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How to Prove Your Worth on Your Resume: 12 Valuable Tips


would not be a new thing to say, however, it is obvious that seeing a sea of candidates can automatically make you lose your cool. In addition, when all of them look well qualified and well prepared then it is a total turn off for you.

In moment like these, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Do you end up asking yourself as to how will you stand out in this sea of potential candidates.

Of course, you need to be better than anyone else in the room. The question is that how will you do that. Well, one simple yet amusing way is by upgrading your resume.

How to Prove Worth on Resume

Well, in today’s market several professional writers do provide various wonderful resumes. In proportion to the great number of resume writers, there are innumerable attractive resumes already available in the market. In such a situation what will you do? You need to be creative with your resume by showing them your worth.

Your value will automatically upgrade your resume and prepare a comfortable and positive atmosphere for you when you enter in the interview room. Therefore, let us check out some tips that will help you to prove your worth through your resume.

Ways to Prove Your Worth on Your Resume:

Resume is like a description of the product the employer is buying or investing in for the company. From the pile of hundred such resumes on the desk, the interviewer is bound to take merely 25-30 seconds in reading the given material. Thus, it is very essential for you to use these few seconds as a firm background support when you enter you interviewer’s dorm. Keep the details blunt however, do not forget to highlight the important things your interviewer should know about you. For example-

1. Attraction is the best way to begin:

Detailing paragraphs are the last thing you need to decorate your resume. As I have told earlier, your interviewer merely has time to read an entire paragraph on how you did this and how you did that or whatsoever. Here you need to be specific and highlight the important details without making a huge paragraph of it.

Try switching your resume’s detailing via opting for bullet points. Bullet point makes it easier for anyone to go through them. Use the newspaper method to impress your interviewer i.e. a catchy headline for the news. Make your resume catchy for them to be interested in you.

2. Your work experience history is your mightiest tool ever:

Now, you must have understood how you have to highlight your resume. However, our next question is that what you will actually highlight in your resume. Do not over think because it is a simple thing i.e. your work experience or your history in the work field.

A hiring manager has many things to keep in check while interviewing the candidates. You do not realize, however, it is a very pressurizing position. Therefore, you need to be specific in your history area. Do not claim to be responsible and deadline oriented person. Highlight your points using some numeral instead of alphabets.

For example, your idea helped your employer by (mention a certain amount) percentage of increase in revenue. Specify the (approximate) number of money saved by your interviewer or firm because of your work. Of course, you might not always have such things to add into your resume. Therefore, specify the number of people you led in a successful project or mention the success of the project by the revenue increase.

3. Important qualifications can work for new hire with no experience:

Gliding through the above two experiences, people with very little or no experience did feel a bit left out. However, you need to prepare your resume in a way that the lack of experience does not come off as a negative thing. One can always opt to add the qualification, training experience, certification courses etc.

Your resume is your catalogue that holds the detail of your product (you). Resume making is an objective approach therefore, you need to specify your qualification with abundance amount of experience or empowerment you have due to the same. Stress on the required attributes and claim your dream job in no time.

4. Appreciation is bound to be the part of the journey:

For people with abundance amount of experience in their field, resume is their most effective weapon (not literally). Having lot of experience means that, you must have worked for longer term to be able to gain the experience.

As a result, you are bound to be appreciated at your workplace in one way or the other. This appreciation may be in the form of promotion or an award. Do you know that this little appreciation can be of great help while impressing your interviewer? To top it off you can relate the qualification, skill and achievement section to stand out well.

5. Referrals work their magic much more effectively than any other endorsements:

Work experience can help you out yet again. Well, even if you are a new hire with no such experience you can use this method. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that always be in good terms with the authority above you. The people with authority are the ones who can help you by being your referral for any job interview.

Mostly when you have an authoritarian referral, the interviewer is more likely to look into your profile. Recent graduates may use the referrals of their professors or teachers unlike the experienced people who can go for the authoritarian connections. This will automatically shine on your resume and make your interviewer consider about you once more.

