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26 Tips to Develop Personal Resilience for Career Success


Personal resilient people approach things in a very positive way. Even if they fail in some situations in their life, they still try until it reaches its success level. Similarly, personal resilience can also help to have a successful career.

In this corporate world, keeping the personal resilient attitude is very tough because there are people who constantly comes in your career way and to avoid such negative environment, it is always better to have personal resilient attitude.

resilience for career success

Factors to Consider for Self Resilience:

To succeed in life or in career one should consider understanding two factors and they are

1. Personal resilience:

Personal resilience is a factor to consider positive elements in one’s personal life. This kind of personal resilience can help a person grow in a better way. A self resilient person holds themselves strong and will never break down in emotional ways. Personal resilience will make you strong emotionally and practically.

2. Career resilience:

Career resilience will help you grow successful in your career. Instead of considering personal element, career, resilience will focus on career oriented factors. Career resilience will help to create a benchmark for overall development of successful careers.

How to Develop Personal Resilience in the Workplace:

1. Always be self-confident:

In this growing economy, having a successful career is a plus point. Successful career comes up with certain negative elements. This negative element can turn your positivity into negativity. But personal resilient people never let such negativity enter or ruin their professional career. By having self confidence in yourself can make things work out for you.

2. Seek positive support:

Always be around those people who will always be supportive to you. Sometimes you start feeling that things are going bad and as normal human nature goes, we tend to feel negative about things.

At that point of time, seek support from those who will create a positive atmosphere around you. By this you never be able to affected by negative elements.

3. Build strong relationships:

Generally, in the corporate world we compete for our career amongst each other. But it is always better to have a healthy relationship between you and your colleagues. By building such a strong relationship within your office, people will start supporting you and favor you during your difficult time in your career. By holding strong relationship, a person can face any kind of situation.

4. Honest and hard working:

Honesty and hardworking skills of a person will never let him / her fall in their life. And to have a personal resilient attitude one should be honest and hardworking towards his/her work.

Every company needs employees or employers who are honest and hardworking towards their company. This will always help them to seek higher success. This will create a positive approach towards your career.

5. Professional fixed goal:

Every businessman or entrepreneur has their own fixed goal, to achieve these fixed goals one needs to be very determined about it. And to stay holding on to such fixed goal, we need to have an overcoming attitude which helps us overcome our fear about losing our goal. This can only help you reach the goal confidently.

6. Corporate awareness:

To be successful in your professional life, one needs to be aware of all the corporate elements. Success never comes around for those who show such a laid back attitude about their career.

Success can only be conquered through corporate awareness and vision. A self resilient person should be knowledgeable of all the corporate elements.

7. Self motivate

A person who learns to motivate themselves can never break down emotionally. They can handle any kind issues without any panic. Still, if any problem arrives, then self motivated people will always get out of it with shining colors.

Self motivational attitude will always hold up your resilient attitude. If something makes you lose confidence, then always motivate yourself to regain it.

8. Respect towards culture and tradition:

A person who respects certain traditional and cultural value can always be resilient enough to handle them practically. Showing respect towards people and their traditional value will make them stronger. This is a very good example for bringing personal resilient in ourself.

9. Be smart and effective:

In any official department, to control all the activities of the company to be resilient enough to handle the issue, one should be smart to take his /her decision and make sure that he / she turn those decisions effectively. To be effective and smart will always favor you. This will help you control your decision for the good of the company.

10. Be perspective:

Sometimes we tend to feel or experience some unpleasant situations in our life which may seem big to us, but for those who have perspective thinking will ignore such problem and take it slow as they already know that it’s just a bogus problem without any effects. It’s always good to be a person with perspective thinking, which always help you take the right decision during crisis time.

11. Firm response:

Whenever a situation comes which cannot be handled so well at that point of time when we have to respond we don’t so well. A person with a goal will always respond to a problem in a very firm way. He will take responsibility of his/her decision with firm response.

