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15 Best Jobs or Careers You Can Do With A Law Degree


It is no new fact that people who have gained a degree in law are exceptionally smart as well as have an analytical bend of mind. The skills as well as the lessons you learn when you get a law degree are transferable to practically any other career field as well. Here is a comprehensive list of some of the top jobs or careers with a law degree you can do. Apply for a job in any of these fields and you are bound to be accepted with open arms.

jobs with law degreeCareers With a Law Degree You Can Get into:

The following mentioned are few alternate careers for lawyers or best jobs for law graduates.

1. Legal advisor or Company Secretary in a corporate house:

Company Secretaries in a company have the jobs of making sure that the company is following every sort of law to perfection so that at the later point the company does not need to spend thousands or millions because they have been sued by clients or customers. The legal advisor of a company is in direct contact with the board of directors of any office. So if you have a law degree this is one lucrative job that you could consider trying for. This can be taken as a best career with a law degree.

2. Professor in a school or college:

With a law degree as well as the skills of a good orator, you could always go into the field of teaching where you could impart your knowledge to the younger generation that aspires to enter this field. Teaching at the school or even at the college level is a job that pays very well and at the same time being a teacher is an extremely fulfilling job. So if you do not wish to be a part of the corporate world then a career path in academia is something that may interest you.

3. Management Consulting:

When entering into the field of management consulting, one has to be able to research as well as read up quickly about various companies that are coming to you for help and assistance. The study of law can help you in any branch of consulting including that of management consulting where you will be required to interact with all, right from the lower hierarchy in an office up to the board of directors in order to help bring about some necessary changes or implement some policies.

4. Finance and Banking:

Having a law degree certainly takes one a long way in the fields of banking as well as finance. These are two extremely broad categories within which you can apply for a real estate job or even a job as a tax advisor. Companies are constantly looking to recruit people to their companies and they are always more willing to hire people with a law degree because people who have sound knowledge of the law become an invaluable source of advice and counsel to the company.

5. Legal Publishing:

The first name that comes to mind when it comes to books pertaining to law is John Grisham, who has been able to carve a niche for himself in the world of literature owing to the fact that he has written powerful and gripping books that appeal to many across the globe. So if you think that you have what it takes to write a book and channelize your knowledge into one comprehensive piece of art then this is something that you could consider doing.

6. Script Writer:

Almost all good movies or serials have gripping court room scenes. So if you think that you have what it takes to take your legal knowledge and write an excellent movie or even a television script then this is a job that you should think about doing. Jobs in the entertainment industry as a script writer are not just exciting and rewarding but at the same time they are extremely well paying. If your work is good, people are bound to get up and take notice of it.

7. Entrepreneur:

No doubt that it is not compulsory of getting a law degree to become an entrepreneur yet that all those who have a law degree and have entered into the business world know that having a law degree certainly goes a very long way in helping you to come up with business strategies or even negotiating a business contract. In this day and age where companies have cut throat competition with another, any additional skill or knowledge over the rest can really help you.

8. Social Activist:

The job of a social activist requires some knowledge in the field of law so that at all times you make sure that you embark on no unconstitutional activities in your attempt to help others. Being a social activist is not an easy job at all however it is a job that is certainly going to make you feel good about yourself. Once you have gained an education, many people prefer to work for the betterment of society rather than going in for a regular nine to five office job.

9. Journalism:

Being a journalist is a twenty four hour job that involves plenty of travelling as well, however if you find this sort of a life interesting then being a journalist is your calling. Whether you are a print or television journalist, having a law degree is certainly going to help you ask insightful questions that are bound to baffle the accused. In addition to this, legal knowledge helps your media house in dealing with and battling against defamation suits which are often filed against them.

10. Public interest Advocacy:

One of the best things about being a student of law is that you learn to form strong opinions on various burning issues. So if you are that kind of person who is unable to follow the herd and if you are not afraid of standing up for your views and beliefs then one job that you can certainly try your hand at is public interest advocacy. If the cause you are fighting for is something which you genuinely believe in then your job will certainly not seem like a burden to you.

11. TV Host:

To be a good television host, you ought to be naturally a good speaker,a clear thinker as well as a charming personality. Owing to the facts that people with a law degree are taught primarily how to keep a cool head under all circumstances, they are hardly ever camera shy. When we think of people with a law degree that have gone on to pursue careers as television hosts the names that instantly come to mind are Star Jones as well as Geraldo Rivera.

12. Research Analysts:

The chief functions of any lawyer include researching about various cases as well as coming up with valid and strong arguments that could help them win their case. However the skills of doing research or even analyzing pieces of information can be transferred to any other career. These two skills are most necessary in the making of a good research analyst. So this is a lucrative job that you could apply for if you have a law degree.

13. Counselors:

If you think you could help other law students who have lost their way or who maybe be feeling uninspired due to various reasons then a law degree coupled with a counseling degree could really help you reach out to others who may be psychologically disturbed. Since you are a law student yourself you would know exactly what these students are going through and you could help them overcome their issues without resorting to things like drugs or alcohol. This is another best job with a law degree that can be done easily.

14. Politicians:

In most countries the politicians have little or no qualifications and that is why they resort to corrupt practices for their own personal gains. However if it is your desire to genuinely make a change then politics is something that is sure to interest you. Since you are well qualified with a law degree and in addition to this if you can express yourself well then people are bound to welcome you with open arms.

15. Fish and game warden:

If law has been your passion however you are not interested in a regular office job then something that you might fancy is becoming a fish and game warden. They are officers who have extensive legal knowledge pertaining to all the illegal hunting, fishing or poaching of endangered animals. These individuals live in the lap of nature away from civilization. So if this is something you feel strongly about then this is a perfect job for you!

So these are some of the top jobs that you can apply for if you have a law degree. Various companies as well as business houses are always willing to hire anyone with a law degree as they know that such individuals have the required skills and qualifications that enable them to think on their feet as well as communicate their ideas in a coherent and comprehensive manner without fumbling or stammering.