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How to Manage your Team to Deliver Outstanding Results?


Managing and getting the best out of team is important and can be achieved if a few aspects are followed. In order to achieve operational as well as financial goals, passionate team with members who are enthusiastic and committed are necessary. An excellent and outstanding result is thus achieved when such a team is directed in the right manner. Apart from good members in a team, every member should have the capability and passion to achieve their goals. The team leaders or managers hold the responsibility to motivate them and ignite positive energy in them. In that manner lets glimpse through how to manage your team to deliver outstanding results.

manage team to deliver results17 Ideas to Deliver Outstanding Results:

1. Highlighting importance:

Once your team is formed, gather them for a meeting and explain them the need for forming the team. Explain the team the main objectives of the company and the need for realizing the goals. Also make the members feel that they are important and the reason for them to be chosen to complete the project.

2. Encouraging employees:

In a team there are always laggard who eat up more time than scheduled. The team members who do not perform at high level and take up responsibility should always be encouraged and motivated. They should be made understand that their tasks are important and the team relies on them. Also boost and highlight the special characteristic they possess for selecting them in the team.

3. Team alignment:

When a team works to achieve the same goals it is important that they are driven in the same direction rather than in various other ways. The team leader should make sure that the team is aligned to drive in the same direction. A team which works together and charged up would surely succeed rather than ones who are garbled and do their own things. A parallel team alignment should be achieved and the way we do things are important. The team leader should make sure that the team members have clarity and complete understanding in whatever they do.

4. Avert unrequired red tape:

For your team to work on the best and deliver best results make sure you work in the right and direct way. It is always good for team members to avoid red tape in order to bring out best results in their career.

5. Encourage diverse thinking:

The team leader should encourage the team in many aspects. The team should be challenging in many ways, should possess creativeness and inventiveness. The leader of the team should encourage the team for a diverse thinking and creativeness. The team members would possess a good skill set and experience and hence boosting the above mentioned aspects can help the team reap outstanding results.

6. Pacing the team:

It is important for the team leader to assign goals and targets for the team members in small quantities. Once they have accomplished their assigned goals, more tasks can be assigned to them, this work would yield a perfect output and would not be overwhelming. The team leader will be sure when to assign more goals for the team and when the team members would be enthusiastic and active.

7. Constant communication:

One most important parameter to manage your team and deliver outstanding results is constant and centralized communication. The communication can be through many ways such as e-mail, Skype, in-person meetings, phone meetings, or open channel communication which acts as a crucial part of the success of company.

8. Wearing the right hat:

As a team leader it would be appropriate to wear a blue hat and leave behind the black hat. When a team leader wears a black hat it means that he is looking into each negatives and mentions everything that is going wrong in the team. When a person wears a black hat then he is destroying idea generation in any individual and so it would be appropriate to wear a blue hat and inspire a team. A blue hat is seeing something as possibilities and opportunity.

9. Look into strength and weakness:

In order to manage your team and bring out best results, it is good to focus on the strength of each employee. The weakness of the employee is a myth to be focused on rather that developing strength in each employee. This is considered another backward way to problem solving. It can also be considered as an effective aspect when strength of the team member is focused and handled. By this way results are seen promptly, as employees are contributing to the maximum to the team in a happy manner.

10. Removing hurdles on the way:

As a team leader manages your team and eradicate hurdles if they are on the way. Imagine yourself as a super hero and make your team mates to feel like rock star. Help them pass through all difficult times and come up with desired output.

11. Removing laziness:

It is equally important for team leaders to eradicate slackers off the team. A team’s quality is pulled down when laziness prevails all around. By laziness whirling around a team’s standard and quality is diminished. More over the morale of the team is maintained when slackers in the team are removed. By this way the team leader presents that he is more concerned about the results of the team.

12. Acknowledging team:

There are many people in a team who roll up their sleeves and offer their contribution to the team. Here the responsibility of the team leader is to acknowledge the team members. It would be good for the team leader to dedicate some time weekly to acknowledge hard work.

13. Planning activities:

To manage your team and bring the best output with outstanding results, it would be perfect to meet deadlines by arranging meeting sessions. Meetings can be conducted on a regular basis to discuss and plan the agenda along with deadlines. Each member must be determined about their duties and their end result should be made a note off. The performance plans are to be written and reassessed.

14. Rewarding employees:

There are few employees in a team who complete project before deadline with outstanding results. These employees should be rewarded with a lunch or pizza in their work place. They can also be given half a day off which can refresh and rejuvenate the team. By this way the team members are encouraged and they perform in an efficient manner.

15. Different people:

A team leader to manager should make sure that a team has members of different mentalities. It is a fact that these people have common motivation, desire and attribute when gathered as a team. They work for a specific outcome and chore, so treating them as individuals in the right manner is something that can boost their performance. In that manner managing the team can be well achieved.

16. Learning and not lecturing:

Employees these days are eager to learn and be related with the work. As there are many leaders who bring in fear they find it tough. Employees are trying to eradicate lectures and desire for continuous coaching. Complexity and buzz words can be avoided as they must not exhaust any employee. To manage a team and bring in outstanding results the team leaders can stop lecturing and initiate teaching.

17. Innovation is mandatory:

It can be good for team leader to allow their team members to take part in innovative based projects. Thinking or idealization is important but implanting the idea and bringing it to real life instance is more important and helps them inspire as a team and boosts them to perform well. It is the duty of the leaders to offer their employees with the requirements to be innovative at their work. It motivates them so that their work leads to the next level. This is another way to manage the team and bring the best output in them.

These are a few hints which can be followed in order to bring out outstanding results to manage a team. As a team leader or manager one can glimpse through these pointers and plan ahead to manage his or her team and bring out the best in them. These pointers are the real happening in industry that can fetch you great results. It is never easy to manage a team with so many varied personalities and bring out the desired results in a specified period. In that manner the team leader or the manager requires few qualities and patience in handling the team so that best results are obtained. There are many sites and blogs which explain the same from various points of view. An individual can glimpse through these aspects and get to know about managing a team.