Mass Mailing:

Mass mailing is a form of communication through emails when dealing with more number of people. This communication model is processed by almost every business, provided the way they use it differs as per their requirements.

Communication through emails is a professional way of contacting activity and helps you reach a wide range of customers at once.

Wisestep facilitates the usage of emails to interact or network with multiple clients or customers. The other features it provides are:

  • Schedule bulk emails
  • Prepare autoresponders
  • Create email templates

Things to consider when using mass email:

The primary purpose of the mass email is to send out important information or updates to multiple customers and Wisestep helps you perform it effectively. This holds a very important role as it helps you maintain good business relations with your customers.

The content sends out through mail also varies according to the business requirements. It can be any like the business update, newsletter, event invitation, follow up activity etc.

The other convenient option Wisestep provides to its customers is the customized email templates. The email templates are predefined by default and serve basic requirements.

An important note is to check the list of emails and make sure that all the emails ids are valid. Invalid email ids can lead to emails not getting delivered. This can make the candidates miss out on important information.

Wisestep also offers you the features to track the number of clicks and the bounce rate your email receives at the candidate’s side.

Wisestep Mass Mailing Process:

The process of sending out bulk emails or mass emails can be performed in two ways

  1. Sending out bulk emails through a manual process
  2. Scheduling bulk emails

Advantages of Mass Mailing:

  1. Time-saving
  2. An easy way of updating the customers
  3. Preparing new mailing lists depending upon the current business requirements
  4. Scheduling of emails as per convenience
  5. Tracking the performance of the emails
  6. Providing the option of email opt-out to customers who want to unsubscribe or subscribe

How to Run Awesome Email Campaigns with your Partners?

Follow the simple steps to Easily Create, Send and Analyze Your Email Campaigns. Get your Partners to send their Available Candidates to you rapidly

  1. Upload your Partner Emails List
  2. We check the list for valid Emails
  3. Select the Job
  4. Broadcast jobs to your brand new validated list
  5. Receive responses into your Inbox

Upload your Partner Emails List

We check the list for valid Emails

Select the Job

Broadcast jobs to your brand new validated list

Receive responses into your Inbox