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How to Survive Summer at the Workplace: Best Tips


Summer season is a wonderful season for those who plans to go out and have a fun time with their family and spouse. But there are people who get stuck in that office during a summer season. Spending time in their work during a summer season is a bit stressful and annoying.

Practically speaking working in office with such a big workload is considered as stressful and adding to that working during summer can be a bit more for the employee. Doubled heat at work is tough to survive.

survive summer at workplace

15 Tips to Beat Summer Heat at Work:

Working during summer season is a bit heavy because of its nature. Summer season is shiny and bright, but spending it in the workplace is not so shiny or bright.

So here are some of the ways to survive summer in the workplace and they are

1. Wear comfortable dress code:

In summer season one cannot handle or afford to wear suits or heavy blacked dress code. So to feel comfortable in the workplace one can wear something less casual and appropriate for the workplace.

The workplace expects a certain kind of professionalism, but in the case of dress code, all the employee can wear something appropriate in the office instead of being little distracting.

2. Don’t spend more time in the office:

One can at least go out for coffee or lunch and little snack break, instead of spending those times in office. This will reduce heat and stress generation in the body due to work pressure. By taking lunch outside or coffee will make one feel a bit relaxed and comfortable.

3. Spend time with colleagues:

To seek more fun in the office to reduce stress during summer season, one can spend most of time with others, such as by going out for lunch, snacks or coffee. By spending a little time with the fellow mates to seek little fun during the summer season. This can mostly help one to be calm and feel better during the summer season.

4. Weekend fun:

By taking a small trip in the summer from the office will let one survive the summer season. A small vacation nearby area to stay cool during the summer season so that one can release their stress in the office.

This will help one to be relaxed during office hours. This is the best way to reduce the summer heat which is built inside the office.

5. Schedule outdoor meetings:

To avoid boredom in the workplace during the summer season, one can schedule an outdoor meeting instead of in the office. This will give one a chance to go out of the office and be away from stress heat built in the office. By conducting or arranging meetings outside, one experiences the refreshing energy around him / her.

These energies can be because of sun and light. Bright weather clears mind and body in a better way which help one concentrate better.

6. To keep the body cool:

To fight stress in the office during the summer season, one can take little more attention over his her body and mind. By having cool beverages and liquids one can manage their body and mind enough to handle stress around the office. Because of summer season the stress handling can be a bit heavy, but to avoid it one can have cold beverages to understand things better.

7. Wear comfortable and cool clothes:

As mentioned earlier, during the summer season a person can feel uncomfortable in official clothes, but to avoid such irritation one can understand that to wear clothes which are very cool and comfortable. If someone wears tight and heavy clothes, then that person can experience heat stroke issues during the summer season.

8. Keep working area cool:

One can avoid stress in the workplace during the summer season by only keeping their working area cool. Because of outside heat, people tend to lose their anger on others without any reason. To avoid such behavior one can at least try to keep their working area cool, such as by pre cooling the room or by opening the window of the room and much more. These all things will help a person keep themselves cool during this summer season.

9. Work according to the pay:

To stay cool in this summer season, one needs to understand the value of their pay equal to the work they deliver. Summer season is a bit heavy over employees because of the heat generation inside and outside as well. To avoid such heavy work during the summer season, one needs to understand how to handle such work during that time.

10. Avoid work load:

During summer time working in an office can be exhausting and stressful. Adding to that, some people handle heavy workload over them. This can ultimately make them little cranky in an office. Therefore, to avoid such behavior one can at least keep in mind that during summer times try to handle less work so that when heat increases human body tend to react in a different manner.

11. Avoid heated discussions inside the office:

To make things equal to each other, one needs to understand that he / she can avoid heated discussions in the office because its summer time. Instead of heating up things in a higher level one can at least keep it to a reasonable level. So if any discussions in the office go to a heated discussion try to understand the situation and make right at the level of control.

12. Maintain hygiene:

Maintaining a healthy hygiene would be a great idea to be healthy. People get affected with the heat that they start feeling sick. This kind of sickness only comes because of the summer season. Summer brings some kind of disease with its season. And to overcome those diseases you need to maintain a healthy hygienic.

