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Why you need to have Fun to be Successful: Top 25 Reasons


Having fun while you work is very important. Being serious all the time makes life monotonous and worthless. Life is gifted to human only once, so one should not take it seriously rather should find fun and enjoyment in every phase of life whether it is work, household matter or anything else. It is important for having fun at work, to be successful due to many reasons like:

why have fun reasons

Importance of Having Fun at Work:

1. It will yield better results:

When you will work with fun and excitement, you will not feel bored and enjoy the work you do. When the work is done with enjoyment, the interest towards the work builds and you work in a better manner yielding better results.

2. Builds interest and concentration:

When you find fun even in the tensed environment, you are likely to make the situation more lively and light that is tension free environment is generated. When the environment is free from worries and tension, the work is done with more concentration and interest is building which ultimately increases the chances to accomplish the task thus attaining success in it.

3. Build good relations with the employees:

Everyone likes to approach a funny and good sense of humored person and it helps in increasing contacts, good relations have built by the employees. A fun loving person helps make the work environment healthy and enjoyable, everyone likes to talk to that person and also love to sit around. So, this way lot more contacts are built and it forms a first step towards success.

4. Funny people are more open towards discussion:

When a panel is setting for discussion, the participation of good humored person increases the chances of making the discussion more open and lively. The people with funny nature are likely to be bold and open towards the discussions. They are more detail oriented and influential than the serious people.

5. More influential:

The funny nature people are more influential. They tend to grasp the attention of more audience and the employees (both internal and external). They are the one’s who can easily attract maximum masses towards them, thus becoming the leader of all.

6. Comedy allows to create strong bonding:

When you meet someone with good humor, you feel the comfort zone with them and like to spend maximum time with them. You immediately understand the person and in return the understanding is built between people. At times humor also is a great tool to break the ice for conversation and it makes a great impression in front of the many number of people.

7. The funniest people are always welcomed:

When creating a list of people you wish to invite either for any party or for any discussion, I am sure your mind wears to the most interesting and humorous person on the top of the list.

The people who are of funny nature tend to be the life of the party or any work and without them the party or the event becomes mediocre. When you are the center of attraction and demand of every group, whether it is a Workgroup, or domestic group, you steadily gain success.

8. Brings effectiveness and increases productivity:

Humor creates a jovial environment and it becomes easier to work in such a light environment. Everyone would like to work with a jovial person. Even if you make any mistake, it gets ignored for a time; even if not ignored; you are less scolded for it.

When you are less scolded, you shed away the apprehension and the attention towards work enhances reducing the fear of committing mistakes.

9. Builds trust among the people:

The person with good sense of humor builds trust between people easily than those who are serious. As the humorless people are friendly, people trust them easily and also feel for them to get any work completed. A person’s nature tells a lot who he or she is. A person with good humor is considered as good natured and hence is respected in the eyes of others.

10. Boosts creativity:

The fun loving and humorous person is creative in himself. Creating fun, even in the worst situations is a creativity in itself and is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs a special talent to make others as well as ourselves happy from inside. When you are funny and creative, you are likely to spell bounds of happiness around you and in life of others.

11. More friendly and avoid conflicts:

The people with good sense of humor are amiable in nature and also due to their welcoming nature, the conversations never turn into conflicts. They are more calm inside and possess a greater level of understanding. So, when there is lots of understanding, it is obvious the conflicts will get no place to reside for long.

12. More calm and balanced:

The fun loving people are more calm and have better focus and goal in life to be achieved. As they possess better focus, they are likely to gain success in what they do. As due to industrialization and development, more people are leading a tensed life, running a rat race. In such a life, the people with a great sense of humor acts as a medicine and also are a remedy to all worries, tensions and stress in the life.

13. It builds a confidence level in you:

When you know you take things lightly and also are capable of making tensed situation worth living, then you certainly are confident. The people with good sense of humor have confidence in them. They are more connected to people and are never shy to speak in front of a group or any number of heterogenous people. When you are not shying away to have a word of mouth, then certainly you are a step ahead of attaining success. So, this is also one of the reasons of being funny, as it generates confidence.

