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Benefits of Hiring Temporary, Contract and Experienced Employees


Nowadays more and more startup companies are starting to take their head out completely. Therefore employees in all the sectors of technical field have become the urgent need for any company or industry. Be it a new company who just seems to have taken the approach to join the market or an old company who thinks of doing some changes in company, every company needs various employees for its various work functions inside the industry.

So let us discuss various types of employees, their function, their benefits and how to effectively use them in a company.

Hiring Temporary Contract Experienced Employees

Temporary employees:

The trend of hiring a temporary employee is getting increased day by day. Temporary employees come at comparatively lower cost than regular employees and are easier to get rid of them as soon as work is done.

Temporary employees have their mind made-up that they are being chosen by the company on temporary basis and they would be getting a new job as soon as their job in the current company gets over.

Here are some benefits of having temporary employees in your company as a backup.

Benefits of Temporary Employees:

1. Immediate work:

There are problems with permanent employees that they remain absent from work too often. Even regular employees are not too quick or enthusiastic about finishing the work well before the deadline. But that is not the case for temporary employees.

They set to work as soon as they are hired and make efforts to finish all their works well before time and set to create best of impression as possible.

2. They know their work well:

Temporary employees are in no way less experienced than regular ones. As a matter of fact, they are more skilled in handling particular trade than any ordinary employee.

If any work is assigned to any temporary employee then quality work is well guaranteed, since they know what they are doing and what is at stake.

3. They act as fillers:

Whether your permanent employee has taken a permanent leave or is on a temporary absence from the industry, you need somebody to act as a substitute in the absence. In that case also, temporary employees can play a great role.

They need a little knowledge of the work they would be going on with and expect great progress from them. So use them as fillers when you have a serious employment gaps and they rarely object to it. As long as they get to work, they are happy.

4. Less absentees:

When a person is on temporary work, expect very less absents from him/her during their working term. Temporary employees are very particular about maintaining the proper decorum of the workplace and abide to their work or project instructions.

Moreover they are enthusiastic bunch of workers who would do practically anything to keep their work continued, though knowing that they are here in the temporary basis. So practically, temporary workers are more regular to their work than regular workers.

5. Fill up urgent temporary demands:

Be it special projects or some sort of temporary employee shortages in the workplace, temporary employees are always ready to give their short at the work whenever need arises.

There are special projects which can be done or resolved by normal employees of the company, which requires special temporary people to fill up the need. Since the work is not required on daily basis, a company doesn’t require creating a special post for it. So it hires some temporary people for that special work.

When Can Temporary Employees Come in Handy?

Temporary employees can come in handy in various times of need like, during high shortage of regular employees, mass vacations of regular employees, when special projects or works come up, or to fill in the temporary employment gap.

When recession time hits and company doesn’t have enough funds to hire permanent employees, then temporary employees can be a great and cost effective solution for the problem. Or if any special projects come up, which is far beyond the capacity of any regular employee, then also temporary ones can be used effectively.

Contractual employees:

Contractual employees are a little more than the temporary ones since one extra addition is done on the basis of when can you remove them from your office premises. You can remove any temporary employee at any time of your liking but if an employee is on contractual basis, then you won’t be able to remove him/her till his/her contracts gets over.

Contract employees are made through legalized paperwork and are bound by proper terms and conditions. So after the term gets over, a contract employee is bound to leave. They have their own set of merits.

Benefits of Hiring Contract Employees:

1. Maintain employee flexibility:

At the time of requirement, you can hire temporary employees to fill up a gap or accomplish any task which has crop up on a temporary basis. Or for any temporary project which requires special supervision. They can fill any position of any employee during the absence or leave.

Also, since they are contract basis, you can renew the contract or simply terminate it after the contract gets over. You can even make it permanent, all depends on your liking.

2. Cost effective:

At most of the times, people hired on the contractual basis are paid less than the regular employees. So hiring people on contract has a plus point over here. Also, you can save money in terms of payroll taxes or while you are going through a recession.

Many small companies, especially the start ups don’t have enough resources with them at the very start to hire permanent staffs for their work. So, contractual employees are a good option for them to reduce the cost and get the work done.

