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Moving Up the Ladder: 18 Things that will get you Promoted


Getting promoted while in job is a great achievement and there are few employees who get struck in their present designation and struggle a lot to get promoted. It is a tough way to climb the corporate ladder to get promoted. It is important to observe the few ways that would help you to climb the tough competition and impress your higher officials. By getting focused on actions and tips to impress higher officials, one can become a valued employee in an organization. Here are a few tips that would help you to get promoted in an organization.

things that get you promotedStrategies for Getting Promoted or Moving Up the Ladder:

1. Challenging:

There are more chances for an employee to get promoted when he possess the capability to challenge his bosses thinking. This does not intend that the employee should argue with the boss often, it is that when the employee has some plan which does not sync with the boss; it should be brought out directly. The employee can also make use of data, facts and examples in order to bring out their valid point. This can be considered an excellent way to get promoted.

2. Issues and bad news first:

It is always good for an employee to bring out the bad news or issues happening inside first rather than the good ones. There are two main reasons for presenting the bad news first. The first thing is that the boss will get to know that the employee is aware of the issue and working towards it. Secondly the boss is offered ample time to prepare solutions for the same. So large scale or constant problems should be informed to the boss well in advance.

3. Concentrating only on job:

Every office environment has many people working around with different personalities. In such situations it would be good to keep complaints within yourself unless if there is a real issue such as unsafe environment, or work related ones. It is said by certain bosses that an employee’s duty is to make bosses life easier. Do not pull out issues and make a drama at the work place, concentrating on work is one main aspect which can assist the employee to get promoted.

4. Smile always:

It is essential to present your boss that you love your job as there are many inputs from the boss side. The boss spends more time with the employee than with the family, pays more and also helps the employee more and hence carrying a smile makes the boss believe that you enjoy the work. Irrespective of the deadline and workload the employee should smile as other employees would take hints from you. Frowning and snapping at co-workers would surely get you back the same. To get promoted one should take a deep breath, smile a lot and show your boss that you’re happy and enjoying work.

5. Taking notes:

Taking notes with a pen or paper in hand is a good way to impress your supervisor, recording things which are necessary later is a good sign for promotion. Boss or higher officials are bored to tell the same things again and again. If the employee isn’t clear or unable to catch up, making notes can be a good idea. Whether in a meeting or conference the aspects that have been discussed can be written down as it reminds you and processes the information. By this way doubts and queries arise and one can get them cleared immediately.

6. Do not skip office outings:

Office parties are chances to socialize with the coworkers, in the same manner many business dealings and other news are known in an office outing. And hence it is mandatory to attend office outings. Whether it’s a new project head to be appointed or an employee to be sent abroad, office outing is the right situation and hence attending office outings is mandatory.

7. Do not expect:

For any employee to get promoted it is important and essential that the employee is worth it. Confidence can be one great tool to be carried by the employee rather than expecting for reward or promotion. The basic qualification for promotion is hard work and confidence.

8. Hold your position:

Being a team player is amazing but moaning over the role when responsibilities are given or to take part in a project is required. A team player is clenched in order to know the capability of the employee. In recent times every office unit from department to the complete company is being replaced by teams and hence every employee is expected to play the role of a team player. It would be otiose and worsening when an employee complaints about the role in the organization.

9. Volunteering to work:

In order to assist in the growth of the company and project, the employees should come forward and volunteer or ask work from the boss. They should not wait for work to be assigned to them. The employee should be ready to take initiative and seek the boss help for every step in the project and in the same manner the employee should put in his complete skill and work on.

10. Bringing in solutions:

When an employee comes up with an issue, it would be helpful for his promotion when he also comes up with a solution of how to fix it. It would be good to take initiative and bring in new ideas and do a better job before being asked. These aspects are mandatory for promotion. Employees who are able to do something on their own have more chances to get promoted.

11. Doing the right job:

The perfect candidates who are recommended for promotion are the ones who fulfill their chores in a perfect manner. Depending upon their roles they should be able to manage work and handle the task in a perfect manner.

12. Essentials apart from work:

Apart from performance reviews there are many other aspects too which add to your promotion. In that manner punctuality, perfect attendance, and preparedness of a candidate to go an extra mile when the organization demands are few important things which should be followed. Another thing to concentrate on is to show up to work five minutes early and leave a few minutes late can be added advantage for promotion.

13. Make others know that you’re doing something good:

It can be bad to toot one’s own horn but it is not good for merits to speak to themselves. It would be good suggestions for the employee if he has a good association with the boss and lets his boss know all the good aspects he does in work. it is not good to be a brown-nose or an attention grabber but it would be perfect to get the required credits if pending.

14. Being famed in the organization:

It is true that promotions are basically based on merits where office politics also play a major role in getting a candidate promoted or not. In order to get promoted an employee is required to use his skills, be active and help his colleagues at times needed, maintaining good relationship with people around the organization and also networking with people in and outside the organization. When a candidate is highlighted chances to get promoted are more.

15. Learn new skills:

As an employee you can be the best employee in your role, example the best customer service executive or a best developer. When promotion is under discussion and you need to be the one in the promotion list, it is mandatory to learn new skills and update your knowledge. Getting updated with the latest technology is important in order to get promoted.

16. Being innovative:

To get appreciation for our work it is mandatory to deliver high quality output, it is equally important for employee to go ahead and stand out of the rest in order to get promoted. Employees should make sure to present work in creative ways and get solutions for hassles that occur in the work place.

17. Perfect dressing:

Attire is another main aspect which shows that the employee is ready for promotion. So dressing up in a professional way can very well inform that the employee is ready for higher position.

18. Open up that you’re a good leader:

Leadership is one main important aspect that is required for higher position. In that manner being a good leader is important to show yourself as best in opportunities that are available. Show your leadership skills and pave way to get promoted.

These are a few important tips which employees can follow in order to get promoted. Promotion is important and need these few techniques to be handled from the start. Apart from skills and merits these hints can be supporting ones for an employee to get promoted. Employees who are struggling to get promoted can run through these tips and get promoted.