13. Better be Safe than Sorry:

To overcome work stress in the office during summer season one needs to make themselves calm, so that there won’t be any kind of heat around the office. These kind of heated environment in the office can create problems among the employees. By following these steps one can understand how to handle things around the office during the summer season.

14. Bounce back:

Because of the stressful environment in the office things go wrong in the office. During the summer season in some companies work will be assigned very heavily but without any complaints all the employees of such companies work according to the orders of the higher authority. This will ultimately affect the company to earn good profit.

15. Drink lots of water:

To avoid stress in an office during the summer season, one should follow a certain theory that is to drink lots of water. During the summer time, human body tends to get dehydrated because of the summer season. To avoid dehydration one needs to drink water. And by drinking water one can keep their body calm and also it helps to overcome other affects during summer season

Heat Exhaustion:

During summer time human body tend to get dehydrated. A healthy human body needs to sweat during the summer season if it doesn’t sweats as much as the normal expectation, then the possibility is that the human body has been affected by heat exhaustion. To avoid such heat exhaustion one needs to drink lots of water to overcome this situation.

Effects of Heat Exhaustion:

There are certain effects on the human body during heat exhaustion. And they are as follows.

1. Dizziness and weakness:

During summer season people tend to experience dizziness and weakness because of heat exhaustion.

2. Nausea, headache and vomiting:

During summer season people tend to experience nausea, headache and vomiting because of heat exhaustion.

3. Bad vision:

During summer season people tend to experience blurry vision because of heat exhaustion.

4. Rise in body temperature:

During summer season people tend to experience rise in body temperature to 101F because of heat exhaustion.

5. Sweat:

During summer season people tend to experience sweaty skin because of heat exhaustion.

6. Body heat, feeling thirsty:

During summer season people tend to experience body heat and they also feel thirsty for more because of heat exhaustion.

Tips to stay Cool in Summer:

To keep a body cool during the summer season, there are some tips to follow and they are as follows

1. Drink water:

By drinking plenty of water during the summer season one can at least handle the heat stroke. These heat strokes hit a human body only because of lower levels of water content in human body. To avoid heat stroke and heat exhaustion, one need to know that by drinking plenty of water these health related issues will be controlled during the summer season.

2. Wear cool clothes:

During the summer season to avoid heat strokes and heat exhaustion one needs to know how to handle such heat. And to avoid one can wear comfortable, cool and loose clothes where air can pass through easily. By following such things one can overcome health related issues during the summer season.

3. Apply sunscreen lotions:

During the summer season a person experiences heat and heat exhaustion. But there are several other affects which cause damage to the human body. like eyes, skin etc. During the summer season skin gets exposed to the sun and to avoid sun exposure one needs to apply sunscreen lotion all over the body so that there won’t be any effect on the skin nor any darkness on the body.

4. Try fully covered clothes:

There are certain people who are very particular about their color and during the summer season color may disappear because of certain kinds of exposure to the sun. To overcome such issues of color, one needs to wear full covered clothes which won’t be exposing anything any of one’s human body. By following this, one can protect themselves from the summer.

5. Eat healthy and light food:

During the summer season one can make note of “what to eat?”. During these summer time, to overcome such heat stroke and heat exhaustion a person can try to eat fruits and vegetables, which have a good amount of water and mineral content. By eating such food one can definitely overcome these kind of heat strokes.


To end this discussion we would suggest that summer season is a season full of shine and bright which affects human body naturally in a positive way and negative way. But sometime negative ways affect our human body in a very bad level. Positive elements can be helpful for our human body, but negative things affect more worse. Adding to that spending their most of the time in the office during the summer season can make one kill themselves.

An office is a place official duties are performed and delivered. These official duties can create such a tension that a person can lose their temper over that. During summer season performing official duties are considered to be tough and in this discussion there have been several ways to handle such working in a workplace during the summer season.

Therefore, by following such mention ways above one can survive summer in the workplace.