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How to Deal with Sadness at Work: 13 Strategies


Looking happy at your workplace is a major challenge if you are dealing with sadness. The pretensions that you have to make can often become too much to bear. Sadness at work may be a result of your own personal problems or bad past.

The reasons that lead to sorrow and depression vary from person to person but the end result remains that people fail to stay happy at their workplace.

deal sadness at work

Sorrow eventually has an impact on the way you deal with people or tackle problems at your workplace. It could also lead one to a state of depression. If the causes of sorrow are not understood and erased at the right time, it may cause psychological problems that prevent you from working efficiently and progressing in your career.

Hence, it is vital that you cope with your sorrow and anxiety at the very beginning.

Work for a Younger Boss? Tips to Make it Work

Age is just a number“, is absolutely true.

You are never too old or too young to do anything, it is just your willpower and confidence that will help you fulfill what you wish for. The best example of this are younger bosses or leaders in organizations, who are in more numbers nowadays.

There are many companies which are lead by younger bosses and they are pretty much capable of running them successfully. Though it is not possible alone, a strong team comprising of the best of the workforce helps them deliver the best results together. As every coin has two sides, working with a younger boss also has its own pros and cons. Anger and stress are the two emotions that most of the employees working under a young boss would usually feel.

The only thing which the younger boss lacks is experience. Here comes the role of older employees working in the organization. Even if you are theoretically strong, a shield of experience can help to achieve the goals easily without facing any kind of hindrances.

Here are the top 5 ways to deal with a younger boss at work.

  1. Being respectful
  2. Get it ready
  3. Organize and manage everything
  4. Build your network
  5. Manage your requirements and expected end results

13 Best Ways to Overcome Sadness at Work:

Depression symptoms are easy to identify. There are a number of ways in which you can cope up with the situation. Some of them are mentioned below:-

1. Don’t put in a lot of effort to be happy:

Don’t try too hard to be happy. If you are delivering your work on time, no one is going to bother you. Apart from crying in the office, there are other ways of managing your sadness within the workplace.

You can write an email listing all the thoughts that come to your mind. Try not to hold any type of negative energy within your body. You may let it out to the person sitting next to you.

Sometimes sorrow in the workplace can be a result of the environment at the workplace. If you think some changes in the work environment can help to get rid of sorrow and grief from your and other officegoers minds, you should feel free to make these suggestions and feedback to the management. Any positive feedback will always be taken in the right light by the management.

2. Maintain your diet:

Cooking items is a tedious task to do when you are unhappy. So, prepare items that are simple to cook, but delicious. Having your favourite food can bring back memories of the best moments you had when you were younger.

Go for a simple omelette with toast or a number of mango jam sandwiches. This will provide you with enough energy and nutrition that you require. You will get enough energy to make eye contact and carry on with your work.

For many people, good food can help to relieve stress. If you are one of them, it is great idea to occasionally treat yourself to some good food. Desserts, sweet treats or simple toffees can also work miracles.

3. Prepare a self-care kit and carry it along with you:

Your bag will be heavy for a few days, but due to a valid reason. Carry a number of your favourite novels, aspirin and a few pouches of your favorite hot beverage. When you feel that you are finding it tough to get going, have a cup of tea or coffee to get back to spirits.

These days, it is easy to get hold of instant herbal teas and interesting free e-books. These are usually the best ways to relieve stress. If you have a habit of reading, it can help to relieve your stress effectively.

4. Use audiobooks:

This is one of the best ways to avoid taking to bother some people. Start listening to a motivating poem or story. If you find that you are losing focus, turn it off, but keep the plugs within your ears. Your co-workers will think you are listening and they won’t disturb you.

Some good music or even instruments can help to rejuvenate. The soothing flute is an ideal choice of music when you are upset.

5. Stay away from inquisitive co-workers:

Maintain a distance from talkative people who demand your time and attention to what they are saying. You can utilize email to avoid face to face conversations. While regular conversations are important, very often conversations bring along with them unnecessary worries.

