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Scrum Master Interview Questions and Answers


Scrum is mentioned as the iterative framework for agile software development which is used for managing a product. The complete and accurate implementation of the scrum process is taken care of by the scrum master.

With values and benefits in mind, it is the duty of the scrum master to move the team towards the final stage. The main responsibility of the scrum master is to eradicate the barriers which are present between the customer and development and hence the customer can directly drive development.

They also assist the Customer in Maximizing ROI and meet their objectives through the scrum. Apart from this, they help empowerment and creativity which enhances the development team’s life. They enhance the development team’s productivity and engineering practices. In this article, we discussed some common scrum master interview questions.

Scrum master interview questions

What is Agile?

Agile can be mentioned as an iterative approach or a time boxed for delivery of software which is initiated from the start of the project, rather than submitting the project at once by the deadline.

The main intention of agile is to break the project completely into small bits based on their user functionality which is mentioned as user stories, then they are prioritized and delivered based on two-week cycle which is called as iterations.

They are an alternative approach to traditional project management which is utilized in software development. Agile teams are able to react to unpredictability by means of iterative measures, incremental mentioned as sprints. Agile methodologies are considered as an alternative to waterfall model.

There are abundant opportunities in agile development methodology as the direction of the project across software development cycle can be assessed. Sprints or interaction and regular cadences of work are utilized where the teams are responsible for presenting shippable increment of the product. The abbreviated work cycles and its repetition along with the functional product, agile are mentioned as iterative and incremental.

The aspect of the project can be right with only one chance in the waterfall model. When an agile paradigm is considered, each stage of development, design, requirements and more are revisited completely with the lifecycle.

When the project is re-evaluated and monitored for every two weeks, the teams stop and take their time to move in another direction. With this, the development has allowed for inspection and adapt as a result, which has led to a reduction of time for marketing and development cost.

Collecting requirements and developing software at the same time where the phenomenon is known as “analysis paralysis” is considered less likely to block the team from progress. Since two weeks is the limit for work cycle, the stakeholders gain the opportunity where releases are finely tuned for success.

With the help of agile development, right products are developed for the organizations. The beneficial factor of agile development is that the critical market relevance is maintained and there is never ending up of teamwork.

30 Second Agile Elevator Pitch:

In order to communicate the vision of the product, the elevator pitch is utilized. The elevator pitch is a memorable and convincing way to present your product to the influencer by the time it takes to ride in an elevator. The elevator pitch can be from 30 seconds to two minutes long.

The main intention of a 30-second agile elevator pitch is to make the influencer know more about an idea or product. By this way, the influencer would like to follow up and have a formal meeting. It is just the 30 second which the influencer decides if he likes your product or not.

It is hence a good suggestion to have an elevator pitch always rehearsed and ready at hand. Your pitch must be delivered in a manner they formulate interest in the influencer mind and allow for a follow-up. This is one way by which you gain a better opportunity to expand your vision and idea about the product to the influencer.

There are few vision statements that must be provided along with elevator pitch and a few of them are suggested below. A successful elevator pitch needs to answer the following questions to impress the influencer.

1. The product used and the idea?

The integral part of the mission statement is the product used. The vision statement is usually trying to sell the product or the idea behind it. Hence, make sure that the product or idea that you possess fulfills the target market presently.

2. Who you are?

What are you made up of is another question raised here? For example, if you were a testing professional do you possess testing experience with high-quality testing? Have you ever made use of varied testing tools experience to build one testing tool required by the tester? It is also important to think about the individual traits that you bring to the testing requirement product.

3. Identify the target market for your product

The clients who require your testing products must be identified initially. A simple example of clients who requires your requirement testing products would be project managers, testers, and ones who can make their chore simple with the features present in the tool.

4. What can be done for me?

The hook for the client must be identified. It can be a hassle or issue that the client is trying to solve. A simple example can be to think in a manner where the developed tool must be able to help the client or influencer in achieving his top goals. The client could be a CIO and could try to make the company agile.

Also, make a note if the requirement testing tool focuses on testing of the project with agile methodologies. The vision statement must be formulated by keeping the goals of the influencer in mind and hence more influencer would be interested in the product.

5. What is the idea of the product or USP?

There should be one unique aspect which keeps your product away from others. There should be some special feature which grabs other attention. There can be session-based exploratory testing in your requirement testing tool and the session based test can be utilized as the basis for the development of a full-blown plan for scripted test cycle. Projects which make use of agile methodology find it beneficial and hence the influencer would be grabbed by this idea.

6. Who are your prominent clients?

It isn’t a mistake if there is some name dropping in your list. You may possess branded 500 customers or a competitor to your clients. Your product would surely gain credibility when there are big name brands and competitors on the list. When a branded and successful organization makes use of your product then, it adds fame to your product.

