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36 Jobs That Pay Women More Than Men: Gender Win


Though many women settle down in family breadwinner, there is surely a pay gap amongst the gender which is in favor of women. The real fact as per reports by Pew research center mentions that about 23% of women earn more than their husbands which were 4% in 1960.

The Bureau of Labor statistics “women at work” report also mentions that the gender gap has begun to narrow. Reports open up saying that for every dollar earned by men, women earn about 81 cents in 2010, which was 76 cents in 2000. With all these statistics and reports let’s glimpse through a few jobs that pay women more than men.

Women Earn More Than Men

Jobs Where Women Earn More Than Men:

1. Counselors:

Counseling is a traditional field for the woman where they gain a slim salary which is beneficial for females as per the census report. For every 100 cents men earn, women earn 100.2 cents more, working as counselors. When viewed as a dollar report, women counselors are making $42,349 whereas men are making $ 42, 299.

The fact is that the difference in pay is due to parity instead of a bonafide gap favoring women where the annual difference is only $50. Women dominate the field where about 70% of counselors are women.

2. Stockbroker:

In this field, women can possess a bear of a time in Wall Street. A study by Madden in 2012 analyzed the labor market and found that men earned more than women. Later he found that when the same categories of clients are given to women, he found that women sell better than men.

The pay scale data also mentions that women stockbrokers earn more than men. Women earn an annual pay of $52,900 where they out beat men by 8.9%. There are nearly 280,000 where women workers are 27.9%.

3. Dishwashers:

For every 100 cents men earn, women dishwashers earn 100.2 cents. These jobs pay less which is a reason for the lack of pay gap. The baseline pay for the job is $7.25 hour as minimum wage irrespective of the gender. Women dishwashers earn about $17,332 annually which is ahead of the males $ 17, 302 as an annual outcome.

There were previous researches that mentioned that the dishwashing profession was the one that offered more pay scales in the restaurant industry. Other roles in the restaurant industry such as supervisors, managers also suffer from disparities in pay scale when compared to women.

4. Police detective:

A police detective is another field where women earn an annual pay of $ 61,000 where they out beat men by 10.0%. The total numbers of workers in this field are 160,000 and women share the work by participating as 24.8%. The National center for women and policing mentions that women possess an effective and unique approach towards law enforcement.

Women also possess the capability and work towards defusing the problems quickly. They can save the cost of agencies and complaint less about brutality. They are effective in handling domestic cases that contribute to one-quarter of violent crimes.

5. Transportation storage and distribution managers:

Earlier women were minor in this field and men were employed for four out of five jobs. The main responsibility of the work is to plan and lead transportation, for rail transportation and freight trucking distribution activities must be carried out.

These responsibilities may seem to be suitable for men, but when income enters into the discussion, women are equally pulling their weight to earn more. For every 100 cents men earn, women are earning 100.5 cents. When discussed on an annual basis women are earning $ 52, 259 and men $ 52, 017.

6. Model:

Being a model, the annual pay for women is $ 21,300 where they out beat men by 28.4%. The total numbers of workers in the model industry are about 65,000 where 83.4% of them are women. When the pay scale list if jobs are considered, one field that out beats men is the model industry.

Getting into the model industry and succeeding is not very easy. Not every individual who enters the model industry reaches success like Heidi Klum or Tyra Banks. Some models work on short non-glamorous assignments too. To become a model one needs to possess the specification required by the industry experts.

7. Special education teachers:

One field which is traditionally dominated by women is the special education teacher. This information is true as 85% of the positions as special education teachers are occupied by women. For every $1 men earn, women earn $1.01. When annual basis record is considered women earn about $ 47,378 and men earn $ 46, 932.

8. Media relations specialist:

This post is about assisting in developing and helping the brand of the company by formulating press releases, articles and speeches. They also need to arrange a meeting with the executives and also speak to the public.

An outgoing personality with speaking and writing skills are required. Women obtain a median annual pay of $ 43,800 where they out beat men by 11.2%. The total number of workers in this field are 155, 000 where women workers in the field are 58.2%.

9. Social and human service assistant:

They are workers who help another cross through their tough times and work as an assistant with social workers. They help others identify and find social services. When this field is considered 4 out of 5 jobs are occupied by women.

They are ones who earn $1.02 for every $1 earned by men as per the record of the census. When taking a look at an annual basis, women are said to earn $ 35,766 and men are earning $ 34, 967.

10. Dental hygienist:

The median annual pay for women in this field is about $ 62,300 where they out beat men by 2.3%. 163,000 are the total number of workers who work in this field where women occupy about 99.3%.

The dental hygienist jobs are ones that ranked as the best job for the future. According to the report by BLS, it mentioned that there would be a high demand for professionals to work in this job by 37.7% by 2020.

11. Transportation security screener:

The main responsibility of this role is to ensure that the baggage and cargo of the passengers screened and are in abidance with the transportation security administration regulations.

When women considered they are the minority in number in this field where they are one-third of complete workers. When their earnings considered they earn 102.5 cents for every 100 cents men earn. The annual pay is that women earn $ 41, 751 and men $ 40, 732.

12. Senior merchandiser:

A senior merchandiser is one who shops for stores. They are available in all industries and they are professionals who are responsible for picking and ordering products from food, clothing, jewelry required for a business.

They are ones who work to reflect the brand of the industry and also the best deal obtained by the company. The median annual pay for women in this field is $ 65,800 where they out beat men by 21.9%. The total number of workers in this field is about 198,000 where they share 55.2%.

