may be today or tomorrow you need them for any purpose.

So, make a good impression only by being polite. If your answer is yes, then let your answer proceed by saying” thank you mam or sir, for giving me a chance to prove myself and yes, I will be surely there at time”.

If in case you have a busy schedule and you have to say no, just say “thank you so much, but I won’t able to make for an interview tomorrow”. The polite words and the words addressing the respect will be good enough and should be made during use.

5. Ask proper details after finishing:

Asking the full details is the other thing to do because your answer will highly be dependent on the details of the company, the place where it is situated and so on.

Asking details would not include the salary being offered, the working hours and so on. The profile you will be handling could be asked to some extent.

While communicating with an individual, make sure you do not ask any irrelevant queries. Do not portray yourself foolish on call by asking silly questions.

If you do not know how to answer something, just take an advice from someone who is experienced and then answer accordingly.

6. Never lie or make false promises:

Telling lies and making false promises by saying yes, you will surely be there for an interview, but in actuality you do not go, is the worst approach.

If you do not have time, or you have some other urgent work to do the same day, then just say sorry mam or sir, you would not be able to make it for that day as you have some other appointment to accomplish.

Telling the reason is fine, though they won’t ask you, but you can tell them your reason. May be they set your interview some other day. You never know.

7. “Surely I would have loved to work with you, but recently I am working” answer like this:

Apart from saying no directly, you can mold the statement and can season it with some crumpled sugar on it.

It can be like this” surely I would have loved to work with you, but I am already working. Hope to look forward to you, somewhere in near future”. Thank you. By replying this way, you are surely going to put a splendid impression.

Keep trying different answers to say yes or no, they will be greatly helpful, if not for an interview, but for some other purpose.

8. Never say I wish, just say I will:

This is the wrong approach towards the question.

Never present yourself with negative approach. Your answer must show positivity in what you say as it will be not acceptable.

This will initially give a wrong impression and if the effect goes wrong, no further question will be asked

So, remember you will only have to say that you will, not you wish. Saying you wish will create a doubt in the person’s mind and the situation will become doubtful not only for you but also for him or her.

So be direct and do not linger on something you do not know. This is how you will learn to make instant decisions.

9. “Unfortunately, I have joined some other position” can be the best way too to answer:

Do not give blistering answers and also do not directly throw the answer by saying no. Instead, there is an alternative to what you can say.

It is “ unfortunately, I have joined some other position, thank you. Have a nice day mam”, could also be another answer.

10. Mold your answers, but in a smart manner:

Molding of answer does not mean putting a person in bewildered situation.

It just simply means that you respect the person’s effort in offering you an opportunity, but you yourself are busy enough to say no on the spot.

For this, you can also retort by saying ”thank you for considering me, but now my plans have changed and I can not be there for an interview”. There can be many more ways of expressing yourself in a gallant manner.

11. Respond instantly, do not delay:

Even if you have got an interview call or an email. Just reply as soon as possible and so not delay your answer.

Just be quick in answering yes or no, otherwise your position can be given to someone else too, in case your answer happens to be yes.

So, do not think of replying the day after in case of emails as delaying one thing will retard other things too. Or if in case you do not have time to reply immediately, you can tell them about the same and then also sticking to the response time is necessary.

12. Let the interviewer know you are pleased:

Again, remember to show that you were pleased to receive a call from them and not upset.

Your voice should depict your happiness for the call as it illustrates the positive nature and aspect of yours.


So, above are some of the ways by which you can smartly answer your interview call.

Even if you are a fresher, you do not know how to answer, then you may take the advice of some expert or from the one who is experienced.

This way you will be aware of the tactfull ways of giving an answer. This is something that cannot be taught in books, but, will come with experience and also according to the situations you are into.