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How to Survive Morning Sickness at Work: 17 Best Ways


It is indeed a well known fact to all of us, in order to remain a relevant part of today’s twenty first century business world, we need to constantly delivery top quality work, under all circumstances as well as at all costs. Needless to say that every woman who is pregnant has the right to her maternity leave, yet in the initial stages of your pregnancy you will be trying your level best to make it to work, even though you might not always be feeling very good. To help you get through this here are some tips on how to survive your pangs of morning sickness at work.

survive morning sickness at workWays to Ease Morning Sickness at Work:

1. Do not take on too much responsibility:

One of the worst things which you can do when experiencing morning sickness, at office, is taking on too much responsibility. Chances are that you have bagged this job and have been able to deliver good quality work all this while, you need not go all out during your pregnancy to get more jobs done as well as prove your worth. As we are all well aware, that biting off more than you can chew is something which should be avoided at all costs. Everyone knows that dealing with morning sickness is no easy task, so you need not try to go out of your way to show how good you are.

2. Consult your doctor if you are feeling too uneasy:

While at work, if you are feeling too uneasy you should not shy away from consulting your doctor. First time mothers especially have many questions, queries as well as doubts within their minds, so you should not try to keep it bottled up. You should never worry yourself too much thinking of all the things which may go wrong, rather just try and focus your mind on staying positive as well as ensuring your own welfare and the welfare of your baby. In addition to this you can buy some useful books available in the market that can help you deal with your morning sickness.

3. Do not let yourself get too stressed out:

Life in today’s twenty first century business world is certainly no cake walk and everyone has their own fair share of problems to deal with. In the event of experiencing morning sickness at work you should not fret or panick as it is something very naturally indeed, which all pregnant women go through. In addition to this, since you have a lot going on physically, mentally as well as emotionally you should try your best to ensure that you do not get too stressed out or keep yourself at the helm of things at your office.

4. Take it easy in the first few hours of your work:

Morning sickness is something which many pregnant women experience in their early phase of their pregnancy so this having been said, you should try and avoiding taking up too much work as soon as you step into your office in the morning. Start slow and as you move through the day chances are that you will start feeling better. No two women experience morning sickness in the same way, so you should do what suits you the best rather than blindly following any books or what your friends are telling you. You should make it a point to make a mental note of things which make you feel more nauseous.

5. Mention to your boss and senior what your problem is:

Many people are apprehensive about disclosing personal information about themselves to their bosses as well as seniors; however you should not shy away from telling your boss about your pregnancy as well as your morning sickness, this is to ensure that he or she doesn’t think that you are shirking your responsibility. Think of it this way, that sooner or later they are going to find out, so you might as well tell them as soon as you think right, so that they do not end up burdening you with too much or even expecting you to be at your very best at all times.

6. Ask your office friends to help you along the way:

If you have been working in the company for a while then chances are that you have been able to forge a few meaningful relationships with your co workers as well as colleagues. It is a well known fact about morning sickness that some days are worse than others, so you should ask your friends to please help you along the way so that you are able to get through the day without feeling too bad. Chances are that no one is going to shy away from helping you to the best of their ability, yet at the same time ensure that you do not take advantage of their goodness.

7. When feeling nauseated smell something fresh:

Most often than not, morning sickness is something which is triggered off by an over powering smell, for example an aversion to the smell of meat, poultry, garbage or even something like food cooking, which otherwise you wouldn’t have been bothered with in the least bit. So if you suddenly find yourself feeling terribly queasy owing to a certain seemingly unbearable smell then all you need to do is take something fresh like a cut lemon or even a piece of ginger and keep smelling it till the urge to binge goes away entirely. Carrying one of the two in your purse could really help.

8. Make some ginger citrus lozenges:

A great tip to help you overcome your morning sickness while at work is by constantly sucking on a ginger citrus sweet or lozenge right through the day. This fresh and sweet taste is bound to help you feel very good indeed. Morning sickness often includes uneasiness as well as vomiting so rather than having the stale taste in your mouth through the day, you should pop these little sweets into your mouth. Another great thing which many women across the globe do is that they freeze some ginger citrus juice in their fridge and suck on little bits when they feel under the weather.

