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34 Smart Tips for a Successful Skype Job Interview


Are you new to skype job interview? Many companies these days are interviewing the candidates through Skype rather than the regular interview as it saves both the money and time.

Technology has advanced to such a level that both the employee and the employer are ready to take up new challenges and face the competition. Interviews through Skype is also a benefit to both of them. But, to take full advantage there are certain guidelines which need to be followed.

skype job interview tips

Here are certain tips that can be taken care of while a candidate is preparing for a Skype job interview.

Where To Do A Skype Interview?

The first thing that comes to our mind is the place of the interview. So there must be certain things that must be ensured about while deciding the place for the interview.

  • The place for the interview should be a quiet place and it would be better if it has a door that can be closed. If there are kids nearby, make sure that they are not present at the place of the interview.
  • The walls behind the candidate should not be plain but it shall not be too clustered also. The walls should not be covered with dark shade or florescent curtains as they may create a distraction during the interview.
  • While the candidate appears for the job interview he shall pay attention that he is not sitting with the light behind him as it will spoil the interview with its reflection. The drapes that are used on the windows shall be neutral in the shade as they may distract the interviewer during the interview.
  • Also, make sure that only the upper body of the candidate is visible and not the entire body. As we see in the interviews and chat shows on television only the upper body is visible. The hand movements of the candidate shall be visible if made any by the candidate.

Skype Job Interview Etiquette:

Just like all interview, there are certain interview etiquette’s that need to be followed while appearing for a Skype job interview.

  • A candidate must dress up in full attire while appearing for an interview. He should not only dress up till the waistline as only the upper body is visible.
  • The candidate shall wear formal collared shirt along with pants or skirts. Dark-colored clothes are most suitable for such an occasion, but not reds or oranges. Also, the dress should not be embossed with dark and bold prints as they do not come well across the screen.
  • The candidate shall not wear any shiny and a distracting piece of jewelry. The candidate shall wear jewelry that is small and dignified.
  • If there are any tattoos made by the candidate, then they shall also be covered while appearing for the interview.
  • The candidate should always send a thank you letter to the employer after the interview. The candidate should always appreciate the interviewer for taking out his important time to interview you.

Skype Interview Tips:

  1. Use a professional Skype profile which has your full details
  2. Prepare a cheat sheet so that you can refer if necessary
  3. Keep the necessary documents along with you
  4. Research well about the job role, company background and also about the employers
  5. Go through the job description very well
  6. Prepare a few questions so that you can ask at the end of the interview
  7. Practice before the camera
  8. Maintain a professional body language
  9. Make use of headphones
  10. Keep it clear
  11. Answer with confidence

Skype Job Interview Do’s and Don’t’s:

Skype interview is also a formal interview, just like any formal interview, a candidate has to be careful while preparing for the Skype interview.

1. Avoid Breaks in Interviews:

Before appearing for the interview the candidate must use the washroom as going in between can disturb the flow of the interview and may also not be liked by the interviewer. As the time duration of the interview can stretch to any level so the candidate must keep himself prepared.

2. Get Familiar With Skype:

If a candidate does not have the Skype application, then the candidate must download it well in advance so that he can prepare himself before the final interview. Also, the candidate can become familiar with the features of the application so that there will be no confusion at the time of the interview.

3. Use a Professional Skype Name:

The name chosen for the Skype application shall be of a professional nature. Try to use your first name and the last name, but in case such a name is already there, then make the necessary variations.

4. Test Your Internet:

The internet connection shall be checked well in advance and in case of even minor problem the candidate shall not ignore it and make the required modifications with the help of a professional mechanic.

5. Check Your Sound Settings:

The volume of the device shall be well adjusted in advance and the candidate shall take a trial before the actual interview. The volume shall not be too high as it would go blurred and if the volume is low, then there will be a hearing gap between the candidate and the interviewer.

6. Avoid Skype on Mobiles:

These days, all the mobile phones have the Skype application, but the candidate should use the device which is stationary because if the device is moving, then there will be a problem in communication between the candidate and the interviewer.

7. Adjust the Camera Accordingly:

Clearly, check the location of the web camera if it is detached from the main device because detecting the position of the camera at the time of the interview will lead to wastage of time and may create a wrong impression in front of the interviewer.

8. Close Other Programs on Your Computer :

When the interview is about to begin the candidate shall close all the other applications that are running to avoid any kind of distractions because it will help the candidate to concentrate on the interview.

9. Get Headphones:

In case of an emergency where the candidate is unable to hear the interviewer, the candidate shall use the headphones to hear the voice of the interviewer clearly.

