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10 Qualities to Look for in a High-Performing BD Professional


Business development professionals are some of those people in the business world who work under extreme pressure and deadlines because of the nature of the job they do.

A successful business development professional ensures good results, but when it comes to hiring high-performing business development professionals there are chances of mistakes which leave a long-lasting effect on the business.

There are some well-tested qualities to look for in a high-performing business development professional which ensures the best results and better long-term outcomes.

Business Development Professional

Business Development Professional:

Business development professionals are those people who work with a company or an organization to pursue long-term growth of the market, customers, and relationships.

The Business development professional’s job may look simple which includes finding a new client, establishing long term profitable relationship and growth, but the job is much more tedious than what it looks on the front.

A successful business development professionals need skills, patience, and strategies to fulfill the job that demands more and more as well as to deliver expected results.

A good business development professional can bring difference, but the main focus is hiring the right person for the job. There are people out there who say that they are qualified and talented enough to do the job, but a high-performing business development professional is more than that.

What a Business Development Professional Does?

The job of business development professionals may look straight forward where they make strategies, find customers to sell and create long-lasting relationships that benefit the business in the long term but the job is much deeper than what it looks like on the outside.

Essentially, business advancement requires an exceptional mix of abilities to guarantee that the esteem you get from an open door endures for the whole deal.

The three main tasks of business development professional are to make strategies, increase sales and create a long term beneficial relationship.


How would it be a good idea for you to approach an open door? How would you know which way is better and which way may fool you? Because an open door in front of you doesn’t mean it is the right one or the door you are choosing is the best option.

A business development professional understands the fundamental drivers of your business, clients, and partners and makes strategies to ensure that only the best open door is chosen to make the long term succession plans. Strategies making is the core job of business development professionals.


Whether you’re offering an item or the possibility of an organization, practically every business development part has some component of offers.

The way toward exploring through an association, recognizing chiefs and revealing their neglected needs, and compactly showing the estimation of what you can offer are center deal abilities required whether you’re offering an item, administration, or organization.

Relationship Management:

Relationships always play a crucial role in business development because the business network is one of the best ways to decide whether the business is successful or not.

Business development requires not just having a far-reaching system to help you encourage an arrangement, additionally a profound comprehension of how to construct and keep up new connections to influence them when required.

A business development professional works on relationship management and understand that associations with accomplices, clients, partners, and even the media.

Characteristics and Qualities of Highly Successful Business Development Managers:

High-performing business development professionals have some qualities and traits that are common among them because the road of success goes through the same way.

When it comes to hiring a business development professional, most organizations and business want high- performing business development professionals to ensure the best results simply because a great business development professional can make some great changes that help business in the long term.

Qualities to look for in a high-performing business development professional are.

1. Understand the market:

A good understanding of the market and how people want to buy and sell is what makes a good business development professional. A Market is a crucial place where changes are constant and need watchful eyes to success.

Business development professionals can function only when they know how the market works and what the demand of the markets are.

A company can never sell products in the market if there is no demand for the product, similarly, no purchasing is possible if the people are not interested in the product.

Business development professionals focus on the mood of the market and what are the condition of demand and supply so that planning can be done accordingly.

Understanding of the market also helps in making future strategies and spreading the network, according to need and a high-performing business development professionals understand that very well.

2. Negotiation skills:

Negotiation skills are another quality of high performing business development professional.

Business development professionals play a key role in setting new business relationships, strategies, and planning and they also play part in the negotiation because no business deal is done without a good negotiation.

They understand the need of the buyer and know what the seller is offering whether it is goods, share or a potential deal and negotiate an offer that best suited for both the parties.

Business development professionals understand the need for their employer and what they want and the need for another party and how to pursue them to make a deal out of it.

So the negotiation skills are very important for a business development professional because they spend half of their time in cracking new business deal.

3. A Good planner:

A high performing business development professional should possess the quality of a good planner because a business development professional can never be good enough without good planning skills.

