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16 Small Things You Can Do Every Day to Get Much Smarter


Each one of us is special in our way. Some individuals are street smart whereas others are book smart. Nowadays top companies across the globe are not on the lookout for individuals who only have bookish and theoretical knowledge. On the contrary, they want smart people as well as quick thinking. Such individuals will surely be able to bail the company out of trouble in the event of something going wrong. To achieve your goals, follow these simple daily habits or things to do every day that make you get smarter.

things you do every day

Things You do Every day to make you Smarter:

1. Reading the newspaper daily will surely help you’:

Reading the newspaper is an activity which will surely enable you to become smarter every day. And reading the newspaper should be a daily activity for you. Even if you cannot read the newspaper from cover to cover, try to read the headlines at least. In this way, your world knowledge will increase a great deal as well. Reading e-newspapers is just as good as well.

2. Interact with people who are smarter than you:

If you wish to become smarter, then daily interactions with people who are smarter than you. Listening to their words of wisdom, you too will automatically begin to think along those lines.

3. Read good works of fiction whenever you can do so:

If you want to become smarter you must learn to nurture your imagination. To nurture your imagination, you should read good words of fiction.

There are millions and millions of words of fiction available all over the world in innumerable languages so do pick up a good book whenever you can. As far as possible, try reading at least a few pages every day.

Once you have read a few good books, try your hand at writing as well. This will help you to express yourself properly and effectively. So daily try to write at least 400 words.

4. Always ask the question ‘why”:

Asking the question of why is something that will surely help you become smarter. Rather than just accepting things at face value, be willing to get to the truth of things.

To help your knowledge improve a great deal, you can always buy a nice encyclopedia which will help you to broaden your horizons.

In addition to this, experimentation is something which will help you become very smart. So even if your experiment fails at least you will have learned something new as well as fun, so always be willing to take that extra mile to enhance your mind.

5. Avoid doing only the same thing over and over again:

If you only stick to doing the same things over and over again then you will never learn anything new. If you do not learn anything new then you will never become smarter at all. So if you aim to become smarter then you must try your hand at something new every day. Even if it is a small thing, you should do it. Repeating and routine is something which numbs the brain. The more you do new things, the better it will be for you. There are plenty of new things to learn, all you need is to open your mind and eyes.

6. Exercising will surely assist you in becoming smarter:

If you want to become smarter then your body needs to be healthy as well. If your body is not functioning properly then your mind will be unable to accept new information as well as work in a proper manner.

Even if you cannot take the time out to exercise every day of the week, you must try to do so at least twice a week. Once you see the benefits of exercising, you will surely want to work out daily. You need not go to a gym to exercise even going on walks will help you a great deal as well.

7. Watch debates and do try your hand at debating:

Debating is most certainly an activity that will surely help you to become smarter/. Debates are aired on television almost every day so do make it a point to catch these debates which are on topical issues.

Along with watching the show you should try and build up arguments of your own. This way your knowledge on a day to day occurrences will increase and along with this, you will also learn to debate properly.

Once you understand the art of debating, you should participate in debates as often as you can. This is a very healthy activity indeed so do not miss out on it.

8. Eat the rights kinds of food and avoid unhealthy addictions:

If your diet is not proper then over time that is going to cause many health complications. The body needs the rights amounts of nutrients and energy to perform all its functions effectively.

If you wish to get smart then you must ensure that you are eating the right kinds of foods that make you smarter and which will surely help you along the way.

Avoid eating fatty goods because it will affect your health and weight for the worst. In addition to this, you must strictly avoid being addicted to things like drugs, smoking or even alcohol.

9. Practice meditation and yoga as often as you can:

Meditation makes you smarter and is something very important indeed. It allows you to gather all your thoughts peacefully and coherently. If your mind is not stable then you will never be able to become a smarter person.

