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How to Use Pinterest for Job Search? 40 Best Tips


People had a wrong notion about Pinterest and they never took this social networking platform seriously for boosting up the job search.

It was in fact considered as one of those sites where the teenagers and young girls share their fashion photos or the wedding dresses.

But, now the fact is that it is one of the fastest growing social media networking site in the web world. This will make you sit up front and sneak through the site to see for yourself whether it really works in your favor or not!

The name Pinterest suggests you what it is all about. It is a Pin board where you can pin up all the images that are based on your interest.

So, you collect all the images to create a board of your own and also post a comment for each and every image that you have up in there.

Pinterest for job searchIt is just like any other social networking site where you can like the image that has been posted and comment on that or if you liked the image you can re- pin it as well.

So, come over those cute puppy photos and all those personal collections of yours. It is time to take this platform seriously and look for ways to utilize the networking site for your benefit.

You will be surprised to know that you can share your resume in here and also can use this as one of the resources where you can dig out information about the company you want to apply for.

Therefore, you can very well use this opportunity to connect with the recruiters as well.

Pinterest can be a great tool. If you can use this particular social media networking site correctly, then it will come across as an effective tool which will assist you in your job search.

It provides you with the option of creating pinboards on some specific topics.

You can easily use the images as well as videos that are relevant to the topic and pin it up on the board.

Nobody says that if you are present on Pinterest, then you will land yourself a job, but it will definitely enhance your presence.

It does add up to your presence online when you are looking for a job. It has millions of active users and most of them are said to be aged between 50 and 64.

It is no more a simple online scrapbook, instead with the times it has evolved itself as one of the most promising social media networking sites.

It doesn’t matter, if you are visiting Pinterest for the first time because there is always a first time.

Using Pinterest for Job Search:

If you are thinking, how you can make use of a platform which is mainly based on images and videos for your job search, then you need to give it a second thought.

Visually you can attract more people and that is why an image will attract more eyes than simple text. Here are ways, how you can make the most out of this platform for your job search.

1. Make use of infographic resume:

stylish resume We all know, how doing things differently works in favor of the candidates who are applying for a job.

Nowadays, info – graphic resume is the talk of the town and you will see how these types of resumes have the potential of going viral within hours of pinning it up there.

If you are not sure about how to create these kinds of Resumes, then you can take the help of an expert to ensure that you have it right because resume is your first impression and you definitely want to make your first impression the best one.

2. Impactful profile:

Now, when it comes to job search, the first name that crosses our mind is the social networking site LinkedIn.

It allows you to arrange your job experience in a chronological manner. The same hold true for Pinterest as well with a slight difference in the presentation.

In LinkedIn, you are using words and in Pinterest you will be using relevant images and videos. When everybody is fighting for attention on LinkedIn you are wise enough to paint it red on Pinterest and grabbing just the right eye balls.

3. Specified boards for achievements:

If you have numbers of certificates and degrees, then you can create a separate board for all your achievements.

You can click the pictures of the certificates that you hold and pin it up on the dedicated board.

4. Images of volunteer services:

Sometimes we feel that volunteer jobs don’t serve as a job experience, but you are completely mistaken.

You can pin the images where you were a member of a team which has achieved a certain milestone.

To elaborate on the image, you can make use of the comment box, where you can explain the contribution that you have made.

If you have a video which captures one of your presentation skills, then you can upload it on Pinterest and let the interviewer know about your skills and other jobs that you were good at.

Videos and images second the thoughts that you have written on your resume and we all will agree that the interview is not the place where you can carry the videos to let the company know about your skills and abilities.

Therefore, if you can make use of Pinterest to highlight your skills, then you will definitely gain an edge over others in this competitive field.

5. For networking online:

professional network For a serious kind of connection with the companies you are applying for, you have the other social networking sites like LinkedIn and Twitter, but Pinterest can be fun.

It is highly effective for the people who are in the creative field as they can showcase their talent through the images over here.

6. Great source of inspiration:

You can use Pinterest to look for things which will interest you and provide you with the idea of a possible career option too.

It is a great platform to look for entrepreneurial possibilities if you can use it in the best possible manner.

If you go through the site carefully, you will find ideas for setting up a business which is in high demand, but you never had much of an idea about it.

7. Guidance from the expert:

If you thought this is the last place you can expect an advice on your career, then you must not have sniffed through pages of Pinterest.

It is a great way of sharing employment tips and the best thing about it is that it is mainly info graphics, so you will find it interesting to go through the advices even more than ever.

8. Visualize your resume:

You can share your actual resume up there, but what if you can make it visual?

You can create specified boards and upload all the relevant information, so that it looks good too.

9. Reflection of your personality:

The text you choose and the way you pin up the images will reflect your personality. Therefore, you must choose everything very carefully and must make sure that it reflects your thought and personality correctly.

If you have pinned up an image showing your presence in a conference, then make use of the comment box to share the thoughts that have been discussed in there, so that others know that you were really present and were also paying attention to the speaker.

10. Use your name:

name calling It allows do follow links, therefore make use of this feature and use your name in the profile that you are creating.

It will help in pulling up your account when someone types your name in the search engine. Do the same thing for the other pins and relevant boards as well.

11. Research about the companies:

The companies have the images of different parties pinned up and in order to show how the work environment is they give a sneak peek into the companies work floor through some candid photos as well.

It is done by the company to attract the right kind of people for the vacant positions.

12. Get freelance work:

If you are looking for a graphic designing job, then you can display your portfolio here.

