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Why Have Different Personalities in the Workplace?


There are varieties of personalities in the workplace; some are similar to each other while some are poles apart.

Different people with different best personality types, mind set, thought process and working process are available in our society. And if you are working somewhere or even where you live you come across various kinds of people.

While in your society you can avoid them to some extent whereas in your work place you meet them every day.

have different personalities workplaceNow talking about work place, variety of people are required, because one cannot work smoothly with the same kind of people.

People having same talent can evolve but team with same type of personality generally lack a flavour in their work process. So while it is important to have different personalities it is also important to tackle them and have a good equation with them as well.

Personalities in the Workplace Importance:

1. Unity in diversity:

This is what a team comprises of. A team constitutes of one leader, an energizer, some creative personality, a stabilizer, an analyser and a perfectionist.

Each of every member of this team is important who can work hand in hand to give out the best results. The leader is one who looks after the entire team and assigns them work. Their presence is important to end up confusion among the team member’s decision.

The energizer plays an important role to boost up the confidence and motivation of the team members. They help the team to continue with their spirit till the end giving the best outcome.

The creative team members are the ones who come up with innovation and great ideas. The person who is the stabilizer is the one who settles down arguments or any clash in between the team members.

He makes sure that work is done smoothly and the team members have a good relation among each other so that the work does not suffer.

An analyser is the one who basically holds experience and can judge the outcome of the work to some extent. A perfectionist in the team helps the team to avoid mistakes and loop holes so that the best results come out.

So all in all, each and every type of personality in the workplace is important to have one team.

2. Team work:

Team work is very important to bring out the best. The variation in personality helps to have a great team work.

Flaw in one team member is overcome by the strength of the other. One who is best at what should be given that to do, so that after the compilation of all the result comes out in a more brushed up way.

Each and every member of the team is important, because lack in contribution of any one member can hang up the work.

So in order to have the best productivity each and every member should be given importance and each of them should perform their job with best of their capability.

3. Inspiration and Encouragement:

These two are of the most essential factors for a team to work. Both the factors are related to each other also, because without inspiration there is no encouragement.

A team has to constantly inspire and encourage itself to bring out the best of them. So this highly works with people of different personality working together.

While starting any work a team needs an inspiration, this factor is generally boosted by the leader of the team who works as an example for all.

Through the leader’s involvement only the team gets encouraged. Now while working for a while, team members generally get bored or sometimes due to some failure of idea or work they tend to lose hope.

To uplift their energy and encourage their work the strong personality diversity in the workplace with energizer trait, plays an important role.

Also when people are working together as a team different people with different mindsets are always cheerleaders, because everyone has a different way of looking and thinking on a particular situation.

Hence difference in visualization helps a lot to bring the positive vibes within the team members. Therefore it is very important for a team to continue their work with inspiration and encouragement so as to deliver the best results.

4. Creativity and productivity:

Now this is very much required for any team or group of people working together. To excel in work one has evolve in terms of creativity which automatically improves and increases productivity.

Since different personalities work together in a team or group there come bulks of ideas which are different from each other.

Sometimes even a single idea comes with more creativity and innovation with the involvement of so many people. While there is creativity there is also a diverse change in the outcome.

Innovation also improves the productivity. So a team working together with great ideas also delivers the best outcome. A team of creativity and productivity always excels in its work.

5. Communication:

A team or group basically has two types of people; one being the introvert whiles the other being the extrovert.

The team members who are introvert in nature tend to work a lot but fail to express their views, while the extroverts may or may not work that much but they are very good at expressing their views, ideas and suggestions as well.

They are able to present themselves and can prove themselves with confidence. Since a team or a group needs both who can work and who can present.

Many times it happens that after a team’s work is done with the best outcomes, they also need to present their work in front of many people.

At this point of time there is a need of a person who can speak well, knows about the work and can prove his team with the presentation.

During any advertisement or selling of product one needs to bring front the extroverts who can speak well for the team’s product.

