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22 Tips and Survival Strategies for Sleeping on a Red Eye Flight


Everyone has been there, booked on the anxiety filled overnight flight, with a person expecting you to roll into for work the following morning and then fulfill things.

If you are a conqueror of vertical sleeper, in that case overnight flights are crafted for you.

To the others, the red eye flight is equal to misery. So, here are few best sleep aids for flying.

What is a Red Eye Flight?

Red eye flights are common with business travelers seeking to make a city-to-city sprint without dropping a workday.

Taking the additional time to get ready will make late-night travel much less of an irritation.

Take benefits of lower fares and vacant planes by turning a red eye flight travel an event you enjoy and not be anxious about.

sleeping on red eye flightsExchange a bed for an airplane seat is grave comforts demote, but the following tips will help you survive your subsequent red-eye experience and disembark more well-relaxed and operative.

Best Sleep Aid for Flying To Avoid Red Eye Flight:

The following mentioned are few air travel tips on how to sleep on a plane and things to do on a plane and tips to follow when taking a red eye flight.

1. Reserve the late night red-eye:

If feasible, get the last flight out of town. If you have made the mistake of departing at 9:30pm and taking off an hour prior to your usual bedtime, it causes to be pretty difficult to get to sleep.

In contrast, if you leave at 11 or 12 when you are extra worn out, you are a lot more likely to pass out the moment you snug up in your less spacious seat.

2. Strategize before picking seats:

For most of the all night flyers, the window seat is the best bet in the struggle for a bit of sleep.

Unless you are possibly to move up numerous times during the night, for which situation, fix yourself and your fellow travelers a help and reserve the aisle.

However you will locate the nearest estimate of contentment in the window seat.

3. Avoid choosing front rows or the last rows:

There are lots of noises from the galley throughout the night. The flight attendants perform their best to get the noise down however the galley is their office and on red-eye flights there happens plenty of gossips and laughter approaching from the galley.

You should avoid complaining, just choose seats wisely!

4. Avoid seats ahead of the exit row:

The seats exactly in front of the exit row do not stretch out. There is not anything one can do, particularly if the flight is packed.

Even be conscious that the exit row window seat will not recline if near is another exit row right at the rear of it. This wrecks more sleep experiences.

5. Preclude connections:

Another thing what is worse than struggling to acquire some sufficient sleep on an overnight flight is striving to obtain some adequate sleep on two overnight flights with a late-night link in between.

And though links are at times inevitable, if you can reserve a nonstop red eye straight from your departure city to your destination, you will be considerably more contented.

6. Put on comfy clothes:

It is not suggested; that you wear a pajama and have to walk ashamed in the airport approaching to catch your red eye, however selecting a flight attire assembled around coziness will work far off in facilitating you sleep as soon as you are onboard.

It is recommended to wear clothing that is loose fit finished with breathable materials. And the moment you are airborne, remove your shoes to optimize comfort.

7. Wear a hoodie:

To mention this in a different point from “dressing comfortably” is for a reason.

The hardest part about sleeping in an airplane seat is the trouble of trying to fathom where to rest hands when you sleep. That becomes the beauty of a hoodie along with pouches.

It is the ideal place to rest your hands without them continuously scuffling around, and you can always pull up the “hoodie” to increase a little of additional cushioning while resting your head.

8. Be prepared:

Being ready to sleep on a red eye implies a little somewhat different for every flyer, but ordinarily your prep gear must comprise of an eye mask for concealing your eyes from any brightness, earplugs to silence any surrounding cabin racket, and balmy socks to force away the chill.

9. Spend on a pillow:

While there are pillows to be appropriate for the needs of back, your body’s sides, or stomach sleepers, there are journey pillows for each manner of flight sleeper.

Typical U-shaped pillows are fit for travelers who sleep without problems on airplanes and have no neck issues.

The rectangle Travelrest pillows are apt for side nappers. Prior to boarding choose from the variety of types of pillows which best suits your needs.

10. Carry a blanket:

The airplane habitually turns into a refrigerator 20 minutes into the flight. A spare scarf or warm woolly sweater is the tactic to go for.

Unless you fly Business Class on a frequent basis, you may need to invest in a good travel blanket prepared of micro fleece or cashmere blanket.

Airlines biting charges means you are fortunate if you obtain a cheap pashmina twin at best to wrap up.

11. Close the window shade:

This obstruct out the sun which will arise at your destination. This is if you don’t wish to burn your retina as you have not put on an eye mask.

This lets travelers to rest right up until the crew turns on the bright lights and awakens you up prior to landing.