Your prospective client will have a look at your work and they will start offering you small projects and if you can successfully complete them, then you will be able to grab bigger and better projects through Pinterest only.

13. Show off your accomplishments:

You can also add images where you are accepting any award on a podium to illustrate the pride.

Your career endeavors goes far beyond the certificates and the regular degrees that you have. So, if you have received any award in any field you can put them up to show that you are an all-rounder.

14. Show your interest:

If you are an avid animal lover, and then create a board which will have images of dogs, cats and any other animal.

This will show that you are not only busy with self-promotion, but also have other interest too.

15. Avoid vagueness:

When you are posting your resume on Pinterest, rather than saying ‘My Resume’ in the caption, it is better that you write a specific thing about your career like a fashion design resume.

16. Good for showcasing your portfolio:

photographer If you are a photographer, you can explore this platform to showcase your talent in the form of a portfolio.

You can also explain your role in the creation of one as well.

17. Comment on the company’s board:

If you find something interesting on the company board, then make sure that you add value to that with your meaningful comment.

But, yes, you must remember that you can’t update just about anything, your comment must be meaningful and relevant.

18. Link it to other social networking sites:

If you have a LinkedIn account along with other social networking accounts, then it is a good idea to link all of them through Pinterest.

It will allow the recruiters to gather more and more information about you through a click or two.

19. Follow college career sites:

If you are a fresh graduate, then you must not miss out the college career sites. If your college is on Pinterest, then it will definitely have a career center on there as well, therefore, it will really be helpful for you to go on there and look for job openings that will suit you.

Even if you are not a fresh graduate, then also you can also follow the college centers that are dedicated to career opportunities.

20. Get ideas for personal branding:

If you do not have much idea about how to brand yourself, then you can get ideas about it from Pinterest.

21. Links leading to useful content:

You have to make sure that the links are leading to useful content and for that you have to keep on checking the links. Ensure that they don’t lead to any malicious sites or the spam sites.

22. Use keywords:

keywords Your Pinterest link will show up in search results and that is why it is important you make use of correct keywords while texting on each and every pin of yours.

23. Interview dresses’ ideas:

It is not necessary to have a complete idea about what to wear and what not to, by going through plain and simple text regarding the dress code during an interview.

But, on Pinterest you will have complete idea through visuals about what to wear and what not to. You will surely be able to dress up appropriately for the occasion.

24. Don’t update just about anything:

Though we all know it is fun to upload all those candid moments when you were making faces after getting drunk, but you must remember that it will also reflect the real you.

Therefore, when you are doing anything out there you must avoid inappropriate images and videos .

You must use the platform for professional purpose, so try to use the language there which is professional.

25. Other way around:

People hardly use Pinterest for professional purpose, so if you are using it, then you must make everybody aware of that by adding Pinterest links on your resume.

You have created your account on Pinterest, so now it is time to promote it as well and let the world know that you have different interest as well.

26. Curating reading list:

Display the reading list, which will showcase your interest and knowledge in the field you are working.

27. Go through various other career sites:

other websites If you are there and making your presence felt on Pinterest, then it is quite obvious that you will find experts out there too.

You can go through Inspirational quotes too. Pinterest do have enough resources to help you in finding a job.

28. Hit the search button on Pinterest:

You can explore the opportunities through the search button on Pinterest. You can make use of the internal search function to see whether any company have shared any job posting or not.

29. Pinboard that is user generated:

Pinboard that is user generated will act like a proof from the colleagues that you have worked with and also from clients as well as the followers amongst various others.

30. Add companies to the board:

If you have a wish list of the companies that you want to work for, then you can create a separate board for that.

You will be grabbing the attention of your potential employers by including them on your list of companies that you are pinning.

You will be able to show your interest towards their company and how interested you are in working with the company.

Let the company find you and go through your account to see whether there is any position available for you or not.

31. Don’t get distracted:

Pinterest has enough reasons to get distracted, but you must concentrate more on why you are there, rather than enjoying the side- kicks.

Use this platform to look for jobs that will suit your talent and not hang in there doing nothing seriously.

32. Find job placement companies:

You can also search the best job placement companies out there, apart from looking for jobs directly. Follow the companies and you will get notifications regarding any activities that they indulge in.

33. Go digital:

You can include graphics, slides and power points to make your resume even more appealing to the potential recruiters.

34. Connecting with the right people:

connect If you have already applied for a job position in a company, then you can use Pinterest to connect with your prospective colleague to get an idea about the company.

It will help you during your interview and in case you don’t get through the interview, you can always use the connection to seek other jobs as well.

35. Share regularly:

When you are sharing on a regular basis, it keeps your account fresh because you need to come up with new contents every time you are sharing or repining.

When you are doing so, your latest updates will come on top.

36. Time usage is important:

When you are looking for a job, time plays a vital role here. If you are there for 1 hour, then invest your time in a good manner.

You must use it as a great tool to enhance your exposure online.

37. Avoid controversial topics:

It is better that you avoid all the controversial topics, including religion and politics on Pinterest because everybody will start judging you based on your comments.

38. Smart pinning:

While pinning images, you must only use the images which are strikingly good. The images must be visually impactful.

39. Ensure texts are readable:

proofreading When you are writing a comment, your text must be readable and bold, if it is possible for you to do so.

40. Different board represents different parts of your resume:

Rather than coming up with your full resume in one pin, it is always better to break it up with several pins, so that you can highlight the important parts of your resume. Explore this visual medium to the optimum level.

Here are some of the points that will help you in realizing the importance of Pinterest, but you will know more about it, when you start using it for real. So, what are you thinking about, just get started with Pinterest now.