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Ultimate List of 34 Study Hacks to Improve your Memory


Do you have trouble in recalling what you studied, in your exams? There have been researches done about our brains and there are few study hacks evaluated to facilitate your brain to remember details swiftly as well as easily and in the end help you perform well in your exams. After you practice the below hacks you will realize the benefits as each of the points helps in enhancing your memory in a unique way. Do not hesitate in trying all of the hacks at each sequence, starting from prior to sitting for studying till the last minute before it is exams. Let us gawk at the various study hacks to augment your memory.

study hacks to improve memoryEffective Study Hacks to Improve your Memory:

1. Saunter before your exams:

When you walk before your exams it boosts your remembrance as well as brain power. A research that was conducted by Dr. Chuck Hillman of the University of Illinois imparts proof that exercise for 20 minutes prior to an exam can enhance performance.

2. Read out Loud:

Read your study material out loud and it will help in upgrading your memory 50% more than effortlessly reading.

3. Reward yourself:

You can integrate reward technique while you study. You can stimulate yourself by giving yourself treats on completion of studying a set of topics in a subject.

4. Teach others what you learned:

The top technique to actually know whether you have grasped what you just learned is by endeavoring to teach the same to someone else. You can teach your friends or you can do it with some stuff toys.

5. Generate mental connections:

It is one of the easiest methods to memorize information. It boosts resourcefulness and intelligence. Build mind maps to connect different ideas with the help of visual impression.

6. Draw illustrations:

When you find it difficult to describe a piece of information, draw a diagram. When you do so you are able to visualize the information. This helps in producing a visual memory in your brain that can be recalled during exams. This is an effective practice when one has diagrams and labels to memorize for their exams.

7. Usage of easy fonts:

When you use Times New Roman for your notes and more, reading becomes very easy and effortless to understand.

8. Self Control Apps:

These apps are advantageous in blocking the sites that are distracting for a certain period.

9. Apps to study on the go:

There are few apps available that will help you to study on the go, namely Flashcards+ and Study Blue which already integrate all the memorizing methods for studying.

10. Watch a documentary film on a topic:

Watching documentaries on a certain topic is entertaining method of compressing a whole set of knowledge into brief time frame. It aids in remembering important details from a subject.

11. Generate flashcards:

Flashcards help in quick memory kick. You can instantly test your understanding on major concepts, solutions, answers, definitions, quotes as well as formulas with the help of flashcards.

12. Seize regular breaks:

You need to take consistent breaks as your brain continuously runs while you study. This practice actually assists your brain to soak up more information. It boosts your motivation to study and keeps you focused while you learn. You can take a study break for 45-50 minutes as you use up all your focus and concentration during study period. Do not extend the period to an hour as anything novel after one and a half hour does not get adapted.

13. Apt type of Music to listen:

Certain kind of music elevates your mood and helps in higher productive learning. For example certain classical music can help in soothing and calming your senses.

14. Portable study space:

You may be habituated to sit in a particular place and study. However when you change the places where you study each time, information retention gradually advances.

15. Practice consistently:

Practicing mock up answers to previous exams questions will facilitate in training your brain to retrieve knowledge. Form realistic and test like situation and examine your knowledge.

16. Avoid staying awake in the night before the exams:

You need to ensure you get sufficient sleep in the night before the exams. During your sleep the brain assimilates information that you learned. Thus you remember all the answers and difficult formulas with this practice.

17. Employ gums or scents to exercise your memory:

It is a very unusual concept but if you spray a scent with very strange fragrance while studying and spray the same again before exams will definitely jog your memory. It is the same with strange gum types.

18. Group study:

When you study in groups you come across different techniques to enhance your memory. You get to share your study materials as well as you receive new resources plus when you discuss specific topics with a group of people it helps in retaining it in your memory for exams.

19. Meditate:

Meditation is known and a proven method for increasing concentration while studying. Not just the focusing power but also pre exam stress will be reduced with the facilitation of meditation. It augments mental and physical well being.

20. Prepare Mnemonic device:

This is a method by which you can create a pattern of ideas or concepts which is helpful in remembering intricate theory.

21. YouTube stories:

To understand and summon up things better for exams it will be beneficial if you YouTube videos related to the subject. There are few channels that provide crash course that take up vast topics and break them down into comprehensible and easy to learn episodes. One can find videos on more than one subject.

22. Caffeinate during breaks:

Coffee is another technique that helps your brain to jog. The small coffee study breaks are favorable to rest your mind for a little time and then kick off as you start studying.

23. Write things down:

Rather preparing your notes on laptop or your PC, start writing down points and summary to memorize. It is another most effective hack to augment your memory.

24. Handle small portions at a time:

If you need to learn by heart a large amount of information, do not endeavor to complete learning it all at once. Organize to learn a small portion each day. Keep in mind not to start the next one before you have completed learning the previous chunk.

25. Read immediately after a lecture:

After you have attended a lecture where you have been explained a portion, you need to go home and read and understand it again so that it is maintained in your memory and can be retrieved in your exams.

26. Record lectures:

As you memorize the lyrics of a song by listening to the song repeatedly, you can apply the same formula by recording the lectures and then listening to it.

27. Nourish your brain:

When you eat healthy it not only augments your health but is essential for your brain’s cognitive capabilities. The brain requires nutrients to function well. There are known food items that are rich in vitamins and proteins plus minerals that boost brain power and memory.

28. Exercise:

When you engage in physical exercise or activities, the heart pumps more blood. Consequently this process brings additional oxygen to your brain. And thus healthy brain works efficiently and memorizes adequately.

29. Engross in brain exercises:

The brain also requires workout. It is similar to a muscle that turns latent in case you do not use it. Expand your brains functioning by engaging in certain exercises like reading, solving puzzles or learning something new. More you exercise with your brain more its ability increases to memorize stuffs.

30. Study in a silent ambient:

Study in a place that is favorable to learning. Avoid commotion and study in a space that is quiet. Turn off all of your gadgets to evade distractions.

31. Do not multitask:

Pay attention to details you study and do not engage in any other tasks while studying. The brain shrinks faster when you do so. Your brain cannot focus on two or more information simultaneously.

32. Clench your fist:

The practice of clenching the fist can improve your capability to retain the information. When you want to memorize something clench your fist, squeeze it for about 45 seconds and then let go.

33. Utilize color:

Colors stand out in a page or computer. When you use colors in your study notes it will become prominent in your memory too. For instance, to highlight a portion you can use red color.

34. Doodle:

A study proved that doodling really aids people to remain focused, comprehend new concepts, plus preserve information. A blank paper can also stir up creativity for improving the memory.

It is essential to stay focused and positive to expand your brain’s capability. It is not necessary that all the hacks above will be helpful to each individual. All are different and people’s brains sometimes function differently. So it is apt to attempt each of the above and practice only the ones that are really effective on you. Engage in more and more study hacks and generate few of your own tried and tested hacks to improve your memory.