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How to be a Good Recruiter in Network Marketing: 20 Top Tips


Direct selling can fetch you big money, but for that, you need to work really hard. It has potential, but from the very beginning, you will have to ensure that you recruit the right kind of people. No matter what your background is, almost everybody can start network marketing or direct selling. Initially, as you are starting without any prior experience in network marketing recruitment, there are chances that you will end up suffering from wrong recruits.

But, as you move forward in direct selling, you will know exactly who will be beneficial for your direct selling and you will have no problem with the recruiting. You must have the proper knowledge and network marketing recruiting skills before you start signing up people for the business of yours.

There are some common mistakes that almost everybody has committed when they were starting their business or sometimes later. This is one avenue through which you can turn into successful owners of a business, but all this is only possible when you know whom to recruit.

Network Marketing RecruitmentWhat is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is where you find independent agents serving as the distributors of services or goods and building up their own sales force. The recruitment and training is done by these independent agents only.

Even the onus of managing the sales force lies in these independent agents. This is also known as multilevel marketing and cellular marketing as well. The income is based on the commission earned by the agent and his sales force.

This network marketing industry is not a small one rather; it’s a billion-dollar industry that has its wing spread all over the world. This gives us a clear understanding of the network marketing business.

Successful Network Marketing Recruiting Tips:

Yes, you need to wait for some time before you taste success in the network marketing system, but for that you will have to plan your business well. Here are some tips for you to success in network marketing –

  1. It is important to figure out, which company will be apt for you and for that you can go online and research on the companies before starting up with them
  2. Study well about the products and services of the company and how good they are because if they are having negative feedback already, then there is no use in joining the bandwagon
  3. Ask questions to your recruiter and only join them if you feel that they have answered your question clearly regarding the sales figure and the recruitment figure as well
  4. Before signing the contract you must see how the company is making money, if you feel that the company earning is from recruitment only, then there is something fishy going on and you must stay away from this company
  5. You must prepare a business plan where it must clearly mention your target group and products along with the marketing strategy that you will adopt to reach out to the maximum number of customers
  6. Mentors play a huge role in network marketing and if you have the right mentor by your side, then you won’t have much of a problem in getting started with moderate success from the very beginning
  7. Before starting the business you must study about the product well because you are going to sell this product and in case you are not able to answer your customer’s query, then it would be a disaster
  8. It is important to attend the meetings and also be a part of the training call as it will help you in learning new techniques and also make contacts

Successful Network Marketing Recruitment Strategies:

In network marketing, the right mix of recruitment is the key to success and if you can do it correctly, then you will be successful in no time. Here are some tips that you can try while recruiting for your network marketing –

1. Blogs are a great option:

Blogging is one successful platform and everybody is using it for their benefit. Even you can use the blogging field to generate leads whom you can recruit.

2. Social networking sites:

You can make use of the social networking site and connect with maximum number of people without spamming. Networking and spreading the word of mouth is important, but never indulge in spamming otherwise you won’t be able to get a single recruit.

3. Grow people’s interest in your business:

Share the report along with some useful information that will help the people know how fruitful the business is and grow their interest in this field.

4. Newsletter:

In order to build a relationship with the subscribers, newsletter plays an important role in that. Over time the subscribers will show their interest in your business and you will be able to recruit them.

They will already have all the information about the business and you won’t have to spend a lot of time in training them or making them aware of your business.

5. Business cards:

Carry your business card along with you to every event and whenever someone expresses even a bit of interest in what you do, hand the business cards over to them. This way you can make the most out of any event.

6. Videos:

We all know that anybody would love to watch something interesting, rather than going through simple texts all throughout. Therefore, shoot your own video and upload it to get business opportunity leads from there.

7. Try your customer base:

You have sold your products to these people and they already are convinced about the services that you are offering, so you will find easy to recruit them and help you in your network marketing.

8. Referrals:

When you are explaining the business prospects to a person and he doesn’t seem interested, then ask him to refer someone whom he feels will be interested.

You can arrange home parties and let everybody know about the products you are selling and how they can also enjoy some good amount of income by selling the same products.

9. Newspaper ads:

It is one of the oldest ways of attracting recruits and it is never late to try it out.

10. Car magnets:

Attach some attractive car magnets with the website address and number on it and people will surely call you back or visit the site to get more information about this.

11. Presentations:

If you can arrange a large group of people, then you can come up with a beautiful presentation showing them how you have benefited from the business opportunities and how they can do it as well.

12. Free gifts:

Everybody enjoys some kinds of freebies and if you hand out the products as gifts, then they will start getting interested in the business as well.


These are some of the ways that you can try to attract the best recruit in network marketing and turn out to be a great recruiter as well. Try to be creative and you will surely be successful recruiter in no time because here you are the one who is managing everything on your own.

So, you can opt for any legitimate procedure for recruiting people who you think will be good at this without answering any higher officials.