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How to Know you are on the Right Path: 11 Awesome Tips


The path with no hurdles, stones, and pit holes is exactly not the right path for you because of the simple and realistic reason that these barriers are the one, which make you fall though but also teaches you how to get up after a high fall. This kind of path teaches you the correct values and rules of working and so on. Failing in one plan does not mean you are a looser on the whole, it simply means you are on the right track as you are learning with every stepping stone and making the best out of it.

you are on right pathBeing on the right path is of utmost importance and indeed the demand of present era. Deciding and then knowing whether you are on the right track or no is important because only this will decide your future and will even affect to larger extent. So to know the right path and to follow it there are some of the points that one should keep in mind.

Tips to Know you are on the Right Path:

1. Having no self- doubt:

You are given a task in office and if you are doubtful about it that you may fail to handle it well, that is what stopping you from moving ahead and if it is really so, then you are certainly not on the right track. Self-doubt is the biggest enemy for succeeding in life. When you do something your gut tells you to do, then you are doing all right. Every time you do not need to give a perfect outcome, you need not figure out the best because if you feel good of what you are doing then you are at perfect track. Being confident and working without any second thought in mind is the best thing to do.

Confidence level in you is the medicine while the doubt is the disease and the medicine is what beats the disease permanently not letting it arrive again. Therefore, if you have confidence in yourself, and working with a bit of it, then you are upright.

2. Are you enjoying what you are doing?

This is the next query you must ask yourself. You are asked to prepare a power point presentation but you making it with faces and by frowning then it is evidently not your definite path. You yell while getting up early, you spend your time watching your timepiece repeatedly in office, waiting for when you will have vacations, you are insisted doing work, then these are the clear signs of you not being on the apt place. You are not working according to your plans, everything is moving upside down and not following your destination or your goal. But if you are enjoying the work, love getting up early, are following your inner voice then it means you are going right dude!

3. Feeling on the top of the game:

Here the game is not of Mario or car racing, it is about the career game. You feel being on the cloud nine while working. Hey! You are tracking the right path. Congratulations. Happy faces, accepting all the work with smile, getting involved in the projects assigned to you, you use your imagination and try bringing novelty in the work, completing and accepting the work even though it is scary enough, then it is aptly the thing that can tell you that you are right. All the positive vibes within you are good sign of you being at awesome place and the time is right. Your time will be right only when you feel good from inside and this will happen only if you work according to your will.

4. The present situation at work is costing you your energy or power:

You are working against your will of working. This means you are wasting your power on something with zero percent results. When your power and energy is at stake, it means you are costing your energy. This is not a positive sign of being at right track. You feel tired after work, ok tired is fine but if drained, then you need to quit the work you are indulged in. Give that task a red flag and move ahead, find something, which gives you positivity, gives you happiness and surely, you do not feel like wasting your energy and power for the same.

5. Are you confused of where is your life heading?

Confusion is the root of all problems. You are out of your mind and out of your sight and not understanding where actually is your life going, you are working but feeling like dead and with zero energy after whole lot of work. You are going against the wind. To know you are going with the flow is vital to know as if you are not going along with the waves, then you are surely drowning. Be sure and avoid the situation of confusion in your life because a clear mind is enough to follow the clear and the right path. Going office and then from office to home, if only this is the routine, no enjoyment is there, this is what shows everything is upside down. You are not living according to your terms, wishes and certainly, you are not receiving happiness. This is wrong and shows that you are heading to wrong place.

6. Compromising incidentally is not be fooling yourself:

You are given a task, you say alright, it will be done, without feeling drained or depleted, then you are right and following the right career, but if you get exhausted, your brain gets washed after a day’s work, then you are just betraying yourself. The choice you make in life either will enhance your spirit or will let you down. So, try to make choices that boost your confidence, your spirit instead of letting you feel low while you work. The people who are able to find their inner self are able to navigate through difficult waters of life. They easily quit the job that goes against their interest and make their path easy ahead.

7. Determine the first step and move ahead with the next:

Taking a next step is appreciated only when you have a determined first step. The people who has determined initial step, they are surely on the right path and if you find yourself getting astray from your path every time, it indicates that you are going wrong. For the same you must not take yourself for granted instead focus and concentrate on what you do. Remember not to be hard on yourself. Stop attacking yourself, as it is not at all productive. Never get down on yourself just because you took the wrong track, it happens with all and you are not the only one. So stop harming yourself. Boost yourself and develop your confidence level.

8. When asleep, you feel accomplished:

Woo, it is a good signal people. You are not tensed at all even if you know you have lot of work for the next day. This is an achievement for you. You are absolutely going right. Having done all the work, you realize that your day was perfect, and then it is absolutely the good sign for you.

9. Excitement raise you early in the morning:

People in general yell while getting early but if your work excites you so much and you get up early of your own, then nothing is better than this. This is a green signal towards what you are doing. Continue with this and you will rise in your work. This is also one of the signals that show you are moving on the right path. This kind of attitude towards life as well as work is the best way to proceed in life.

10. You have fun:

Working gives you immense pleasure and you have bounty of fun with your task. You do not frown and neither have you acted silly, sissy and angry over the loaded work if given to you. You are able to handle the work well, and then it is very good. It is also one of the points, which tells you crystal clearly that you are going well. So keep with the same work and continue it for long because such type of work and career is hard to get and even harder to get settle in life with such satisfaction.

11. Listening to the advice but not following it:

When you start turning a deaf ear towards others advice, then it clearly shows, what you have chosen is apt and on the track. It shows confidence in you. You enjoy listening to advices but working on what your mind says. You take the suit and leave behind the rest. You do not follow people fickle mindedly, is the best thing. Just move with what you are doing because you are probably following the track with the right flow.

So, follow the above steps and compare to know whether you are walking on the right path or not.