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How to Look Good in Skype Interviews: Top 10 Tips


The number of qualified candidates far exceeds the number of job vacancies. That is one simple reason why the job seeking process has become a lot tougher. Every stage or round of the job interview is a very big competition. You need to look good, speak well and create a lasting impression to bag the job you desire. The interview can these days be scheduled as video skype interviews with the help of internet.

look good in skypeTips to Look Good and Rock your Skype Interviews:

The myriad benefits of Skype job interviews have made it a common practice in the modern companies. The Skype interviews enable the employers to conduct an interview with the candidate who resides far away.

Skype interviews are known to be different from the normal telephonic and face to face interviews. However, preparing well for such an interview can help you get hired for the job which you always wished to have. If you know what to expect or how to prepare for this kind of a job interview, the whole process will get simplified.

Here are some tips that you should follow to look good in a Skype interview:-

1. Face the camera and not the screen:

face the cameraCandidates are usually aware of the significance of maintaining an eye contact during a job interview. It is very alluring to look at one’s interviewer during a Skype session. If you understand the use of this technology, you will realize that to maintain a direct eye contact with the interviewer, you will have to look directly towards the video camera.

An eye contact during interview signifies self esteem, confidence, reliability, courage and knowledge. You often fail to convey these to an interviewer by missing to make eye contact. In a case of Skype interviews, it may not be your body language but your lack of acquaintance that may cause you to create a poor impression.

2. Dress formally for the Skype interview:

Candidates often tend to take their Skype interview less seriously because they do not have the interviewer right in front of them. The candidates forget that the interviewers never lose seriousness and your casual approach can act against you. It is vital that you dress formally just as you would for a face to face interview.

You must remember that in Skype, the portion from head to waist is visible. Dress formally from your head to waist. Select the right formal shirt and choose a good tie to match the shirt. Interviewers always expect their candidates to follow a professional dress code while appearing in a Skype interviews. If you are dressed properly for the Skype interview, it gives the hiring managers an impression that you are serious about the job.

3. Practice well for the interview:

practice skype interviewYou should perform a practice interview with a friend. During the initial few sessions on Skype, you will feel awkward especially if you learn to watch the camera rather than the screen. Spend some time practicing so that you can perform at your best level during the interview.

A practice session of few mock Skype interviews will prepare you better and help you gain confidence. You can have your near and dear ones to take such interview sessions and provide their valuable feedback regarding the same. Improve yourself by listening to feedback provided by others who care.

4. Arrange your surroundings:

In a case of Skype and video interviews, the ambiance needs to be perfect for the interview to go smoothly. Arranging your surroundings to create the perfect professional ambiance is vital if you have to look good in a Skype interview. Arrange your surroundings in a manner that is distraction free not just to you but also to your interviewer. Avoid clutter in the surroundings of the place where you plan to sit for the job interview.

To look good in a Skype interviews implies that you appear to be a neat and organised gentleman. If your surroundings are cluttered, it reveals the converse to the interviewer. Look for a quiet place for the interview without any backdrop to ensure that your face becomes the screen’s focal point. Be prepared before the scheduled time of the interview.

5. Make sure that there are no interruptions:

If there are a lot of people staying in your residence, inform them beforehand that you will be appearing for a Skype interview. This will ensure that they stay away from your room. It would look very unprofessional if your potential employer finds that there are too many interruptions while the Skype session is on.

You also need to check your internet connection and the package expiry date beforehand. It could be really embarrassing if the interview is interrupted simply because you haven’t recharged your account on time. It will also give an impression that you lack foresight. This point can act against you during the interview session.

6. Maintain a pleasant facial expression during the interview:

facial expression interviewExpressions matter a lot during all job interviews. You need to have complete control over your expressions during a job interview. In a face to face interview, the interviewer sees you and knows you better than in a Skype interview. So you get an opportunity understand what the interviewer feels about you and also gets an opportunity to cover up. In Skype interview, control on expressions is much more vital.

During a normal interview, you would smile once you arrive at the venue. But doing the same would be tough during a Skype interview. Due to the presence of cameras, you might feel less free to smile. If that is the problem, then try to get over the tension by smiling in front of the mirror. This will help you to stay relaxed during the interview. Prepare yourself so that you create the same impression that you would create in a direct face to face interview.

7. Utilize notes and Take Advantage of Skype Job Interview:

There are some merits too of having your job interview on Skype rather than face to face. Candidates often get nervous when they miss out the points they planned to mention during the interview session. This nervousness makes them appear less confident or scared. This issue is completely averted during a Skype interview.

One of the plus points of a Skype interview is that you can keep a cheat sheet open. Therefore, you won’t have to memorize all points that you want to mention. Don’t hesitate to make use of notes during your interview. A look at the points you have jotted for reference can help you with a better chance to get employed in your dream company, so why not?

8. Confidently Address Technical Issues Without Delay:

In spite of all the prior preparation, things may go wrong during the interview. This could be due to technical issues with the internet connection. If something like that happens, you need to be frank about it. Concealing such facts can always act against you.
While appearing for a video interview, there’s always a risk of a technical glitch like a problem in connection or distorted signals. Instead of giving a wrong answer because you didn’t answer the question, you can request the interviewer to repeat it. If the problem persists, then discuss it with him.

9. Have Control Over your Body Language:

skype interview body languageRemember that seeing is believing. In a video interview, the interviewer is keenly observing you. Physical notes are observed more minutely during Skype interviews rather than face to face interviews. Therefore, you will need to have a good posture. Loosen your shoulders to make sure that they are not stiff.

Avoid itching your head or rubbing your nose. Digging for gold or biting your nail can cause you to lose a golden job opportunity. Good control on body language is extremely important for a Skype job interview.

1o. Retain the Interviewer’s Interest:

You need to make sure that the interviewer is not distracted during the interview process. If the interviewer loses interest in what you are replying during the interview process, it is time to alter your answers. You need to draw the complete attention of the interviewer if you really wish to have a job. If the interviewer gets distracted, he may miss out on significant parts of your answer.

While you speak, stop from time to time and ensure that the interviewer feels interested in whatever you say. Keeping a track of the interviewer’s interest level during a Skype interview is important as his attention may be diverted by e-mails that pop up.

The challenges associated with a Skype job interview can be quite different from that of a face to face job interview. Yet, the key principles that govern both the interviews remain the same. Better preparedness will help you through the Skype job interview. The above mentioned tips help you understand how to appear for this kind of a job interview. You may also seek guidance from friends who have appeared for similar job interviews. Their feedback can prove extremely helpful while appearing for the interview.