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Why Happiness at Work is the Ultimate Booster? Top 15 Reasons


When there is a lot of negativity or hatred in the work place it definitely takes a toll on the workers and they are unable to put their best foot forward. It is of paramount importance to ensure that workers are kept happy and content so that they don’t detest coming to office. If the atmosphere is positive then employees are able to really bring out the best in themselves. Here are some of the chief reasons why happiness at work is the ultimate booster to any employee.

happiness is ultimate booster workHappiness at Work – Why it Matters?

1. Employees are Stress free:

Happiness at work is certainly the ultimate booster as employees are stress free. There are innumerable offices where there is a lot of negativity and in such work places employees are constantly under a lot of stress. Everyone knows that stress leads to a lot of bigger complications and problems like heart attacks, blood pressure etc. So if you are the boss then you should make sure that under all costs, every need of the employees is looked into so that they are pleased.

2. Workers can take independent and informed decision:

When the work place atmosphere is unsettled and full of tension, then this often influences the decisions that workers make. When employees are happy and are given the freedom to do what they think is best for the company, then only are they able to take informed decisions without having any second thoughts, fear or anxiety. Companies must keep in mind that sometimes a risk pays off and yields rich dividends but there are also times that even the most calculated risks, fail.

3. Employees always stay positive:

Happiness in the work place does not imply that there is no competition or no strict targets to be maintained; it just implies that everyone keeps a positive frame of mind such that they are always able to do their best. Anyone working in a big company will know that your frame of mind definitely affects the sort of work which you are able to produce. When you have a positive bend of mind then you are able to work without having any sort of inhibitions or apprehensions.

4. They do not feel burdened or under any strain:

Negativity at work often acts as a burden completely weighing on them. Rather than spending wasting time thinking about the work related gossip or negativity, workers are able to focus on the task at hand. So then a job which they would have otherwise been dragging out due to lack of concentration is completed in a matter of a few hours, without any trouble. This gives employees an opportunity to head home quicker and spend time with loved ones as well.

5. Yields much better results in terms of work output:

Happiness at work is the ultimate boost in terms of the work output that is produced by each employee. Rather than their mind being preoccupied with less important issues, employees channelize their entire efforts into coming up with exceptional and novel ideas that are bound to fetch them a lot of praise as well as keep the company banner flying higher than ever!

6. No one bears any ill will for a co worker:

When co workers have a great deal of ill will towards one another then this does lead to a lot of problems as well as complications in the work place. Happy and content workers who have nothing to be afraid of are comfortable in their own respective positions and do not bear any ill will for the next person. A little healthy competition is certainly not a negative thing, however at all times employees ought to act professionally as well as certainly be polite and cordial towards one another.

7. The work force functions as one unit:

Happiness at the work place is the ultimate booster to the company as a whole as the entire work force functions as one comprehensive unit, focusing on the same goals. When individuals refuse to work as a team and solely keep their own selfish goals and accomplishments in mind, then that is when things can really fall apart and the reputation of the company could be in serious jeopardy. After all, there is certainly some truth in the common saying ‘United we stand, Divided we fall!”

8. Employees help one another in time of need:

Another way in which it acts as ultimate booster is when employees are constantly looking out for one another. Rather than focusing on only their own work, they are constantly looking out for their co workers. When employees are able to forge meaningful friendships in their work place then this really helps to bring the entire work force together. If the atmosphere is negative, no one would be able to trust the next person enough to call him or her a friend.

9. There is collective responsibility and no pointing of fingers:

Happiness at the work place implies that no one is afraid of being fired or let go off, in such a situation when things go wrong or not as planned then those at fault are not afraid of stepping up and taking the blame for the mistakes rather than pointing fingers at another person. When something goes wrong, then everyone feels equally at fault and comes forward in a mature manner to accept failure rather than being juvenile.

10. No unhealthy work place politics:

Unhealthy work place politics is something that takes a serious toll on employees. It is often noticed that in those companies where there is intensely negative work place politics, employees spend too much time focusing on everything else except their work. When there is a happy work atmosphere then most employees are friendly and cordial with others and they always stand by each other in times of trial.

11. Encourages people to put forth their views:

Happiness at work is the ultimate boost to the confidence of those individuals who are unable to put forth their thoughts in a clear as well as comprehensive manner when the atmosphere of the work place is oppressive and negative. It is a well known fact that people who are often timid or shy withhold their opinion, but they mostly have great ideas. At the work place no one should ever feel afraid to speak their mind as everyone’s opinions should be taken into consideration when decisions are made.

12. Employees feel a sense of belonging:

A happy atmosphere does indeed have a positive influence on the mind and in such a case employees are able to devote themselves entirely to their work. Once their efforts are appreciated and they feel like an integral part of the company then this does them a world of good, psychologically speaking, as there is a definite sense of belonging which they feel when it comes to the company. A happy work atmosphere is not hard to achieve, but once achieved works wonders.

13. Workers feel content with their own jobs:

When there is happiness at the work place then employees are able to work without any inhibitions or fears. When employees are not content then they start thinking whether or not they should look elsewhere for employment. Once such thoughts start creeping in the mind of the workers, then obviously they don’t give their one hundred percent to the job which they are presently doing. Even the slightest of privileges will really go a long way in keeping employees happy.

14. Positive reinforcement encourages workers to keep getting better:

One of the sure shot ways to achieve a happy work atmosphere is making sure that credit is given where it is due and no employee feels slighted or left out. If employees are constantly praised when they deserve it then they constantly try to come up with even better ideas that are sure to impress their seniors as well as their bosses.

15. They focus on work better:

Last but certainly not the least, is that, As you might have often noticed, when you have a lot of problems or issues on your mind then you are unable to focus on your work. When the work place is a happy one then workers are able to concentrate completely on their work without worrying about petty office problems. Needless to say that, when employees remain goal oriented then they are able to come up with great ideas, which are bound to take the company to another level all together.

So therefore, when the work place is happy then the employees feel at home and give their one hundred percent to their work. If you feel that your work place is too stressful and you are never rewarded in a proper manner for the efforts which you take, then you should not hesitate to hand in your resignation and look for a job where you will be appreciated and valued. Happiness at work is the ultimate booster not only to your work output but also to your confidence.