6. Our world is a social media market – social profile alert:

So imagine that you have come across one of the best resume so far. What will you do next once you have referred through the seas of resume? Well, if I were you I would check out the social profile of the person I am interviewing. Today our world roams around the www i.e. World Wide Web. This technology has given us the freedom of doing many things. One of them is background check.

It is an important part of the interviewing process. Your social profile speaks a lot about you without letting you know. If you have more followers or more friends, you are bound to be an active social person who can prove to be useful in the social marketing or brand marketing. Moreover, it also gives a vague idea that you are capable of handling people.

7. Logical introduction matters much more than you can think of it:

What do you mean by logical introduction? Yes, there is no term like logical introduction but there was no other way to put it as. For example, if you are applying for a job for a managerial post then you need to state it in your introduction itself. You can put it as ‘managing experience for past 10 years or so’. This indirect statement will automatically make you stand out in the lot of candidates.

We have had enough discussion on making our resume wrinkle free. Now we should be focusing on how to use your words and claims in your curriculum vitae.

Prove Your Resume Claims with Evidence:

This is a very important part of the interview. A resume can help you stand out and gather a real amount of extra attention from the interviewer. However, you should know that merely making a first impression is not important. You need to stick to all of your claims that you have made in the resume in order to gain extra attention. On failing to do so, you would have to face a direct rejection from the interviewer.

For example, if you claim to be good at oral communication however, you barely are able to communicate well with your interviewer, he or she will assume you as a liar. Lying is the last thing on the list of the interviewer.

If you lie and are caught then you surely are in a major trouble. In addition, believe me lying does not work no matter how good you lie; you will surely be caught one day.

Call it as your portfolio and be prepared for the interview well. Things that you can use to support your claims in the resume are as follow- (for students)

1. Amazing organizational and analytical skills:

If you are a recent graduate, it will be quite a nerve-wrecking thing to collect evidence to support you claims. Do not worry at all. In the college life the one thing that most of the students hate are the innumerable pages of assignments and papers that you have to write for the class. However, you have no idea how helpful these works are for you. They not only show how good you are at written communication or communicating about content. Moreover, it also portrays your organizational and analytical skills. These skills are of high demand in the industry.

2. Beyond the call of duty work evidence:

Beyond the call of duty is another thing that the employers look out for when interviewing a candidate for a position. Have you ever done a part time job at any organization or for the summer holidays? If yes, then this is going to be much more helpful for you than you thought. Apart from earning in your pass time, you are also getting a bit of experience. In addition, you also get an endorsing person who appreciates your work. This endorsing may be in a letter format, where your manager could mention qualities or skills and how you used them in your work.

3. College programs or presentation records:

Many people seem to neglect all the extracurricular activities during the college festivals or celebrations entirely. College celebration days are another form of activity that not only teaches you team work but also good body language. Along with the other aspects, college celebration days are another way of improving you verbal communication skills. Your communication skills play a great role in shaping your career. Verbal communication builds confidence in you. As a result, showing a video of an on-stage play in which you have participated is ideal too.

4. Deadline oriented creative outputs at short notice:

Most of you must have procrastinated on a college assignment or homework. It is not that big deal. However, you did complete them and did submit the work in given deadline. That is some undoubtedly a superhero skill that you possess. Well, companies, especially the employers, look out for people who are not only creative but also deadline oriented.

Sticking to a strict deadline is very important in the corporate world. Thus, when you are out for an interview, you should not forget you have inbuilt superhero skills. Mention your deadline oriented skills and creativity with a poster or a piece of speech from the college days. They will surely make the interviewer realize you creativity, and the ability to handle pressure. The way you work under pressure is a skill in itself.

5. Extras are always welcome: 

For being a part of any organization, one thing you need to have is passion and a positive attitude towards the given work. In addition, commitment and loyalty also follow closely behind the above two.

Extra-curricular or extra work apart from the regular academic work is the best way to show or portray your commitment-oriented attitude. In some places, students go for social serving or another humanity cause. Here they not only help people who need it but also serve them selflessly. This portrays the sheer attitude of working for someone with passion and commitment. You can add a few pictures of you working at such places with your team, etc.

Thus, now that you have the things you need to prove your worth with your resume and performance, go for it. All the best job-seekers.