9. Make sure that your eat protein rich food:

You can minimize your morning sickness a great deal by trying your very best to eat right. It is of paramount importance to ensure that you eat plenty of foods which are rich in protein and vitamin B as well. Foods rich in protein include yogurt, nuts, legumes, pulses lentils, beans, tofu, and seeds and those rich in vitamin B include, fruits, cereals, soy products as well as vegetables. So try your best to get a hold of these things and constantly eat them rather than making yourself feel even worse by having oily, fatty as well as unhealthy food.

10. Wear comfortable clothes and carry a change:

One of the worst things which you can do when experiencing morning sickness at work, is being caught in uncomfortable clothes which are too tight. Since chances are you are anyway feeling uneasy you should not add to your woes by dressing in an inappropriate and uncomfortable manner. So there is no need to go overboard with makeup also as with the glow of your pregnancy you will naturally be looking radiant. Since morning sickness involves vomiting ensure that you keep an extra set of clothes at your work place so that you can change as and when required.

11. Avoid having anything warm, stick to cool and cold things:

We all must have noticed that warm or hot food which has been prepared on the fire for a long time gives out a powerful aroma, especially if many spices are used and such smells can trigger off pangs of morning sickness, so what you should do is stick to cool foods like salads as well as juices so that you are getting all your vital nutrients without feeling sick in any way at all. Another bonus of having salads is that it is very easy and quick to prepare so you need not worry yourself with actually having to get up early and start preparing anything fancy or elaborate.

12. Drink as much water as you possibly can:

The most important tip to help you get through your day at the office would be, telling you to drink plenty of water so that you remain hydrated. It happens often that you find it tough to keep your food down when you drink a lot of water during your meals, so rather than drinking water with your food you can have small sips of water all the time. You can also choose to substitute water with other alternatives like healthy fruit juices, shakes and even green tea. Abstaining from alcohol is an absolute must during your pregnancy so that you do not have any complications.

13. Make use of pregnancy multivitamins:

Taking any kind of unprescribed drugs during your pregnancy is a big no! Yet if you are working in the initial stages of your pregnancy you can ask your doctor to prescribe some multi vitamin tablets for you so that you do not end up feeling weak or faint when you are at your work place. Taking these tablets ensures that you are getting your daily dose of folic acid as well as Vitamin D.

14. Consult your therapist at work:

Morning sickness is always accompanied by some mood swings. So if you happen to be at work when experiencing your morning sickness rather than trying to deal with the emotional roller coaster ride on your own, you should not shy away from consulting your therapist at work, who will at least provide you with some emotional strength.

15. Eat little but eat often:

Chances are that when you are experiencing morning sickness at work, you will not feel like eating anything at all, but you should not give into this feeling and even if you are not eating big or heavy meals you should make it a point to continue eating a little bit every hour or so, so that your blood pressure doesn’t suddenly get lowered.

16. Keep yourself busy so that time seems to fly by:

You should try your best to keep yourself busy throughout the day with work so that you do not remain engrossed in your feeling of uneasiness. The moment you stop focusing on your aches and pains you will realize that the days will fly by quite normally without you feeling anything at all. However this does not imply that you over work yourself without payng attention to your health.

17. Wash your face a number of times:

Last but certainly not the least is that you can deal with your morning sickness by ensuring that you remain cool and fresh throughout the day. One thing that helps a great deal is if you keep sprinkling some water on your face throughout the day so that you do not feel hot and bothered at any point in the day. However you should not shy away from skipping a day at the office if you find that your morning sickness is too severe on a given day.

After you have gone through the list, you can see for yourself that these things are very easy to do and though they might not eradicate your sickness entirely yet chances are that you will feel a little better. Being pregnant is a beautiful phase in any woman’s life and though you might experience a number of mood swings you should try your level best to remain cool, calm as well as collected so that you do not harm the baby in any way. While you are with child, your primary concern should not be your work or your career rather it should be the welfare of your baby.