In order to bag a job, facing an interview is an absolute must. Even people who have many years of experience do get nervous before an interview.

Many a times it might just happen that you do not feel like going for interview, simply because you believe that you are bagging another job or because you feel that this job is not offering you much, yet it is advisable that you go for the interview.

This might sound like an absurd thing to many readers, but given here are some of the main reasons why a person should go for an interview even if they do not want to.

Not Interested Going for Interview

1. Appearing for interviews is most beneficial for new comers:

Most often it is usually the new comers, who do not want to appear for an interview, simply because they know for a fact that they will not be able to bag the job and they think that the entire exercise will be a waste of time.

However what new comers do not realize is that it is only when they appear for interviews and actually interact with recruiters, that they will be able to gauge what is expected of them and whether or not they have chosen the right field for themselves.

You never know when a company might be looking for a fresh young mind just like yours, so that is why you should never let negative thoughts influence your actions.

2. It will teach you to think on your feet:

Once you appear for a number of interviews, you will be able to start thinking on your feet in a proper manner. Usually almost all youngsters mess up their first interview because they are inexperienced and tense.

It is often said that failure is a stepping stone towards success, so even if your first few interviews have been a disaster, you ought to pick yourself up and try again.

Even experienced individuals often mess up interviews because their nervousness gets to them. The more you appear for interviews, the more motivated you will get and over time you will surely be able to bag your dream job.

3. You will learn the art of putting your thoughts into words effectively:

No matter how badly you do not want to go for an interview, you should put your feelings aside and go for it. Think of an interview as a new challenge and just go for it, irrespective of the things which are holding you back and affecting your mind. Think of it this way that with each interview you go for, you will be learning to put your thoughts into words in a more effective manner.

To bag any good job, communication skills are an absolute must. So rather than thinking of any immediate gains, just think of all the things you will be achieving in the long run.

4. It helps in building contacts:

To survive in the business world, building a network is something which is very important indeed. Being associated with one or two successful business men, could really be of great help to you in the time to come.

That is why even if you are thinking that going for the interview will not help you in any way, think again. Those who do not have a useful network or good contacts, rarely make it big in the business world.

You never know when the boss of the company taking your interview, might be impressed by your skills and decide to offer you an even better position that the one you are interviewing for.

5. Enables you to know where you stand:

Very often it happens that we as individuals have our own impressions of ourselves in our mind. For some people who are over confident, they think themselves to be better than they really are. On the other hand, there are those who are excellent at what they do, but they are simply lacking in self confidence.

Going for an interview helps you to gain a little perspective and enables you to know just where you stand when it comes to your skills and abilities. Rather than trying to evaluate your own skills, it is advisable that you let others judge you instead. So hold your head up high and do what you think is best always.

6. You learn to deal with pressure well:

Learning to deal with pressure is something which is very important indeed, especially if you want to be successful in your career. Once you appear for interviews, over time you will be able to deal with pressure effectively.

It often happens that pressure affects people rather negatively, yet once you go for interviews, you will learn to utilize this pressure to help you be more motivated and more focused.

Pressure is a part and parcel of life so the faster you learn to deal with it, the better it will be for you. If you crack under pressure, moving ahead in life will prove to be impossible for sure.

7. It will give you the chance to observe other candidates:

Even if you are not interested in going for an interview, because you are not interested in the job itself, yet you should make it a point to go for the interview, because it will give you the chance to observe and even interact with other candidates.

Interacting with other candidates will help you to understand where you stand. This having been said, never get too close to the other candidates, because after all they are your contemporaries and even if you are not interested in getting the job, you should none the less maintain your decorum at all points in time.

8. You are bound to receive useful feedback:

During an interview, most often recruiters do give the interviewees some feedback or the other. So even if you do not want to go for the interview, you should go, so that you receive the feedback and work on your own job skills.

No matter how old we turn, there is always room for growth and betterment. So it is vital to take such useful feedback in the positive spirit and become better over time. If you are stubborn in your ways and unable to let go of your bad habits, then no company will feel like hiring an individual like you.

9. There is no harm in just appearing for an interview:

No matter how afraid you are to appear for an interview, it is always a good idea to just appear for the interview. There is simply no harm in appearing for an interview. Think of it this way, when appearing for an interview, you have nothing to lose, on the contrary you have so much to gain.

The more interviews which you appear for, it is going to give you an edge over your other contemporaries. So even if you have an interview with a small company, be sure to appear for it, as it will serve you well, when you appear for bigger and more important job interviews in the future.

10. You will be acquainted with the kind of questions that are usually asked:

Though each interview is unique in its own way, yet most often there are certain questions which are always asked in the course of an interview. Interviewers are very smart and experienced individuals, they are able to ask the same questions in a number of ways. It is only when you appear for a number of interviews that you will be able to identify such nuances and alter your answers to suit the question.

In the course of an interview, the interviewers are checking your comprehension skills. Some questions which may baffle you initially include, ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’ or “why did you apply for this job?

11. Never make your judgments based on what others say:

Most often people choose not to go for interviews, simply because of what they have heard about the company from their friends or family members. However rather than believing what others tell you, it is better that you go and come to conclusions on your own.

In the business world no one is your friend and many people do attempt to pass on false and incorrect information. Never be one of those individuals who blindly believe what others tell you, rather try and be a thinking person that comes to conclusions based on strong evidence.

12. You will get a chance to interact with the company employees:

One of the major reasons why going for an interview is so important is because it gives you the chance to interact with the employees of the company.

It is only when you interact with employees of the company that you will be able to understand how the company functions and whether the management is good or not.

It often happens that companies which appear to have a very negative work environment from the outside might actually be having a very good work environment.

13. Never pass off on an opportunity which presents itself:

Today even getting the opportunity of appearing for an interview is tough. So if you have managed to bag an interview, you should not let such a chance slip from your hands. Ask anyone in the business world and they will tell you, how in the world of economics, time means money.

If someone was really not interested in giving you the job, they would have never called you in for an interview and wasted their precious time. If you have been called for an interview, the least you can do therefore is be present for it. Believe it or not, once you get a bad name, no company will hire you. News in the business world travels very fast.

14. It is practice which makes one perfect:

Rather than reading things online or asking advice from people, the most effective ways of understanding what companies want, is by actually appearing for an interview and speaking with the company representatives.

There is some truth in the common saying, that practice makes perfect, so appear for as many interviews as you possibly can in order to understand just what is expected of you, in terms of mannerisms, dress and even words.

15. Not wanting to go, is all the more reason to go!

Not wanting to appear for an interview is all the more reason to go, simply because it allows you to play hard to get. Once a company knows that you have better job offers awaiting you, they will automatically value you much more. This having been said, it does not mean that you act in a smug or disrespectful manner.

16. Never be lazy:

Many people do not appear for interviews, simply because they are lazy and convince themselves that they are content in their own jobs. If you want to become something in life, it is advisable that you really chase after your dreams and never settle for any ordinary jobs. Learn to think out of the box and be ready to be pro active no matter what opposition happens to present itself before you.

Given the present economic scenario across the world, bagging a job is a tough task indeed. Yet, based on the above reasons it is advisable that you appear for as many interviews as you possibly can. Appearing for any interview is an art in itself, which not many are able to master. It is only when you really put your best foot forward and try your hardest that you will learn the way of giving a good interview. Once you are able to create a good impression during your interview, that in itself is half of the job done for you.