10. Look at the Camera, not the Screen:

While the interview is going on, the candidate should always look into the camera and not try to look elsewhere as it is noticed by the interviewer instantly as he is directly looking at the candidate.

11. Take Notes:

A candidate can make use of the notes while the interview is going on as he can prepare the notes well in advance and keep its copy and also the copy of the resume with him at the time of interview.

12. Avoid Interruptions:

A candidate shall avoid any kind of interruptions while the interview is going on. The interruption can be caused by the kids or by the pets in the family or any other member. The candidate shall inform all the people well in advance that he is going to take an interview at the prescribed time.

13. Watch Your Body Language:

A candidate should keep a check on his body language as all the postures of the candidate are not visible to the interviewer. The candidate should relax and keep himself relaxed.

14. Make Sure the Interviewer is Engaged:

The candidate shall keep the interviewer engaged in the conversation. He shall try to make the conversation interesting and engage the interviewer all the time. The email, popups and other distractions should not be able to lose the interviewer’s interest in the candidate.

15. Do Not Bring in Excuses:

A candidate should never give any kind of excuses for not be able to appear for a Skype interview at any time. The excuses given can be of bad internet connection, or power failure or a bad throat or anything. The excuse given once will give a bad impression in front of the employer.

16. Do Smile:

A candidate shall always smile while the interview is going on. This will create a good impression on the interviewer.

When a candidate is going to appear for a job interview whether in person or through a Skype there are certain questions that a candidate has to answer. So, here are certain questions that are listed here which can help a candidate to prepare for the interview.I

Interview follow-up tips:

  • Analyze the whole interview once again and jot down the points you feel important
  • Write an email to the employer stating THANK YOU
  • Follow up inquiry

Skype Job Interview Questions and Answers:

1. Please tell us about yourself?

The most common and the initial question that is asked to the candidate. The candidate shall not spend more than a minute on this question. He should talk about the job-related things along with a few personal details. The first impression is the last impression so, answer this question carefully and try not to overdo it.

2. Why did you apply for a job in our company?

The candidate shall answer this question in a little appreciating manner. For example, he can say that he waited for this job opportunity for a long time. Also, the job description given is one of the best for this position. Along with this, he should appreciate the company’s vision towards growth and how he can add value to the company.

3. Why did the candidate leave his last job?

The candidate should show his motivated side to the interviewer through this question. He should not say negative things about the past employer. Also, he must say that he always love changes, and the previous job did not show any kind of scope for changes.

4. Tell us about your qualifications?

Some job requires a certain level of qualification of the candidate. For some employers, qualification plays an important role when the job is offered. These days the qualification can be obtained from many institutes, but it actually depends on the institute from where the degree has been obtained. The candidate shall highlight the institute and also the rewards if he has got during his term.

5. Tell us about your work experience from the previous job?

The candidate shall not give too many details of his last job experiences. Instead, he shall pick any one or two experiences which can create a good impression on the interviewer. Also, he should highlight that he has gained many contacts through his previous job and they can be useful for the new company.

6. Why should we hire you for this job?

The answer to this question should be given in an impressive manner because there are many others who are waiting for this job. The candidate might say that he is the only guy who can fulfill all the job requirements, along with it, he can create a friendly atmosphere at the workplace. He can also identify with the goals of the company and will give his best for the company.

7. What is your strengths and weakness?

The candidate shall highlight those strengths which can be correlated with the job offered. And the weaknesses shall be of such nature that can be easily overcome by the candidate. The candidate shall highlight his positive personality traits in front of the employer.

8. What are your future plans?

The candidate shall not make a mistake here by saying that he wants to start his own business after 5- 10 years. A company will not like to hire a person who is interested in the company for his personal growth. Rather the candidate shall highlight his ability to fulfill the targets of the company and along with it, his personal goals will also be fulfilled.

9. What are your achievements so far?

The candidate shall highlight all his achievements over the years. Achievements may differ from person to person. The candidate shall highlight both his personal and professional achievements. This will help the interviewer to get a better idea about the personality of the candidate.

10. What characteristics do you prefer in your boss and in your colleagues?

The candidate shall give a neutral answer to this question. He can play safe by saying that he gets along with everybody and there is no specific characteristic that he is looking for. His main focus is on his job and just wants to bond well with everybody.

A candidate preparing for an interview will be under a lot of pressure and there are a lot of things that are going in his mind. The best way to take an interview is to be confident about yourself and try to persuade the employer that you are the one that he is looking for.
So, just go out and get that job.