12. Commitment:

Showing complete commitment towards one’s career will always help them grow as a better person. Self resilience meter can be positively approached when you show commitment towards your career. If a person needs to be successful in their career, then he / she needs to commit themselves to their career.

13. Responsible:

Being responsible enough to handle official issues will always help you grow successful in your career. A person with determination and responsibility will never go wrong in their life. By being responsible one will always make themselves stand out in the middle of the crowd. This kind of attitude will always help you grow in your career.

14. Determination:

To be determined in one’s life one need to have some goal and determination will come around eventually once you have a future goal set for your life. Even in corporate world once you set your standard goal, then there won’t be any going back. You have to chase that goal by using your determination.

15. Good adaptability:

Successful career starts with learning all the elements for the success. So to learn all those elements one need to have a good adaptability. A person with a resilient nature will easily adapt anything in their professional life. This will always help them to be successful in their career.

16. Decision making:

To have a successful career one should take responsibility for their action and for their decisions. Never doubt your decision if once it has been taken. Because if you once start doubting your decision, then you will lose trust in yourself. To be personal resilient one need to be strong enough to stand by their decisions.

17. In control of their emotions:

Self resilient people always maintain their emotional and practical values in a very good way. They never get carried away with such emotional values. They normally are strong minded people and they take firm, practical decisions. By maintaining a healthy balance between emotions and practicality, can reach successful future and career.

18. Sense of good judgement:

Self resilient people always understand people better. Being judgmental is wrong, but judging someone for professional purpose is something called quality. By having a good sense of judging the intention of one person, one can sense the purity of one’s thinking level. This will always help them to take the right decision for their company and career.

19. Learning ability:

A self resilient person will always be ready to learn new things. In this corporate world, every second we learn new things, we learn about new technology, new mechanic and new strategy and to understand all these things one need to have a good learning ability to be successful in their life. Learning new things will never hurt anyone.

20. Always welcome criticism with open arms:

Sometime we lose temper when someone criticizes us, but a self resilient person will never lose his /her temper with another without any reason. If someone criticizes you then think that there is room for you to learn something or understand something. Criticism will always turn you be stronger if you take it in a positive way and even it help you to grow as a better person.

21. Communication:

A self resilient person should be confident enough to communicate with others. There won’t be any kind of communication gap between you and the person if you try to talk to them. Sometimes things go out hands, at that we need to communicate about that problem so that at the end we will come up with an answer.

22. Risk management:

A person who can handle risk and who never gets afraid of risk will always have a successful career. Risk management is the only factor which considered as a source of new ideas. If something goes wrong in our career then at that time instead of isolating ourselves, we need to show the world how strong we are by taking risks and makes things turn in our favor.

23. Being practical:

In our professional career we take decisions practically because being practical helps you analyze the situation better. Even when we are emotional to take certain decision and we were losing confidence, then at that time we need to take a practical decision to make yourself strong for the sake of a successful career.

24. Consider yourself in authoritative positions:

When starting taking yourself as an authoritative person of that company then you start taking decision for the sake of the good of the company. This will help you to be responsible enough towards your decisions. You will start thinking about the company even if you are not the person who holds an authority. Because of your self resilient nature you may feel strong enough to handle such position.

25. Aim for bigger picture:

Start thinking about the future of the company now itself. See yourself and your company touching sky and making a name. By looking at the big picture you will get to experience and explore new and improved options. Things will little slow for a while, but eventually once you hold the ground tight then you will route there for the rest of the life.

26. Avoid ego:

Ego can kill your efforts very quickly. A person with ego and self pride will never be a self resilient person. To reach successful career one has to get rid of the ego and move on with opportunities. Because once you lose that opportunity then you will never get that back. Be professional, but never be egoistic. Ego can destroy your career.


To gain success in your career one needs to be optimistic. A self resilient person needs to be optimistic about themselves. Any kind of negative influence never affects them. This will develop a personal resilience for career success. Therefore, to conclude, I would suggest everyone to be self resilient and to develop such personal resilience one needs to follow all the tips mentioned above. By understanding all the above factors, one can surely develop a personal resilience in themselves for sure.