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Have Interview With a Recruiter? What to Say and not Say


Recruiters are the ones on whom the half of the future of the participant is dependent. So, one must be very careful regarding the words to be used by the individuals. What to say and what not to say is up to the person and also highly depends on the recruiters and the company itself. What things are to be said and what not are given as below:

Interview With a Recruiter

Interview With a Recruiter: 17 Helpful Tips to Succeed

1. That’s your last company:

Whenever you reach to the recruiters, you need not say that it is your last company or no. Recruiters have nothing to do with the fact that whether you are not going to work further. They are just concerned with the work you will do and the amount of efficiency you will put into the work.

2. I am highly paid or I need a high amount:

Never go and flaunt the salary you use to get during the previous jobs. Yes, telling simply about the salary status is fine, only when it is being asked, otherwise, do not take a lead of your own and also never start your conversation with the amount you get.

3. Never bad mouth the previous workplace:

You should never say bad things about the previous workplace to the recruiters. If you say bad things, you will not be entertained by them thinking if he can bad mouth his last company, then after leaving this one, he will surely say the same.

No doubt, every company has some or the other thing as a drawback, but singing those things loud, is absolutely not correct. One must think before he or she speaks, or it will affect you at large.

4. I will do what I want or wish to:

Recruiters want to hire those individuals who are passionate about their work. If you are not passionate, you are likely to get away from the golden opportunity. You are ought to do what you will be assigned to do.

So, do not make your own choices at work, after all you are going to be their employee and not the boss. You must be down to earth while you talk to the recruiters and never show your ego.

5. Well, it’s there on the resume:

There might be many things that recruiters may have to hear from the mouths of the job seekers, but listening that it’s already listed on the resume is the most annoying one. If the recruiter asks you something, you are required to answer that question instead of giving the frustrating reply of it’s there on the resume already.

6. Being polite is vital:

You are there either for any professional conversation or for giving any interview. So, whatever is the reason, you must stay polite and very soft in speaking. Do not be harsh in your language; you will be fired before getting hired.

7. Salary status:

You should never tell the salary of your own unless it is being offered to you. If you are offered the salary then you can demand for more or less, accordingly the position and the region. You can take this casual as well and may not tell them.

No one will put you at a point blank state to tell the salary you were at in previous company; neither can you prohibit the recruiters to ask such question. They have all the rights to know every sort of information in depth before offering you the position in the company.

8. Your virtues:

It would be better to show your skills and virtues instead of just saying them. You must do the things practical than just mere saying them through the words. Your virtues should be seen not talked about.

So, even if you have some skill, you must show it in practical by presenting them to the recruiters during the interview. For example, if you have accomplished any of the tasks, show the result to them instead of just saying that you did it.

9. You have always wished to work in such environment:

You can tell the recruiters that you have been in constant search of such an environment and this will be appreciable. The use of good and kind words towards others is always appreciated and obviously it puts up a great impression.

10. No personal talks:

Keep your domestic problems at home only. The recruiters are not there to solve your personal issues. You will have to be professional enough and also strong to keep your personal issues at a distance.

If you will bring your domestic issues within the professional conversation, you may have a strong chance of getting rejected, which you never want. So, it is better not start with it even.

11. Never give references:

If you know you have someone known working in the company, never mention the name of the person of your own or it will portray that you are there with someone’s reference and you are not able to create your own identity. So, never be dependent on any of the reference, if you have within the company.

12. Never postpone the decision:

Whatever is being asked to you should not be postpone for the next day or the next time. You can say like this, that you will think over it but do not say that you don’t know or you don’t want to answer this question. You can be a little diplomat for your own protection, but do not be harsh on face or make any of the blistering remarks.

If you will make harsh and the hurting remarks you will be taken into the negative consideration and you probably will lose the job. This is not your aim to lose anything. Be determined and achieve it.

13. Go and discuss about your aim:

You can be free and feel free to tell your aim and the goals loud to the recruiters. They are not the dummies who do not understand anything, rather they are those professionals who will ask you to find and catch the purple sparrows out there and also to find the needle in the haystack.

You should tell them loud about the aim you have in your life. The recruiters like to hire those who are mad and passionate about the work. So, you need to be passionate and not casual.

14. Be friendly with them:

Recruiters are not the ghost. They are humans as us, so be friendly with them. If you become friendly with them, they will prove to be the best partners in life especially when it will come to the job search process.

Do not be harsh even if you lose the job. May be some other day, they become your partner in grief. So, try and not to present the bad side of yourself to them. Be good and be true to them.

15. Be you and true to them and to yourself:

A person, who is not true to himself, can never be true to others as well. So, before you go and present yourself to the recruiters make sure you are true to yourself first and then to others.

16. You can share the reason why you left the previous job:

The recruiters will never feel unsafe of knowing the reason why you left the last job. So, you can tell them the reason why you left the job and what are your expectations regarding the new one.

For Example the place where the office was situated was very far and you could not commute, you were not satisfied with the work culture of the company, you expected increase in the salary but you did not get. So, like these any of the reason you can give to the recruiters.

17. Your expectations from this company:

You should put forward your expectations regarding this company to the recruiters. It is never a bad idea to put forward your expectations rather it shows how far sighted you are regarding your life and what aims you can have and also you can achieve in life.

Expectations show that you have higher aims and goals to acquire but may be you never got the same platform due to which you have to give up the idea every time you got the opportunity.

Finally :

So, above are some of the points that one should keep in mind while talking to the recruiters. No matter who the person is and what is the position of an individual, you just always think before you utter anything. Torrential downpour of harsh words will let you down in the eyes of all and also you will be considered as a man full of vices instead of the virtues. If you do not know what you should say and what not, kindly consult someone who is expert at talking to such professionals. It will help you a lot.