They can pin point the flaws and loop holes in the project that they are working on. This helps the team to work on their weakness and bring out the best results.

6. Organized:

A team or group cannot work properly if it is not organized. A team has a group of people who have different working processes.

Some have really precise way of working while some fail to have an organized working schedule. So these organized people are great help to let the team work smoothly and efficiently.

These members of the team chalk out the best plans and working schedule for the team. They want to work in a system and have a hassle free work.

They are there to look on each process or schedule that is working in the planned way or not. This is very true that without a system no work is done, and these organizing trait people firmly believe in this.

They want to avoid any mess that may erupt if things are not chalked out properly. And many a times an organized working system helps immensely to locate and understand the loop hole and flaws in the ideas or working process.

7. Perfection:

A team always has and also should have at least one person who is perfection freak. This people cannot bear even the smallest mistake and negligence in their work.

Though they do not get satisfied with anyone’s as well as their own work, but to bring out the best results the presence of these personalities are really vital. They have a habit of taking out the loop holes and correct them.

So this proves to be positive effect on the team’s work. This is because any work with least or sometime may be no errors bring out the best results.

The perfectionists are very efficient and they always want the people working with them to be efficient as well. Hence, full effort and efficiency and no place for negligence and mistakes gives the best outcome or productivity.

8. Proportion in team:

A team needs to have a proportion in type of personalities. It should have the introverts and extroverts, the catalyst as well as the analyst, the generalist as well as the specialist, the leader and the follower.

It should not be the case of choosing one over other; rather the intelligence lies in bringing all the different personality traits together and managing them properly to frame a team. This team formed will always bring out the best outcome.

Since each trait has both strength and weakness, hence each of the flaws will be overshadowed by the strength of the other.

Though compiling of all these different kind of traits into team is bit difficult, but once it is under control then the ball is in the court. This team can be made to work together by neglecting the flaws and highlighting the strengths of each of the team members.

9. Working environment:

Same kind of work or a stretch of work for long hours can take a toll on any one’s mood. So to break this boredom the team members enjoy in their way.

With varieties of traits, the team members get their moods lighten up according to their and by their team members. This brings a positive vibe and lights up the working environment.

A team of members having same trait generally lack this sort of positivity in their working environment.

So it is really important to have different personalities in a working team so that different flavours of moods can jazz up the team’s spirit and encouragement.

10. Time management:

A team having different traits of people always have a good use of time. Since different phase of work is allotted to the team members according to their capability and skills, it helps to carry on with work with time.

Every team member has his own work and performs it best of his capability, there is a rare chance of mess. No one pokes nose into other’s department hence it becomes a hassle free work.

Now if a person is given the entire work he will consume more time and the output is not the best in maximum cases. While this does not happen with working teams.

Everyone is given his own department of work and is completed step by step hence there is wonderful utilization and management of work and of course the team excels when it is about their work’s productivity.

11. Conflict resolution:

It happens that though working in team and in a precise manner there are certain unavoidable problems that erupts up.

But this does not become a big deal to get it resolved. One team member stuck in a problem either gets it resolved himself or else there are his other team members to crack the code.

So whether it is work issue or one’s drawbacks it can be easily solved by the other team members. This can be called as conflict resolution in the workplace.

As for example, a team has worked for the entire project but maximum of them lack the confidence in presentation, it can be easily overcome by one of the same team member who is a great speaker and has high confidence to present his team and prove their effort.

12. Success:

Any team to enjoy the fruit of success should possess the following traits,

  • Unity in diversity in the workplace
  • A great team work
  • Great inspiration and encouragement
  • Commendable creativity and productivity
  • Great communication skills
  • Meticulously organized
  • Full perfection
  • Team proportion
  • Great working environment
  • Wise time management
  • Complete problem resolution etc.

As it is important to have different sets of people in work place it is also important to know how to deal with them without hurting their sentiments. Hence it is very important to have different personalities in the work place.

With diverse personalities and good management skills any group, team, organization, firm or company will definitely reach the heights of success.