13. Wholesale and retail buyers except for farm products:

Products and commodities bring by the wholesale and retail buyers to resell them to the consumers in the stores. They monitor the prices, sales record, trends and other information to find out what to buy.

About half of the employees in this field women, where they earn 103.3 cents for every 100 cents earns by men. When annual pay observed women earn about $ 42, 990 when compared with men who earn $ 41,619.

14. Tech supports engineer:

The annual pay for tech support engineers is $ 55,500 where women out beat men by 4.4%. The total numbers of workers in this field are 476,000 where women share about 27.1%.

According to when men and women compare with experience, title and education they concluded that tech workers paid more irrespective of their gender. When pay scales are analyzed, women are said to earn more than men.

15. Cleaners of vehicle and equipment:

Women earn about 105 cents for every 100 cents earned by men though they hold only 13.5% in this field. Taking a look at the annual report, women in this field earn about $ 24,793 and men earn $ 23,605.

16. Sales and marketing analyst:

Being a sales and market analyst, the individual can bridge the gap between the employer and the customer. The best ways to sell the products and services of the company achieved by these people.

The median annual pay for women is $ 44,200 where men are out beaten by 5.7%. The total numbers of workers in the field are 219,000 where women occupy 54.2%.

17. Producer and directors:

Producers and directors are yet another field where women receive higher than men. Though women make only 37% of the total number in this field, they earn 106.2 cents for every 100 cents men earn.

The annual pay for women directors and producers is $ 66,226 and for the male, it is $ 62, 368.

18. Construction-related tasks:

Female construction supervisors, female construction laborers, and maintenance painters, vehicle and aircraft mechanics are few fields that offer higher pay for women.

19. Baking:

Baking is another job where women are well-paid. When female bakers are considered, they earn104% more than male bakers where their median weekly pay is $ 466 where for men it is $ 448. Baking can be a feminine job but men out beat women by 53%.

20. Female food preparation:

There are many other jobs too where women earn more than men. And there is female food preparation and serving to the workers which earn about 112.1%, stock clerks, and order filler earns 105.1% and bill and account collectors earn 109.5% than men in this field.

There are many other industries and specific jobs where women receive more than men. Some of them are sales engineers where women paid $ 89,908 and men paid $ 62,660.

Statisticians, where women paid $49,140 and men paid $36,296, legislators where women earn $ 43,316 and men earn $ 32, 656, speech-language pathologist where women earn $ 45,136 and men $ 35, 048.

Clerks and library assistants are fields where women earn $ 23,608 and men earn $ 18, 512, motion picture projectionist women earn $ 35, 412 and men earn $ 27, 924. Funeral service worker women earn $ 30,108 and men earn $ 24, 492.

In the same manner, there is a big list which shows the number of available industries and the enhanced number of women workers than men.

The other jobs where women make more are packers and packages, bookkeeping, accounting and auditing, medical scientists, order filers and stock clerks, operation research analysts, computer support specialist and respiratory therapists.

The above list shows all the industries where women receive higher than men. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and its report by the center of American progress mentions that women are ones who earn more than men in some occupations.

These days’ women have been participating equally in all the industries men participate. This is possible because they possess the capability and working potential equivalent to men.

Jobs in the US Where Women Earn More Than Men:

When talking about the gender pay gap, it was one of the sensitive factors for working women, where women use to receive less salary when compared to men for performing the same work.

But as times have passed by, there have been several careers in which women employees are earning more than men and moreover without any act of business. The pay they get is truly based on their effective and productive work.

Nowadays women never considered lesser to men and there are few sectors where women are a step ahead of men. Gone are the days when most of the jobs were male-dominated. Now is the time, where the caliber and ability have turned into the deciding factor for being fruitful or successful in your career.

Here is a list of jobs where the gender pay gap have been favorable to women: Jobs Average Salaries for Women
1 Office machine repairers $43,673
2 Mining machine operators $91,628
3 Wholesale and retail buyers $41,637
4 Motor vehicles electronic equipment installers $43,438
5 Conservation scientists and foresters $60,827
6 Explosives workers, ordnance handling experts $66,068
7 Phlebotomists $31,160
8 Construction trade helpers $31,607
9 Funeral service managers $61,597
10 First-line supervisors $54,717
11 Computer network architects $100,471
12 Crossing guards $36,219
13 Emergency management executives $70,337
14 Telecommunications line installers $56,978
15 Construction and related workers $36,556
16 Roofers $50,141
17 Semiconductor processors $41,018
18 Medical and health information technicians $38,404
19 Oil, gas, and mining derrick opertaors $158,929
20 Installation, maintenance, and repair helpers $35,351
21 Glaziers $41,583
22 Agricultural inspectors $52,455
23 Embalmers and funeral attendants $29,681
24 Correspondence clerks $50,434
25 Structural iron and steel workers $70,904
26 Transportation and distribution managers $54,796
27 Meeting, convention, and event planners $47,221
28 Vehicle and mobile equipment mechanics $31,652
29 Tire builders $45,525
30 Stonemasons, Brickmasons and block masons $52,637
31 Dietitians and nutritionists $49,886
32 Survey researchers $64,931
33 Pumping station operators $67,083
34 Structural metal fabricators $45,391
35 Ambulance drivers and attendants $30,258
36 Chemical processing machine operators $54,830
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In the above-mentioned jobs where they earn more than men, they have proved that they possess potentials higher than men, hence, women earn more. People who are unaware of the job fields where women leaders can read through and updated. There are many other fields too, finding other resources about the fame of women.