3. Specialization in particular trade:

Sometimes bigger or small companies require people through contract for special and finite projects that has suddenly come up and requires special attention. Also, some of the work is very much impossible for regular employees to handle as no employee would want to do extra work.

So for those special projects, specialized people on contract basis are hired to fulfil the temporary problem. This can prove to be a good solution for temporary problems.

4. Less legal issues:

Permanent employees are subjects to numerous legal issues that needs to be addressed every other day. There are thousands of employer-employee terms and conditions that need to be addressed in the case of regular employers, but there are less legal issues if you are hiring through contractual basis.

Moreover for contractual work, if you do not like the work, you can simply terminate them from work as soon as their contract ends, but you cannot do so in the case of permanent employees without attracting legal actions against you.

5. Better results:

Whether you hire a person through contract or as regular, the result in both the cases is nearly same. As a matter of fact, people on contractual basis tends to be more enthusiastic towards their work since they still have the chance of getting permanent, so they put their best efforts to impress an employer and provide with best of the results.

Additionally, people hired on contractual basis are more dedicated to complete the task assigned to them well within the deadline and without much issues.

When Can Contractual Employees Come in Handy?

Contractual employees can come in handy during various times, especially if a new company is just starting up and has less of the fund to hire permanent employees or doesn’t wants to go through numerous legal procedures to hire permanent ones.

Simply put someone through contract and observe their activities. If they satisfy your needs well enough, you can make them permanent or simply increase their terms. Also, if any employee is due to leave the workplace permanently, then you can assign contractual ones to fill up their gaps for certain period of time.

Experienced employees:

Experienced employees are more beneficial than any other employees. Also, all the older and more successful companies prefer experienced people to run their industry. They are less risky and play more towards the advantages than the disadvantages.

Yes of course, you have to pay a bit steep for their experience, but it’s totally worth giving the price since you will be getting better productivity and work.

Here are some totally working benefits of experienced employees that need to be seen.

Benefits of Hiring Experienced Employees:

1. The support system of the company:

Experienced people are very hard to find and are very precious for a company. They can serve as the backbone of a company’s economic profile. They are the main reason why a company grows to become the most successful one in the market.

Also, with their experience and creativity, they completely support the industry to climb the success ladder without little or no efforts. They are the real granddads of workplace and with their experience in store; a company needs nothing to worry.

2. Easy adaptability:

Experienced people can adapt easily with any kind of work surroundings without little or no effort. They find changes quite normal and are totally used to the changes from previous experiences as compared to fresh employees.

They know well how to handle changes and deal with it while many fresh employees struggle with the fact of change, let alone face it. They are the ace, when building positive work environment for themselves and others.

3. Discipline and modesty:

It takes a lot of time for any fresh employee to gain proper work discipline and achieve modesty in the workplace. While those experienced ones have already gained those things from previous experiences. So it is quite natural for them to behave accordingly and give the employer what is required and show the work discipline.

This attribute of experienced people increase the total efficiency of the industry as well as enhances the overall quality of result.

4. Way of talking:

Experienced people have their own way of putting forth their ideas and thinking without practically offending the employer. They have their experience taught them how to behave accordingly in front of fellow employees and employer.

They can encourage other employees to behave the same so as a whole, improve the total condition of the industry.

5. Commitment:

Experienced people are more committed towards their work than fresh ones. It takes time for fresh employees to grow adjustive towards commitment but experienced ones have already learned it. They have learned to shun the haphazard work done or total lack of dedication to complete a certain task in time and know the value of time. They help quite a great deal in increase the company’s value within short period of time.

When can experienced employee come in handy?

Experienced people are evergreen and are always given a first preference in case of company which are on the peak of their success or climbing the success ladder; since they help the company to do so.

Especially, if the company is a very well and can afford some experienced people in its premises, then they should go for experienced employees to enhance the overall quality of their workplace and increase the quality in the market. A startup company can use some experienced people too, but experienced ones don’t come cheap.


Employees are the main reason behind a company’s success or failure. Every type of company needs them for the proper functioning of the company.

The categories of employees discussed above are the types of employees which are required at various points of time in an industry. These categories of employees have their own set of merits while hiring and when to hire them for the betterment of the company and for best results.

So choose the best employee for your company at perfect timings to enjoy the best of the benefits of each employee type at best time.