Smart people are those who can think quick, fast and properly. So if you aim to become a very smart person, then you too must learn to channelize your thoughts and energies properly. Lean to let go of things which are unnecessarily causing you some mental worry and anxiety. Once your mind is clear then you can automatically focus entirely on becoming smarter.

10. Watch good quality videos online:

Nowadays we have so many resources at our disposal. It is up to us to make the most of everything which has been made available to us due to advancements in science. To become smarter what you need to do is watch some good quality videos which will surely encourage you to learn new things.

Many such videos are available online, all you have to do is spend some time online every day searching for videos which you think that you are interested in. Do not watch useless videos which will not help you in any way. If you are confused about where to begin, start by watching ted talks online.

11. Learn at least 5 new words every day:

Rather than trying to do too much learning all at once, the start off by doing small things at first. Begin by learning just 5 new words a day and that in itself will be a step in the right direction for you. Doing this will improve your vocabulary a great deal and will surely enable you to become smarter as an individual.

Pick up the dictionary and randomly choose 5 words a day. Yet if you are someone who does not have much time on your hand then there are plenty of apps which you can download which will enable you to learn new words daily. This is a fun and enriching activity.

12. Watch quality documentaries on television everyday:

If you want your mind to be smart and you want to do big things in life then you should stop wasting your time watching useless television programs and soaps. Following soaps on TV religiously will only stand as an obstacle in your road to success.

Nowadays there are hardly any quality shows aired on TV. So even if you want to cancel your TV subscriptions you should go ahead and do that. You will be surprised by the number of useful things you can get done in that amount of time. However if by chance, a good show comes on TV you can go ahead and watch that.

13. Social media is something which should be avoided at all costs:

Social media is something which does have a lot of advantages. But along with being a positive thing it also has some disadvantages.

It is because of the advancement in technology that people have begun to rely so heavily on machines so much that, they even fail to communicate with other human beings. So if you want to become smarter, avoid wasting your precious time browsing through your newsfeed and looking through your notifications as activities like this make the mind and brain duller rather than brighter. If you have spare time on your hands, take a nap instead.

14. Travel whenever you get the chance to: 

It is often said that those people who do not travel much are rather dull. So if you would like to be smarter then you should make it a point to go on vacations whenever you can. It is no mystery that travel is rather expensive today, but you should be willing to invest in yourself.

Traveling has innumerable benefits. It does not merely keep your mind strong as well as fit, but it will also help you to become smarter. When you travel, you automatically meet and interact with new people and you even learn about new cultures and traditions which were previously unknown or alien to you. Even if you cannot take many vacations to be sure to use public transport daily, as it will surely make you street smart.

15. Do not feel ashamed to ask questions and clear your doubts:

None of us are perfect individuals. By being human, we too have our faults, failings as well as limitations. So every day whenever you doubt in your mind you should make it a point to get it cleared.

Once you get your doubt cleared, then that will automatically make you smarter. It is a misconception that those who ask questions and clarify doubts are the silly ones. On the contrary, such people are very smart and can ask questions which are truly inspiring and thought to provoke. So just because of what others may think, you should not be holding yourself back at all.

16. Solve mathematical problems and do programming:

If you would like to become smart then you should indulge in practices which will keep your mind and brain at the top of its game. If your mind is not functioning well then you cannot expect to be smart. So to assist you along the way, you should try your hand at solving mathematical problems daily.

You should begin by trying to solve simple problems and then you should go on to solve more complex ones. If mathematics is not your thing then maybe you can try your hand at computer programming, which involves meticulous thoughts and analysis.

These things are easy to do so as far as possible you should practice these things daily. A little effort on your part is bound to yield very rich dividends for you. If you are lazy and do not want to improve yourself at any rate then you will forever be sitting in your narrow chair, not knowing the unlimited possibilities which are available and open before you.

If you are smarter and have your wits about you at all time, then any company will want to hire you on board. So even if you consider yourself smart, do these things to become ever more mentally sharp.