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Top 12 Jobs for Psychopaths in the World


Did u hear about psychopaths and jobs for psychopaths anytime yet?

If you have been influenced in a workplace for a long time, then you must have come across a psychopath? In reality they aren’t axe murderers or serious killers, but some psychopaths are violent. It is true that psychopaths are usually charming, but is emotionally hardened and self-serving when watched closely.

Psychopathic disorder is usually a personality disorder which is qualified with lacking empathy, shallow emotions, tolerance, stress, superficial character, they lack guilt, they possess anti-social behavior and adapted to parasitic lifestyle as well as criminality.

Let’s glimpse through careers which has the most psychopaths in the workplace. There are many in number, but shockingly the most beloved political leaders aren’t the beginning one.

Careers with most psychopaths

List of Jobs for Psychopaths in the Workplace:

Here are few most common professions where you can find psychopathic behavior personalities.

1. CEO:

The corporate dictionary, usually filled with blood thirsty metaphors, business here is seen as a competitive industry where those who succeed are sharks who keep shooting down. The fact is that almost all CEO’s are lovely, but many studies suggest that 4% of them are CEO psychopaths. As entrepreneurs they lead and succeed in business as fearless, risk seeking and impulsive natured people. The author of a journey through the madness industry by Jon Ronson states that psychopathy is marked by means of lacking personal accountability, remorse as well as empathy which lead to heady behavior which leaves corporate mass savage awake. Do you wish to know the top tagged psychopaths in the workplace? They are world com’s Bernie Ebbers, Andrew Fastow and Jeff Skilling. The top psychopath is Dunlap as he lays off 11000 employees for Wall Street later and has boosted stocks to about 225%.

2. Lawyers:

It is a stamped truth that lawyers are tagged psychopaths. It is usually believed that they are cheats, liars, bereaved of morals and preoccupied with profits all the time. The public defender gets rich by means of billing for his hours, and there are many such JD’s. By this way lawyers are marked second in the list of psychopaths in the workplace. Lawyers turn the lie without their conscience as mentioned by Oxford psychologist Kevin Dutton.

3. Media:

The media comes to the third position when psychopaths in the workplace are considered. Media takes into account both radio and television which falls under no-brainer category. It is never necessary that the person who might consider herself important to be exposed by all other people, if so the person can possess some narcissistic tendency. For personalities who aren’t high on familiarity in media may possess psychopathic personality which makes them important and expose all people towards them.

4. Sales person:

The upcoming careers with psychopathic personalities are the sales persons. John Clarke author of “how to identify and protect yourself from workplace psychopath” mentions that a psychopath in a sales team is a real asset. Psychopaths can also be good sales person if they have a glib-tongue, intelligent and superficial. Marc Hamer who conducted a study in the year 2001 identified that superior sales person predicted more of narcissism, cognitive empathy and sociopath. The main issue with psychopathic sales person is that they possess a me, me attitude. Clarke mentions that this attitude for a prolonged time has the tendency to lose clients. A small example can be sales person stealing products and reselling them to their near lines at discounted sales.

5. Surgeon:

When list of careers with psychopaths were made among doctors and nurses, surgeons were considered the most psychopaths in the workplace. In Pacific standard piece in the year 2014 by Wen Shen that surgeons have the trouble of abusive, aggressive, and self-centered. By these aspects, observers have decided that this may be due to psychological disorders. Health care professionals and surgeons in all fields always hold surgeons on a high esteem.

6. Journalist:

It was a freelancer Jeff cash who mentioned that public purpose journalism requires a pinch of psychopathy. In journalism industry psychopathy can crawl into all the reporters mind who conquer a number of issues related to public relations. As journalists see their name on paper each day, even the most humble journalist re turned into a narcissistic psychopath. The ones on national television are another initiator for psychopathic journalists.

7. Police officer:

Police officers whose duty is to maintain peace are the ones who are more psychopathic. It is said that police families suffer more of domestic violence than general public two to four times. The police domestic violence which is a handbook for victims mentions that 40% of police officer families especially women suffer domestic abuse. Hence police officer careers are also one among the top list with psychopaths.

8. Clergy:

There are many psychopaths who are non-Catholic religious leaders and are narcissistic and also diabolical psychos. The clergy is responsible for making the world better and also to promote gospel but child sexual abuse scandals have been reported where victims were paid an astounding $3 billion. The formerly of FBI Joe Navarro developed a list for Psychology today and reasons for psychopaths to be attracted to clergy. The fact is that religious organizations are the best sources which provide easy entry for victims and a hub for financial rewards. Blackmailing material for the victims is easily obtained in a church.

9. Chefs:

It is a chef Gordon Ramsay who told out these words to that chef are nutters. He also added up that they are insecure, dainty and delicate as well as complete psychopaths. The Chefs also mentioned that chefs borrow money, and they have a habit to do anything they want and then kill themselves too. Since they work for crazy hours, for very long stretches the climax for working for 100 hours and more is to kill themselves. Hence chefs are also under the list for career with the most psychopaths.

10. Civil servants:

The true fact is that psychopaths crave for power and this is true with civil servants. Civil servants are sure to be psychopaths as they have control and power within their job role. These civil servants are prone to mass murder and have the capability to turn people’s lives into hell. There are many examples of civil servants who were true psychopaths which include Dennis Nilson, who was a notorious British murderer, Thomas Lee Dilson of water department, David Berkowitz of the post office, and Dennis Rader who was census field supervisor .

These are a few careers with the most number of psychopaths, in the same manner there are fields with least number of psychopaths in them.

11. Nurse:

Nurse is also considered as a career with psychopaths but to a minimal extent. Nurses are in charge of medically affected people and they have the control and power to treat them, hence nurses are mentioned to be psychopaths.

12. Therapist:

Almost all health care related professionals are related to psychopaths. Their field and their supreme power make them psychopaths. Therapists also fall under the same category for being the least number of psychopaths.

The other few minimal psychopaths and their careers are car aide, crafts person, beautician/stylist, charity worker, teacher, creative artist, and accountant.

Psychopaths are usually linked with violence and criminality, where these people are polished and offer a professional fulfillment in few professions. The risk taking factors are the initiators for them to reach success in their profession. The initially mentioned roles are concerned with more power and they need the ability to formulate objectives for the same. They make decisions that are divorced from feelings and move in a straight forward way. It can also be mentioned that empathy is required for career that have most psychopaths as lawyers need to empathizes their clients, the same holds for CEO, priest and all job professions.

The careers mentioned above are ones that have the most psychopaths. Almost all jobs for psychopaths are associated with enhanced power and control over employees or the public. Hence the fame and prominence pushes these individuals to narcissistic nature. There are number of books and many researcher and writers who have mentioned about psychopaths. Read through the above mentioned careers and get to know the psychopaths in the workplace or nearby you.