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Top 19 Signs You’d Make a Great News Reporter


Reporting as a job is very lucrative especially to those who love challenges and like to give some exercise to their mind on daily basis. Many things keep happening around the world and it is the duty of a reporter to keep his audience updated about the facts of the world. The field provides a lot of options in terms of choice and creativity. So let us find out what are the signs or skills that you must possess to become the greatest reporter of the world.

Great News Reporter Signs

Good News Reporter Signs:

1. You are good at listening:

Listening is one of the most important yet one of the most under-rated skills in the work field. It is very important for people to understand that for an effective communication to occur, it is very important that you must first be a good listener and it is of paramount importance to those who are aiming to work in the field involving human interaction on the daily basis. So if you have a great listening skill then you can opt for pursuing your career as a reporter in particular, and in any communication field in general.

2. Loves to write and write and write:

That’s right. Writing is one of the core aspects of reporting and so it is quite obvious that people working in it love writing as much as we love watching Netflix. So a natural appetite for writing articles and essays is essential and curiosity to learn about writing skills is necessary. If it happens to be so, that you are either a born writer who has won many medals in writing competition during earlier days or you have developed a liking for writing things, then you can consider reporting as a career.

3. Creativity is in the blood:

Most of the time a reporter needs to write articles which are original and at the same time very intuitive and captivating in nature. For such writing, a person needs to have creative skills which can help in writing articles of such nature. Although for most of the times reporters are busy in reflecting the day to day events but many times it is the job of the reporter to educate the audience about an idea or opinion which was never thought before. Alsoc creative writing gives you the right chance to show them these ideas.

4. People pleaser and making everyone happy around you:

That does not mean to flatter them anyway. People who are friendly and kind in nature are liked by everyone. The factor of likeability is very important if one wants to establish as a reporter as it may happen that many times they will be given chance to cover up important topic which others could have covered, all because your boss likes you more or the audience loves to watch you on the TV or like to read only those covers written by you. So make sure to learn how to make all, like you.

5. Knows all the ins and outs of making a deal:

Persuasion is at the heart of reporting if one truly wants to extract and reach to the depth of the scene. This trait is something which all great reporters are lacking nowadays, focusing on swallow topics which are hot and spicy but does not have any topic to concern about. If you have the urge to dwell yourself in the adventure of learning and revealing the dirty or sometimes disturbing truth behind some unknown stories, then reporting gives you ample amount of opportunity to do that.

6. Have guts to take your stance:

In the power driven world, it is usual for many mass media to favor statements that are agreeable to bigger parties as well as seeks to please the minds of the audience. In such a scenario, it is quite possible that your view on a matter may not be even considered or sometimes be misinterpreted to an extent that it can bring you under the bad impression. Therefore, it is very important to research the topic very well, give an evidence-based statement and take a stance to fight for what is true.

7. Handling work pressure like an expert:

Well, it may be difficult for you to guess as to whether you can work under the pressure or not but as a matter of fact the work of a reporter can sometimes be very demanding in its nature and you need to keep up with the pressure both internal and external in nature. If you are opting for reporting as a career then it would be wise to work as an intern to get the real picture about the working condition of a reporter and the hard work that undergoes in making a good and unbiased report.

8. Ready to work at any point of the time:

Reporters are ever hungered to cover a great news and news are ones that never come pre-told. So you need to be alert and be ready to work at any point of the time. You never know when you will be covering the greatest story of your job. It is due to the irregular nature of the job that many people are not able to keep up with the pace. Only those person who has the energy to beat all the odds can shine up in the clouds of difficulties.

9. Can handle emotions very well:

The job of the reporting can sometimes bring at such a point of time where you are barely yourself and all that you want is to spit out all of your rage and anger on someone. Or it may happen that you will come to certain life changing scenes that will change your view completely and can question your belief to its root causing various emotional changes, as a by-product of all these. So it is essential that you are able to keep your emotion under control and not to let it affect your rational part of the mind.