14. Leadership qualities:

As the fun loving and happy go person is confident to break the ice among various people at a time, they are also among the one’s who possess leadership qualities. They are always the one’s who take initiative in every work and come to the forefront for every kind of work; whether big or small.

15. You become word of every mouth:

People love to be with chucklesome people. They are admired for their nature and they are the one’s who are approached for suggestions, for accomplishing any major tasks and also for extending friendships.

They are the word of mouth of everyone and people also like to talk about them. When all the work, from making friends to finalizing things, amusing people are concerned, then it in itself is a success for you.

16. Attracts more customers, shareholders and capable employees:

Comical nature, people possess magnetic personality and nature. Their laughable nature lures more and more people towards themselves and also attract more customers, more shareholders, capable employees. When the number of efficient employees is more in a company, the company tends to rise so as you.

17. Funny people are more social and outgoing:

Funny people are confident and more social. They are outgoing and reach out to minds and hearts of more people than those who are serious and less outgoing. Being outgoing is the most important characteristics of a successful person. They are the one who knows they can easily avoid awkward situations and can make people smile even in the defeated situation.

18. Have all qualities that are required to be successful:

The person who has a good sense of humor probably have all the qualities required to be successful. A successful man needs to be smart, communicative, a leader, an initiator, motivational, socializing, attractive, intelligent, focuses, funny, confident and goal oriented. So, just being funny is not enough, you need to possess all the qualities that a successful man need.

19. More profits are earned:

As said the jolly natured person is confident and socializing. He or she also attracts more people, employees, customers, investors, shareholders etc, gets more profit to the company only because of happy and sociable nature. The companies also like to hire people who have such kind of people as they often are also considered as truthful and trustworthy.

20. Truthful and trustworthy:

The happy go lucky people are truthful as they are always open to every kind of topics and they always speak their heart out. When people say their heart out, they are not shy, rather open and bold enough to take up the challenges given to them. They are trustworthy as they are also said to be responsible and balanced at handling work pressure.

21. Balanced and organized:

The people who add fun and frolic to their work environment are termed as balanced and organized as they are always in a calm mood. When you are in a calm mood, you tend to work in a balanced and organized manner. There is nothing done in a haphazard manner and the work goes smoothly in a flow.

22. An open and a clear mind:

Fun also makes mind open and clear towards goals. The fun loving people have an open mind. They welcome every sort of challenge and due to their stunning nature, they cope with situations in a crystal clear way, thus creating no mess while working. As they have a clear mind, they also make the minds of investors clear towards the policies of the company, hence attracts more customers towards the company and its investing schemes.

23. Positive mind:

The people with cool, funny attitude and nature tend to have a positive bent of mind as their mind is always at peace and harmony. They influence lot many people, they themselves live peaceful life and also help others living such a life. Even when they are at work, they work with peace and tranquillity. The funny people keep others happy and shows them the ways to solve the issues than putting them in trouble.

24. Binds people with each other:

The organization or even the department of the company remains bound with each other as the funny people are often the one’s who never appreciate conflicts and like to live in harmony than in trifles. Even if they look some trifle, they try to solve it with their cool nature, thus calming the whole situation.

They also tend to be the all rounders as they possess all the vital good habits that are required to be successful. You might have seen that most of the successful people are funny and calm in mind. They are not the one’s who live with negativity, but they are those who keep the environment full of love and happiness.

25. Leads to promotion:

The people who work with full effectiveness and concentration, get more success. Their chances of getting promotion increases and also they get promoted easily. When they get promoted, they get a boost and work in more better concentrated and goal oriented manner. They work hard even under most of work pressure and yield great results for the company. When they give their best to the organization, they ought to get promoted on the basis of work they do.

Finally :

So, above are some of the positive points that help a man become successful. You need to be funny, but remember it is altogether different from being the one who insult others. Insulting and being funny, both are poles apart and one should be fun, so as to relieve the stress, to make the working environment worth working and fun loving.

In order to get success, one needs to change his or her attitude towards work should not adhere to shortcut to, as a shortcut to success will only lag you behind than taking you forward. Being funny is one of the important trait of getting success in life as it benefits people in a number of ways.