Life is the primary priority for everyone. So, this lifeguard job is a great and very important job also not to forget is so hard and risky sometimes. But few people take it as a passion not like job. Saving a life is an amazing and beautiful thing in lifeguard’s career.

Based on the job type there are many different requirements to look in. It is good if the candidate is having the real-time experience, if not he has to acquire it. The word competition is common in every field, it is also present here also.

Top Lifeguard Resumes:

So to beat the competition you must apply for this job with a proper resume template. After spending some time finally we have collected 9 best lifeguard resume templates. Those who wants to apply for lifeguard position can use these templates and create a best resume for this sector.


Lifeguard resume:

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Lifeguard resume template:

lifeguard resume template

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Lifeguard resume example:

lifeguard resume example

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Sample lifeguard resume:

sample lifeguard resume

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Clean resume:

clean resume

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Easy perfect resume:

easy perfect resume

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Swim instructor resume:

swim instructor resume

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Swim coach resume:

swim coach resume

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