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Is the Resume Dead? Analysis on Web Based Resume


Some experts believe that the resume is dead while some others are of the thought for a few critical reasons the resume may still be the best way of telling your story. Let us analyze in this article if the resume practice is actually dead?

is the resume deadIs the Resume Dead?

Now how do we understand this idiom, as it says ‘Is the resume dead’? and how the web based resumes are taking over the internet in the 21st century.

The confusion here is how can something that is non-living die? So basically, here we are taking about how the practice of producing resumes during an interview is no more a hit.

The growing industries are mostly researching on the internet for the right kind of resource or talent which will best suit their interest.

Not just the Industry but every customer or client who wants to buy or is making an investment, will judge several times and get adequate information or facts right.

So in this process what one should realize is that, resumes don’t provide complete information about a certain profile.

So, most recruiters scrutinize a job applicant through various other online web based forums, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and Instagram profiles.

In some cases, mostly for media jobs, recruiters also look into personal web pages or blogs; if you are an artist then may be your uploaded video or audio performances.

What are Recruiters Looking For?

Most recruiters are keen on observing how the candidate has leveraged existing technology to make up for the dead resumes. There is information and data provide for every single search-click.

We all know, there is more than enough competition in every field, name it Art, Science, History, Commerce, and many. So there is tremendous information on the internet and scope for everybody to search and learn. It can be learning, trading in business, finding jobs and more.

Can we make better use of information on the net to search for jobs or search for right candidates?

3 Ways to Apply for a Job:

1. Networking:

Employers or job providers are all out there in the market. But how do you recognize? One needs to network sufficiently to understand the needs of the market. Communicating and socializing professionally helps one realize the situation of jobs at hand.

So, instead of following the conventional way of applying through resumes and relaxing, it takes a bit more of an effort to make way. Because there is no other media that works faster, better and efficiently than the method of word of mouth.

This is the best way to find a job because people like to do business with those who they are familiar with. Secondly, job listings will only pile up applicants list.

Lastly, sometimes the job you may be searching for may not be listed at all. Hence networking is a really strong tool, be sure to make use of this.

2. Web tools:

Second most important thing to do is to make use of all the web tools available. Recruiters always perform their background verification process and in the process will look into all your social profiles.

Firstly, make sure you have the most updated profiles. Second, the profile should look strong and discuss your positive attributes mostly. These platforms are nothing but providing the inside look of your life and is a way of validating your resume credentials. In today’s era any social networking site is important.

Be it Facebook or Twitter, may be even LinkedIn. It pays to think outside of the box. You could come up with something like, making a short film about yourself and posting it on YouTube, which is yet another media forum. The same can be made to look even more interesting with the number of views your short film has got.

So make sure many people have seen it and have liked it too. This impresses the recruiters immensely.

3. Relationship Economy:

Integrating the above two points we arrive at something known as the relationship economy.

To understand this better let me ask you a few questions does the economy or the market share something in common with your interests?

How does a firm relate to you? Would you be relevant to the jobs that are booming right now? So apart from networking yourself to the best and maximizing the available web tools, we must also understand the nature of the market.

What is the prevailing demand? Hence one needs to create a certain kind of relationship with the on goings.

But how? By making use of the above illustrated attributes. Here is a detailed process. One needs to ensure his or her professional life is in sync with the market needs. Post this, networking is the next big important aspect. Speaking to people and marketing you.

In this process one gets a firm idea as to what are the job prospects, expectations from firms and the chances that you may stand to find a challenging job.

Next, to prove your credentials, detain authentic data on your web portals, be sure to update the same regularly and have as many people to vouch for you. This way, one is sure to find a creative or a challenging job.

This is the demanding result of a growing globalization and increasing talent found within.

Just like ‘technology is changing’, the ‘system’ in which we are living is changing too. This means, we are living in a technologically driven lifestyle and the generations to come must adopt this methodology.


In today’s era with the above points established, one can come to consensus that the resume is definitely dead.

The traditional outlook of a resume is now given a new look, in the form of a digital dimension. That is, out with the age old resumes and in with the new exciting technological bios. The above tips should definitely yield positive and quantitative results.

Readers are welcome to give in their feedback or constructively criticize the above. If you all want to add more to this article feel free to do so.

Reviewing and pointing out to new facts is most welcome. With this thought I would like to wish all our job aspirers the very best.