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How to Lead With Purpose: 9 Simple and Best Ways


Great companies are not built in a matter of one day; rather they reach a certain level of excellence only after a considerable period of time when all the various groups of the company works tirelessly towards one goal. For a company to function well, all the employees must pull their own weight and do their best at all given points in time. However the most important person of any organization or company is the leader. A leader has to be someone with a purpose so that he can lead his employees in the right direction. Here are some things to keep in mind.

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What does it mean to lead with purpose?

1. It means to define reality:

Defining reality implies that the leader takes it upon himself to present the hard facts to the employees so that they realize, in no uncertain terms the company’s strengths as well as weaknesses. For example, if a new rival company opens up and the employees start feeling deflated in spirit. At such a time it is the job of a leader to lead with purpose by defining reality for the employees and reassuring them about in what aspects they will be able to outdo the new company and how in what areas they need to improve so that they do not end up losing any of their precious clients at any cost.

2. Explain things to the employees in a comprehensive manner:

A leader with purpose is someone who knows what the company represents and knows everything about the company and hence has no qualms about constantly repeating the employees what they have to do especially when the employees being confused about something or the other. It is incredibly important that a leader with purpose is able to break things down into simplistic terms and convey things to employees so that they do not end up making any mistakes when they are carrying out duties which have been entrusted to them by the higher authorities. Such blunders are a huge waste of time and money.

3. Allow them to see things through your eyes:

Since you are a man of vision and intense determination it is important that you convey the things which you are envisioning to the employees so that they too are encouraged to dream big. If you keep them at sea about what you are doing and what the company is up to, then they will never be able to feel at one with the company. A leader with purpose is someone who is able to unite everyone in the company so that everyone works in unison and no one ends up trying to chase their own selfish motives or agendas.

4. Explain to the employees how their job is instrumental in the company’s success:

Leading with purpose is that you convey to the employees how their distinct function affects the general performance of the company. Leading with purpose means that not only do you have the purpose but you inspire others to have this sense of purpose within them as well. If they feel important and needed then they are bound to give their best. In addition to letting them feel important they will understand that if they do not do their respective jobs in a proper manner, then it will be very easy for you to trace a problem back to them especially considering how transparent the entire system is.

5. Never deviating from the tasks and goals at hand:

When a person leads with purpose he has a distinct goal in mind. He is very goal oriented and will try his level best not to deviate from the path. Being like this is very good indeed as it ensures that things do not go off track and because such is the case, no time is wasted as well. In the corporate world, time is invaluable and it is only those who are foolish would ever waste it. Adhering to deadlines and being focused at all times is the only way to ensure that the company does not flounder no matter how tough times are or no matter what hurdles might happen to come its way.

6. Implies not constantly seeking approval from others:

Purpose is something which is the very backbone of any company. Without having such a purpose the company might easily go off track and astray. A person who leads with purpose knows what he wants and will never make the mistake of constantly seeking approval from one and all. This being stated it is important to note that he or she will take advice from people and make informed decisions but he will never doubt himself at any point in time. This is one of the main qualities of a person who leads with purpose. It is this purpose which works as a catalyst steering the company on.

7. Knowing exactly what to do and when to do it:

A person who leads with purpose is someone whose sense of purpose stems from a great amount of technical skill and knowledge as well as a great amount of practical wisdom. Such an individual has the ability to think on his feet and even rationalize things very easily. It is for these reasons that a person who leads with purpose has the ability to know what to do as well as when to do it. He has the inherent ability to make judgment calls which he knows will benefit the company a great deal. A leader with no sense of purpose is no good leader at all.

Simple Ways to Lead with purpose:

1. Having a distinct plan of action:

In order for a person to lead with purpose he must be well aware of what he is doing. If he is unsure of himself or what is expected of someone who is in his position then he will never be able to do what is expected of him, rather he will just be a wanderer that acts erratically. Having a basic outline according to which he will work will constantly help him along his way however in the course of things if he thinks of some improvements which can be made upon his plan then he will never hesitate to make the inclusions.

2. Being confident no matter what:

How can an individual lead with purpose if he has no confidence in himself or what he is trying to get across to the employees. Having courage in your own convictions is one of the simplest ways in order to help you lead with purpose. It is only people who have confidence and have had the strength to dream that will be able to make it big in life and lead their companies to greater heights. However confidence and self assurance does most, but over confidence for a person who has unrealistic goals will not be able to go very far.

3. Having a positive outlook:

A simple way to lead with purpose is to have appositive outlook in general as well as to have a positive outlook towards work that is given. If you are negative in the manner in which you function, then it negatively affects your sense of purpose and rather it will seem like you are being forced to do things. A positive attitude can go a long way in influencing the manner in which you work and the manner in which you are able to get your forces to function as well. Staying positive simply depends on the kind of person you are, as well as your temperament.

4. Inspiring others to do better and reach their potential:

To lead with purpose you must identify where each of your employee’s strengths and weakness lies then only can you work comprehensively towards achieving your goals. For this to happen, you have to ensure that you get to know employees both inside as well as outside the office so that you can make use of their capabilities for the betterment of the company. A leader with a purpose does not focus on himself rather he drives everyone and ensure that they do give their best as that is what is expected from them, no matter what.

5. Never accepting defeat no matter what the odds are:

Accepting defeat is something which only weak individuals do. To lead with purpose you have to ensure that you believe in what it is that you are trying to say and believe that all your goals are very much attainable. The higher you aim for, the more your company will be able to achieve. Daring to dream is something which not all of us are capable of. But a leader with a purpose can do it as he works tirelessly towards achieving what he has set out to achieve in terms of his individual achievements as well as in terms of what he desires for the firm.

6. Not being rash and frivolous when taking decisions:

A person who leads with purpose does so simply by being calm, cool as well as collected at all points in time without being rash or frivolous. Since he has his purpose very well defined in his mind, he need not do things in a hurried manner, rather he is organized and ensures that everyone, down to the lowest rungs in the staff works in such an efficient manner so that all deadlines are met without any delay. He takes decisions in keeping with what has been decided much in advance. And if something needs to be thought over, he relies mainly on his own wisdom.

7. Reviewing the company goals constantly to ensure you do not lose sight of them:

A simple way to remain a leader with a purpose is by ensuring that you constantly stay up to date with all that the company represents, so that at no point in time do you lose track of things or forget what it is that you are aiming for. In this world, there are plenty of things which serves as temptations and at such times it is only a reminder like this, which serves as a reality check that will keep the leader grounded and stable.

8. Never oscillating or being unpredictable:

As mentioned above making rash decisions is certainly not something a person who leads with purpose does, in addition to that he or she does not oscillate from one decision to another. He ensures that he stands by promises which he has taken, words he has said or even things he has done. If he has gotten the company into problem he takes it upon himself to ensure that things get back on track as soon as possible.

9. Leading by example at all times:

Finally a leader with a purpose does not only go about making long speeches or telling others what to do rather this person who leads with a purpose also leads with example so that all employees emulate him and try their level best to live up to his expectations at all times.

So these are some guidelines to help you to be an efficient as well as effectual leader with purpose. Things might seem a little challenging as well as daunting at the onset however with time and a little experience you will be able to handle everything in an efficient manner. If a leader does not carry out his or her responsibilities out in a proper manner then it is the full company which will suffer. So ensure that at all costs, you try your best to take charge in a responsible manner and try your best to inspire your employees to work to the best of their abilities.