Commonly asked Scrum Master Interview Questions:

The following mentioned are few scrum master interview questions and answers.They are

1. What are the beneficial factors of doing scrum?

The main advantages of doing scrum are during the testing session. When changes are made to the system, it minimizes the amount of risk. The rate of investment or ROI is enhanced and the process is continuously improved. The actual working software is what it looks for promptly. The real working software can be seen by anyone and enhanced for iteration.

2. What is the period of scrum cycle and who are involved in it?

Basically, the type of project is what decides the scrum cycle and period of it can be from 4 weeks to a month. The scrum cycle takes into account team, product owner and scrum master.

3. Can you mention the artifacts of Scrum process?

The artifacts in Scrum method or process include product backlog, burndown chart, sprint backlog, and velocity chart.

4. Do you know about user stories in a scrum?

It is usually a one sentence definition when user stories are considered and they are basically about features or functionality.

5. Mention about scrum print?

By means of series of the sprint, the scrum projects are developed. When scrum methodology is considered, they are regular and repeatable work cycle by means of which work is completed and made ready for review.

6. Do you know about the duration of sprint and the way it affects workflow?

The duration for sprint in 2 weeks or 30 days, when 2 weeks sprint is considered it is used for a number of reasons as it makes planning and implementation of work very easy and simple in just two weeks. The product owner also has opportunities to change the priorities as required and the team can adapt to the pressures that prevail in the market.

7. Mention when the scrum isn’t beneficial?

When 5 to 10 people are working, scrum is beneficial, as they are to achieve sprint goal. When there are big groups with enhanced responsibilities then scrum is not useful. Scrum can be used for big groups when groups are split into smaller groups and scrum can be followed.

8. Mention story point is scrum?

Every feature in scrum is considered as a story, the arbitrary measure that the scrum teams make use of is called story point. This is actually considered as the metric made use of by the agile teams in order to find out the toughness in achieving the story point.

9. Tell me the differences between iteration and sprint in a scrum?

Sprint is mainly used for defining iterative step or one development cycle in an agile method which is mentioned as scrum. Sprint is considered as scrum specific and all forms of interactions are not considered as scrums. Iteration is mentioned as a single development cycle in agile methods. It is also considered as a common term used in the incremental development process or iterative process.

10. What is the main aspect of conducting a sprint retrospective meeting?

The main intention of a sprint retrospective meeting is to allow team members to know the aspects that had been achieved during the sprint and also discuss few aspects regarding improvements for further sprints.

11. Mention what is shown in burnt down charts?

The sprint status is tracked by making use of burnt down charts, they are actually considered as early warning indicators and they also spotlight the decline in progress. The areas where they monitor redundancy is also highlighted.

12. Mention about planning poker or scrum poker?

In order to figure out the actual size of software development goals, the scrum poker or planning poker is used. It can also be mentioned as a means through which sprint item duration can be determined by making use of number card face down table play rather than speaking them aloud.

13. What are impediments and Sashimi?

The impediment is mentioned as a hindrance that is caused and the team members aren’t able to achieve their work. The analogous done is called Sashimi. When a specific task is defined as it is completed, it is Sashimi. The completed tasks status by teams is mentioned by this term and it may vary depending on the team. The term is the same within the same team.

14. What is velocity?

The capability of the team and its effort in a sprint is called velocity. The story points from all previous sprint stories are added in order to obtain the number. It is actually considered as a guideline for the story to understand the stories in a sprint.

15. What is increment?

The complete number of product backlog items completed at times of sprint and previous sprints is termed as an increment. The achievement of increment must be achieved in status at the end of sprints. Irrespective of the owners decision to release the product or not, it must be in reusable condition.

16. Scrum of scrum means?

The meeting conducted after daily scrum is called as scrum of scrum. Each team has a responsible person in their team who attends the meeting and discusses aspects such as the progress of the team after the previous meeting, goals to be achieved before next meeting, hassles faced while achieving the task, and allotting work to other teams.

17. Tell me the Disadvantages of the scrum?

The scrum master handles the tricky job where one needs to organize, plan and structure the projects that lack proper goals. Substantial resources and frequent reviews are required during daily scrum meeting. All team members should possess maturity and dedication for a successful project. There are more of rapid changes, the uncertainty of projects, and prompt product delivery during the scrum cycle. They require vital changes and dysfunctions are visible.

18. What are the components of Scrum burnt down chart?

The main aspects of scrum burnt down chart are working days displayed in the x-axis, remaining effort in Y axis, an effort which is recognized as a guideline, and progress of effort.

Final Words :

These are a few scrum interview questions that are to be covered when scrum and its interview is considered. Employees who desire to know more about scrum can run through the above points for a detailed and clear understanding.