10. Needs to be objective about the situation:

Reporters hold a great amount of influence over their readers and thus it becomes very important for the reporters to differentiate between news and opinions. Any news or event coverage should ideally reflect the true situation and happen without committing the mistake of biased writing, whereas he or she is free to create an opinion in a creative writing but must be supported by evidence and facts and not just mere belief or faith. So objective writing is essential as a reporter.

11. Have lots of confidence:

Confidence is very essential skill set to have as in many situations it is your confidence that takes you to the next step of your goal. Especially when dealing with people it is very important that you project the confidence that will enchant the other person and win their trust and belief. It is the key to achieve success and it should always be reflected in your work and in your daily interaction. So if you feel that you are oozing out with confidence and loves writing, then you should look at it as a career choice.

12. Loves to be at the center of attraction:

Being a reporter has a perk that you will be in the limelight of the topic. If you are a writer of a reputed media house, then your opinion will carry even more weight and sometimes it can be the deciding factor. Where some people love it some feel it as uncomfortable situation and would very much try to avoid such situation whenever possible. So if you are one of those who does not fear to take the lead in every matter possible then reporting can be very favorable for you.

13. Time management is just like breathing:

To be at the top notch position it is essential to have the knowledge of managing time. Many successful people are successful because they know the art of managing and prioritizing their time. For a reporter, it is even more crucial to learn this cover art as it can be the deciding factor between getting fame and earning respect and being left out like other unknown reporters. Time management is one of the core aspects of life and one should respect our Lord Time and should make wise use of it.

14. Curious about current affair:

The obvious thing that all the reporter must possess is the habit of learning stuff and general curiosity to learn about current affairs and events that are happening in your surrounding. In general, one should also possess knowledge about one’s field of interest in all its aspect, from the beginning till the present so that he/she will be wiser in covering the report and can add useful insight while compiling a report. Also, it will boost one’s confidence in general.

15. Good at multi-tasking your life:

As you may understand that the job of a reporter demands a huge chunk of their time and so in order to create some personal space, it is important you must be comfortable with the idea of multi-tasking in your job and may be in your personal life too. Although it is generally a bad idea to multi-task those job which is similar in types as it divides your attention and decreases its effectiveness. You can experiment with those which will not damage your productivity and also save you some time.

16. Reading is your life:

Reading provides with such a vast variety of knowledge which one cannot get through any other source. For those who love reading will find that their writing skill is already at a great level and that they have wisdom and opinion on the various topic. If you are one of those who loves to read a lot then you will find yourself surrounded with lots of topics to discuss on and have an advantage over others in many subjects.

17. Have a good-damn cramming power:

Cramming power can serve as an asset when putting into good use. In some occasions, you may not have enough time to write down all the points in a paper and carry it all way around. So cramming can come up as a handy tool to your rescue. With the advent of modern technologies, it may seem little illogical and more revolting idea but you can find this trait in many of the top class reporters.

18. Have the patience to undergo through overhead processes:

By overhead, I mean with the proof-reading and editing process. Although they are essential steps for publishing a reporter, many people can find it daunting. But, for a good writer these steps are very crucial as they serves to correct his style of writing and can provide him with more insight about the topic and the art of presentation.

19. Competitive spirit:

Jobs in any media house can be very competitive and one must be ready to face such challenges. Shining as a star among the rest can be a difficult job as each one will have equal potential and have required set of skills to fill up for the vacancy. So you must be sure that you are ready to be in such an environment, manage your time, learn a new skill set, and come up as shining star crossing all the hurdles.

Career as a reporter can be very fun and challenging as it comes with its own set of hurdles which are unique and offers such variety that no field can ever give. With so many things to learn and know about it can be stressful sometimes to handle so much in such less amount of time. But, with the right mindset and an aptitude for writing and presenting the real face of our world, you can become a known face in the world of reporting.