There are workers and employees who are eager and curious about most happenings in the workplace. They can actually make every little incident appear like a disaster with their skills of exaggeration.

Your signs of depression act like fuel to them. You need to strictly stay away from such people if you wish to avoid worry, sadness and be happy while at the workplace.

6. Do productive spurts of 30 minutes:

You have little energy to do work as most of it is being used to find out what’s happening in your life. Break your work schedule into 30-minute blocks to maintain productivity. After each block, take a walk or go out for refreshment. It will help you to clear your head. There are many benefits associated with this approach.

7. Stay at your desk:

Rather than joining your colleagues for lunch, stay away. If you are in a really morose mood, discussing the issues will sometime worsen the situation. You can eat at your desk to control your sadness. But be ready to try out solutions that come to your mind. Don’t suppress them, as they get you the answers that you are looking for.

If there are problems lurking in your mind that do not have instant solutions, it is best to distract your mind from such problems. This will help you recover from deep sadness. You may have an interesting picture at your desk or a nice artifact that makes your mind wander in artistic planes. If you enjoy solving puzzles or the Rubix cube, it is a good idea to have it at your desk. It not just distracts your mind but also sharpens it.

8. Get a breath of fresh air:

Go out of the office. If having lunch at your workstation doesn’t work out, then go outside to get exposed to some fresh air and get vitamin D naturally. Vitamin D acts as a natural mood booster, and all you need is a short while under the sun.  It will soothe your nerves and make you feel at home and keep you away from sad feelings.

The modern work life takes people away from nature but the fact remains that the nature around us is the best doctor. It has cure to the greatest sorrows of the world. When you feel depression and anxiety, all you need is a gasp of fresh air.

9. Spend some time in the washroom:

Go to the washroom to rest for a while. Though this not the most peaceful place, it is suitable for introspection. Take a deep breath and feel your sadness. Then, let it out.

Wash your face at regular intervals. This is a habit that ensures that your skin remains clean and your mind stays fresh. Gulp a glass of water when you feel stressed. Water can work wonders when you are extremely stressed.

10. Boost Your Confidence:

Most often, the problems of daily life can easily be dealt with if you are confident. Most individuals who lack confidence, who are dealing with grief and fail to tackle situations head on get stressed and worked up. These are individuals who get sad, sorry and depressed and this eventually affects their work life.

Make sure you have the courage to do what is right and question what is wrong. If you have suggestions and improvements in mind, bring them to action. When you know you have done what you should, there is never scope for sorrow or regret.

11. Learn To Communicate Effectively:

There are individuals who have confidence and the courage to take the right action but are unable to convey properly. This is a problem often faced by individuals who lack language proficiency. Thus, it is vital that you communicate effectively.

If you have stage fear, practice in front of the mirror to get rid of the fear. If you think you are not proficient in a language, opt for crash courses and online courses. These will ensure that you improve your communication skills in a jiffy.

12. Look out for help:

If you feel the pain is overbearing, ask a trusted colleague for help. You can exchange his projects with your own. Work on small, manageable projects and use the free time to focus on tasks that are less demanding.

Sometimes, if the profession is such that it doesn’t match your taste, you may not be able to enjoy the work. If that is the case, you must consider changing the field. A new beginning may not be easy but it is always better to switch early than to regret later.

13. Bullying or Bias:

Sometimes, sadness at work could be a result of the workplace environment and injustice. If someone is bullying you in the workplace, you need to inform the management regarding the same. If you think there is a bias that is preventing you from growing in the profession, it is wise to look for alternatives where you think there are chances of growth.

Conclusion :

You must always find some way or the other to tackle sadness at work. If left as it is, sorrow and depression can slowly hamper your personal and family life too. Hence, sorrow is best tackled using any of the above-mentioned methods.