12. Control hydration:

The entire health and travel specialist publicize onboard hydration, however if sleep is a necessity on a red eye, you might really need to control your fluid ingestion for a couple of hours in advance to the flight.

In the end, if you are going to need to work excessively hard to doze off sitting up, the very last thing you will wish is to be waking up past an hour of sleeping to visit the lavatory.

Just ensure to down more water near the landing of the flight, as dehydration impairs the signs of jet lag.

13. Medication:

Travelers are mostly confused regarding whether medicating for sleeping on a plane or flight is a worthy scheme or a bad one, however practically, there are many people who just can’t be asleep on plane without a tad of help.

Well known alternatives extend from real sleeping tablets to prescriptions that contain sleepiness as a side effect. There are ample of natural or homeopathic options also.

Doesn’t matter what you pick, it’s always good to know well earlier how can the medication affect you.

14. Keep a check on the basics:

If you are stern on sleeping, you will need to create the feeling even prior to you boarding the plane.

Steer clear of equally caffeine or alcohol prior to flying, and have a light and stable food. Just prior to boarding, strive to reconstruct at least some elements of your normal bedtime routine.

Rinse your face and clean your mouth, above just performing good sanitation routines, these deeds will indicate your body that it is time to go to sleep.

15. Wear out before boarding:

If you are a night owl, you might not be exhausted when you board a redeye at 10pm. However that becomes simple enough to counter.

You can settle on to stay up all night, the night before, if you can be productive, it may not be a bad idea, or otherwise only limit your sleep and wake up early that respective morning. Red eyes are very less troublesome when you really got to sleep on them.

16. Make it evident you are not up for a chat:

Chatty seatmates and unrelenting flight attendants are the worst on a red eye. Put on your noise-terminating headphones and a sleeping mask, to establish that you are not looking for chats or extra chips.

That mask can make you appear like an idiot, but consider this as an idiot no one will bother!

Plus, as it compels you to keep your eyes shut through the incalculable mid-flight wake-ups you will not suffer, you are more possibly to fall asleep quickly.

17. Carry less load:

If you carry two huge baggages, one of those can end up below your feet, restraining your legroom and creating it harder to sleep.

Instead, pack less heavily so you will be able to put in all into one bag. Keep some small necessities close to the top of the bag, a book or magazine, a bottle of water or a snack.

Before storing your bag in the overhead compartment, take out the essential items that you will require throughout the flight.

18. Be courteous while reclining:

All have the same idea about night time and seats will inevitably tip backward shortly in your flight.

But, you must at all time look behind you to ensure the coast is free in advance to pushing the button to position your seat back.

It provides the person behind you an indication in case they are having coffee ahead of them or if their head is down on the tray table.

19. Ensure you won’t be interrupted:

Notify your flight attendant that you wish to sleep and that way he or she will be aware to not to disturb you as the drink or snack cart arrives around.

If you are beneath a blanket, make sure your seat belt is buckled over the top of it, thus the belt is visible always.

20. Backup plan:

There are for all time those flights that are only difficult. You may have a baby crying, you may not be feeling well, and if there might not be a potential to fall asleep that may really drive you crazy.

In case of insomnia or other issues that stops you from sleeping, carry a loaded movie or book to focus on, it will surely cause you to fall asleep anyway, but it will facilitate you to feel less frantic if the entire sleep thing isn’t just happening.

21. Stop focusing on the watch:

Your flight might feel longer if you are straining concerning how little sleep you have acquired.

Hold back yourself to your condition and do the best you can, without tracing your success in sleep.

If you feel so disturbed turn on your alarm according to your destinations time zone to wake on time, this will surely help you become carefree of the time and focus on the task at hand which is sleeping.

22. Listen to calming music:

Music is an effective distraction. If you find yourself nagging to yourself about how little sleep you acquired then it’s good to be listening to music to calm your senses and be distracted from the situation.

Listen to anything that is soothing and preferably memorable. Hopefully your mind begins wondering and then the next thing you know, you are landing.


Going all the way through the flight is just the first difficulty in the red eye challenge; you will even now require making it through the entire next day.

Upon waking, ensure to down ample of water, and attempt to gorge a balanced breakfast at the suitable hour in your destination’s time zone.

A little of caffeine may help you survive the day, but relying on it very profoundly or drinking it very late in the day may shake off your next night’s sleep, which you without doubt don’t wish to do.

And the moment you land, make sure to render yourself to a lot of natural light to indicate to your body that, yes, it actually is daytime. Thus, have a happy journey!