A business development professional does lots of planning in their career, which includes profits of their employer, but they must know how to do strategic planning and planning, in general, doing the task.

Good planner plays a very important role in business development because today’s plans are the reality of tomorrow and if you can’t plan today you will never have it in the future. So a good business development professional must have the quality of a good planner.

4. Set goals and reach them:

A high-performing business development professional always makes good plans, sets goals and does anything to reach them.

Setting goals and reaching them is one of the important qualities of high-performing business development because without goal no plan can work and can never have what they want at the end.

Business is a venture that depends on the good plans and execution of these plans and the plans depend on the goals, so ultimately setting a goal and achieving it what makes a business successful.

Business development professionals know the importance of goals and make strategies to reach them within the time and limit because in business even the minor issue can create a big buzz.

5. Knows the business inside out:

Can you imagine a business development professional without the knowledge of the business? Or A plan for a business without the knowledge of the business?

No, because to make a successful plan you should know the business you are planning for, and to be a high-performing business development professional, you should know the inside out of the business.

A business development professional without the understanding of the business is like a cricketer playing football. Business development professionals only function when they have a proper understanding of the business they are working.

A high-performing business development professional always works hard on understanding the business and the requirement of the business.

6. Curious:

A high-performing business development professional is always curious to know more, to learn more, and to understand the situation accurately. Business development professionals never sit ideal in any situations; they have lots of things to do, to learn and to plan.

A high-performing business professional is always on the phone to spread the network, on the laptop to study latest strategies or making plans for the future endeavors for the company.

Curiosity is a quality that a high-performing business development professional must possess because the job demands very high from the professionals and they cannot work under the pressure if they are not curious enough to learn more and understand.

7. Highly motivated:

The job of business development professionals is always on the radar, they constantly have to work under great pressure because of the nature of the job.

The decisions of business development professionals always have a greater impact and results are always in the future, but what makes them work constantly under the pressure and thrive for more? It is motivation.

A business development professional can never be successful if the motivation is not there to keep them on the track.

Highly motivated business development professionals are always successful because the motivation work as driven force and they work well even under greater pressure.

Motivation can come from anything like success, promotion, love for the job, etc., but it always works in favor of the professionals.

8. Discipline and punctuality:

Discipline and punctuality are two important parts of the successful business, but the most important part of high-performing business development professionals. Commitment, punctuality, and discipline play a very important role in the overall success.

For example, a deal is cracked by a business development professional which is good for company’s current conditions and will do well in future business relationships, but the business development professional is not punctual enough to make all the arrangements at the time or not disciplined enough to take full responsibility, what will happen?

The deal is going to go into the waste and company reputation going to take a huge blow as well as bad publicity. So discipline and punctuality are the important qualities of a business development professional.

9. Ask great questions:

A great question always leads to a great answer, which is what exactly needed by a high performing business professional.

Ability to ask a great question is one of the important qualities of a high-performing business development professional because they know a great question will give them the answers they are looking for in the first place.

By asking the great question also helps in maintaining great communication and business development professional must know how to hold a good productive communication without seems offending.

People often misunderstood communication skills to ask a good question, but asking a good question is different from having a good conversation because a conversation can be fruitless but good questioning always give some results to work on.

10. Attitude:

The right attitude is very important for a high-performing business development professional because their attitude reflects in their work and if they are not happy with their job and work then they will never prove beneficial for the company.

Positive attitude and outlook are one of the important qualities of high-performing business development professionals; because when they have a positive attitude and outlook they are more productive and create a healthy environment for the relationships to develop and strategies to form.

A positive attitude is also necessary to maintain a healthier environment for the work because negative always leave a bad impact on the work. So always look for a positive attitude in a high-performing business development professionals.


A high performing business development professional is very important for the business nowadays because there are so many things which can only be concluded by a professional.

A professional outlook helps in creating a relationship that helps in the long run and making actually profitable strategies.

In this article, we had discussed the qualities to look for in a high-performing business development professional and hope this article helps in looking a right person for the job because the job is highly demanding and professionals work under very high pressure constantly.