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15 Absolutely Sure Signs You Should Quit Your Job


For many people their work is worship, but in order for you to be completely devoted to what you do and give your one hundred percent at all times it is of paramount importance that you love what you do. If you love your job then the passion that you have will come shining through in any work that you submit to your seniors and bosses. Here are some of the sure signs you should quit your job as soon as possible so that you don’t end up having any regrets later on.

sure signs to quit jobSigns You Should Quit Your Job and Look for a New One:

1. Your job is incredibly monotonous:

There are many jobs which individuals enjoy doing, initially but over time there jobs become simply too much to handle. Monotony is one thing that most people cannot bear as it gives them a terrible sense of stagnation. So rather than being plagued with the feelings of deep regret later on it is always a much better option to hand in your resignation as soon as possible and seek employment in another office where the responsibility entrusted to you is something that delights you.

2. It is not something that you love doing:

Many people apply for jobs and if they bag it, they continue to go on with it as the idea of searching for a job all over again is something they do not find desirable. However something that everyone ought to realize is that the ultimate satisfaction or fulfillment is achieved by one when he or she opts for a career path where his or her true capabilities and strong points can come forth. Opt for a job which you love doing and success will surely come knocking on your door sooner than you know!

3. The work load is too much to handle:

Needless to say that most career oriented people are very ambitious and they strive to climb the ladder of success at any cost, however in life there are a number of things more important that money. It is very important to maintain a healthy work life balance otherwise in years to come an individual may feel like he or she has missed out on a very important aspect of life.

4. Your boss is very over bearing:

Almost all bosses have some negative trait or the other, however if you realize that your boss is just impossible to work with as he or she is very over bearing and daunting then you should not hesitate to quit your job and work in another company, where the boss is not as trying and considers you as an equal rather than a subordinate. No matter what your age, if your points are valid they should definitely be taken into consideration. Being steam rolled over by your boss is something you should never stand for.

5. There is a lot of unhealthy politics in your work place:

A little work place politics is not a big issue but there are times when things go out of hand and employees find that the atmosphere at work is practically repulsive. There are many companies where an individual or group wields an incredible amount of powers and end up calling the shots when in fact the company itself has entrusted him or her no responsibility. Dealing with such nonsense is certainly not part of your job description rather than being tense for no reason, it is better to simply quit!

6. No one listens to your ideas:

One of the sure signs you should definitely quit your job is when you realize that no one takes you seriously at work and there is no one who is willing to pay attention to the ideas which you are bringing to the table. Initially you might try and bring it to their notice however over time if you see that things are just not going to change then it would be best that you hand in your resignation as soon as possible and work at a company where you are heard and your ideas taken into consideration.

7. You are often bypassed when it comes to getting a promotion:

Promotions are something that everyone looks forward to over time as a validation and a testimony to the hard work that the individual has put into his or her service to the office. Being bypassed once or twice may be acceptable however if this is a recurrent thing and the company refuses to promote you when in fact no one except you deserve the promotion then you should most certainly quit ,You quitting will silently communicate to them that you are someone who will not be made a fool of.

8. No one appreciates your work:

Appreciations, from colleagues, seniors or even bosses are something that we all like. Being an unobtrusive worker is a good thing but there are times when unobtrusive workers are simply left behind because the seniors forget to take notice of them and focus on the outgoing workers. Being constantly over looked is something you should never take lying down and you ought to make a bold statement in response to such injustice by handing in your resignation.

9. The pay is too low for the amount of work you do:

In this day of expenditure everyone works to be paid and when pay is disproportionate to the amount of work done then employees tend to feel demoralized and dissatisfied. As opposed to the amount of work you do and the great responsibilities you carry out if you note that your pay is a pittance then you should surely quit. Money may not be everything, but companies underpaying employees is extremely unethical and should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

10. You think that there is another company which might help in advancing your career:

Sometimes though there may not be anything wrong with the job you have, but if you know that a job at another company might help you greatly in advancing your career then you should not waste time and hand in your resignation at the earliest .At the end of the day, it is of paramount importance that you be career oriented and focus on your own career graph rather than merely sticking on with a stagnant job that fails to offer you much.

11. The work hours are very long:

Working for long hours at a stretch is something that is bad for a number of different reasons, first and foremost is working so hard you miss out on a lot of social or family occasions. It is important in life to live a balanced life. Secondly working late hours daily takes a serious toll on one’s health. Rather than putting yourself through this you would certainly be better off quitting so that you are not in for any problems like stress, high blood pressure or even heart ailments.

12. There is favoritism shown towards some workers:

Nepotism is something that is absolutely detestable and rather than stopping so low to oiling and greasing seniors or bosses it is a much better option to hand in your resignation and leave with your dignity intact. Instead of resorting to such things you should always let your work speak for itself. If you submit quality work at all times you do not need to indulge in antics like this which are so incredibly unprofessional.

13. The atmosphere of the office is very negative:

Happiness at the workplace serves as the ultimate booster to any employee. Bosses must strive to ensure that their work place is one where employees are content so that they are able to bring out the best in themselves under all circumstances. A negative work place environment is something that definitely plays on the mind of workers and if you find that this negativity is taking a toll on you then it would be ideal for you to quit before it is too late.

14. The company is just not expanding:

Sometimes people continue to stick on with a small startup company owing to the fact that they hope that with time, effort and perseverance the company might gain some ground and become a success. However sometimes no matter how much effort is put in some companies just do not take off. Instead of wasting too much of your time on a dead end company you should see this as a sure sign that you should definitely quit your job and be associated with a bigger brand.

15. You do not get basic privileges:

One of the main reasons why most people hand in their resignations is because they note that they do not even enjoy the basic privileges which people in other companies take for granted. If your job does not grant you basic things like conveyance, medical insurance or even proper leave, then you ought not to stick around any longer.

These are some of the sure signs that you ought to quit your job because if you are not doing something which you love then over time your work will seem like a terrible load upon your shoulders. There are numerous reasons both personal or even professional why individuals choose to quit their job and at no point should you be forced to do a job which you do not enjoy doing. If you love your work, you job will excite you and you will look at each project given to you as a new adventure.