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How to Manage Someone Older and Experienced than you?


Being young and recruited in an organization an employee may have the chance to handle the entire team of different professionals where some are older than them. There are scenarios where an employee is young associated with an old employee. In such situations frustrations and misunderstandings are common. The old employees who are in a team vision younger employees in a degraded view. There are plenty ways to handle an old employee and link the age gap without hazarding the team and its productivity.

manage someone older than you

17 Excellent Tips to Lead People Older Than You:

1. Avoid being a boss:

As an employee you can be a team leader handling people who are older than you. It would be advised not to be a boss in front of older employees as old habits are something which take time to die. Older people should be offered ample time to adapt to your leadership style and qualities. Till then handing tasks can be focused on and this is a main way to handle old employees.

2. Be an effective communicator:

A good communicator is one who knows when to listen and when to speak out. A young employee can have a number of thoughts in mind which is ready to be spoken out in order to show your state and performance. It is also equally good to calm down your voice and listen to what the older people wanted to say and process it. Old employees should be respected, valued and heard where in this way they look at you at your maturity and not age. They are very keen about words and listen carefully what young employees speak and so using the right phrase and in an respected manner is another way to manage old employees.

3. Valuing staff:

Old employees mean more experienced and not wiser ones always. When you have old employees in your team take time to learn about them, identify their strengths and unique talents in them. Find out ways to incorporate their opinions and also honor their gifts. When they are honored they automatically have a good sight in the team leader who is younger. By this way you’re highlighted as a team leader when you focus on each individual and value their strengths.

4. Concentrate on the result:

Every individual in a team has a number of needs which must be met in order to succeed. The needs of the staff are to be attended and satisfied rather than judging the aspect. In order to succeed and bring out the best result, the needs of the older employees needs to be satisfied, keeping aside ego. They may require many aspects but it is sure that they offer a perfect output.

5. Handle age question:

It is actually illegal to ask an employee’s age in the workplace but older employees do ask your age. It is important to handle this age question in a swift manner. They can judge you if you can handle the job or not, by the answer you give. If you do not desire to answer the age question handle it with a smile and a decent reply. Be prepared with relevant answers to answer the question. Make sure you do not answer in an arrogant or bad manner, respecting and tackling the question is important.

6. Avoid spilling anger on team:

Surveys show that when an employee is stressed in his work environment then anger, concentration issues and disorganization takes place. The manager’s temperament is what decides the mood of the employees. When the manager is angry and frustrated and shows the same on the team members it can lead to the team members looking for de facto leadership in the organization. The team has members of all ages within them and so the young leaders should watch out their way of behavior. Being calm and still are mandatory aspects to handle employees of higher age. Behavior is one main aspect which judges the mood of the older employees.

7. Be interested towards them:

With many old employees, the younger generations these days build a generation gap and they stay a few steps behind from these old employees. But the fact is that younger employees should not be dismissive, they should take interest and teach the old employees new skills and techniques. When all young employees have a chat, pull in old employees so that they travel to a younger age and enjoy your thoughts too. You cannot judge old employees as incapable just because they can’t tweet or use a Bloomberg terminal.

8. Learn from them:

Though old employees have a greater age they also have enhanced experience. Young employees though they work with the old employees in the same designation or a higher designation than them must realize that they have been in business for years and crossed many hurdles with the organization. They would have worked with many bosses and so they know better how to handle certain situations. The young employees can make use of the chance and learn more stuff from their experience.

9. Varied lifestyle:

It is important to understand the differences in lifestyle with the age differed people. They may be the best employees and wanted to dedicate time for their family then allow them for the same and in case there are any events at that moment, try to reorganize the same.

10. Show them that they are valued:

When decisions are made, and you take a different decision show them the decision and make them understand that their contribution is also included. Seek their perspective and make them valued. Show that due to their contribution the decision has worked out. This makes them feel that they are counted and valued.

11. Get to know their motivation:

There are many old employees where they prefer good benefits instead of bonuses and they have their own flexible working hours. Make a note of it and try to get them their requirement that can match with the company.

12. Conversing with them:

It is always good to have a good conversation with old employees explaining them about the changing and specifications in the organizations. You cannot assume that they know everything but instead speak a lot and make things understand.

13. Meetings:

A meeting can be conducted with old employees so that things are spoken out and their expectations are determined. In the same manner what they expect from the company is also known. By this way the employees are managed effectively and also the expectations of the older employees are considered. Goals for the team are set and they get started to work well.

14. Providing training:

As the technology and culture keep changing, it can be sometimes difficult for the old employees to cope up with the current trend. As a leader the main task would be train employees and make sure they are prepared for the job. All assumptions about old employees are to be thrown away and new technology is to be taught them. They must be provided with all the necessary resources and requirements.

15. Standing firm:

An older employee can always challenge your leadership just because you’re younger in age and have less experience. In such scenarios maintain respect, stand on your ground firm and take up the old employees ideas too and take up good ones. Do not react in anger in such situations.

16. They are energetic:

Actually it is the older people in the industry who are energetic and have a passion towards their work. They work because they are energetic, love their work and enjoy the same. Younger ones must not assume that they cannot, instead enjoy and share their energy and boost them up at work.

17. Rewards and hikes:

The older employees should be identified and rewarded for their work and contribution. They must be given hikes, rewards and mementos for their achievements. In this way they are boosted and difference in generations is also diminished. They feel that they are valued and important in the organization.

Older employees are always a pillar and strength to the organization as they show the right path and offer right decisions. They have been in the industry for years and so they know the technics in the industries journey. The younger employees just need to consider them and offer them complete freedom in whatever they do. They can be confident that the old employees always take the right path and lead the organization towards the route of success. Above mentioned are a few tips in handling old employees. This is mandatory because in the corporate world today, young people are taking up the responsibility as team members and needs adequate knowledge on handling older people. These hints can be beneficial for team leaders and young employees who work with old employees and find difficult in managing them.