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How to Turn an Internship into a Job Offer?


Finding a job and a full time at that is not an easy task. Many youngsters having finished their studies are out on job hunt. At the same time, there are some others who learnt how to turn an internship into a job offer. Internships are part of most of the courses, in these days. If one is fortunate enough, the company where one is interning would be the most excellent place to showcase the skills and capabilities. These people were successful in their endeavor and now have a full time job with the same company that they interned at. In this article, the discussion is about some pointers on how to go about internship job offer.

turn internship into job offerTips for Turning your Internship to Full Time Job Offer:

1. Ensure the company is good:

The first thing that a person needs to do is to be sure that they like the company and wish convert the internship into the job. The internship will give the employer a fair idea of the skills and capabilities of the candidate as well as give one time to see if they like the culture at work and at office. It is an added chance to ensure the goals, requirements and capabilities for both the candidate as well as for the company.

2. Show one is a good fit with the company:

Ok, so now one is happy with the company and hope to land a full time job with the same company that the person did the internship from. If one agree with the culture and atmosphere at the office, the ardour that they illustrate added to the information gained, interning at the company could help the candidate in bagging the job. Go on to show that one is a very good fit with the company revealing work ethic and attire to the office, in league with that of the colleagues.

3. Work hard to get the job:

If one wishes to turn the internship into a permanent job, the candidate will have to work hard at the internships. Complete all the tasks given without much of an issue. Never regard any of the work given whilst interning as beneath ones dignity or schooling. Complete the work industriously and with ardour. Let the company and the manager realize the full potential of the candidate at the internship, so that the company would consider offering a full time job to the applicant.

4. Be aware that one is being watched while interning:

One needs to realize that while at the internship, work completed is being examined. The employer normally takes a look at each candidate to see how one is performing in the job. One’s attitude towards the task given is taken into account. For this reason, it is best if the candidate maintains professionalism towards the entire task given for one to do, even if it’s a simple or an important task.

5. Work efficiently, Maintain good rapport with  manager/clients/colleagues

Just working hard is not enough; one needs to do their most excellent, working to achieve quality in their work. Go beyond what is expected when one joins for the internship. Be on the look for the latest and new projects and even added work. Try to build up effective communications, thus building up rapport with the manager, the coworkers as well as with the existing and prospective customers of the company.

6. Academics and Skill could work in favor:

Best thing for one to do is to get good marks in their exams or courses, even as they perform well in the internship. This could go a long way to help someone on how to turn internship into a job offer. The boss or employer could easily get impressed with an internee that does well in academics as well as in the internship. At the same time, the employee should go on to build up the skills, gain knowledge of latest programs or even increase their potential. One should not forget to keep a posititve approach and should be enthusiastic to be taught.

7. Keep track of achievements and success:

If one keeps a list of their achievements and success during the internship, it would help the candidate better when they approach the boss or manager to ask for a permanent job. Not to forget, if one is resourceful and has pitched in with inventive ideas, while interning, they can better expect to land the job offer. Be eager to get information of new things and chip in towards the expansion of the company as well.

8. Team work helps a lot: 

Most of the supervisors or managers are normally impressed with a candidate that can work well together as a team with the rest of the collegues, while on the project. Be keen to approach the manager with any doubts, so as to learn more. Hang out with the rest of the team or collegues, both at job and even outside. Play sports with the collegues or even go out on picnics or on outings together, thus developing good bond with persons, which might assist one in the effort to land a permanent job with the company. Developing good relationship with the manager or boss also pays.

9. Clear the doubts while at work: 

In case of any uncertainties, while interning make sure to ask questions with regard to it. Get suitable explanation from someone on whatever the issue. Never act as if one knows everything, even when one is confused. Be alert and energetic at work. Treat it as the learning experience, so that one would know how to turn internship into a job offer. Employers are well aware that an internee is still learning things and those keen to learn new things impress the boss, a lot. One thing to understand is that the boss do not anticipate that the internee would know everything.

10. Limit the Use of Social Media: 

One would never realize, but ones supervisor or boss can see what the person is up to in the social networking sites. Hence, if one is serious about the internship go on clean up the social media. Make sure that no unprofessional posts can be seen anywhere on your social networking wall. Mention to friends to never tag the person, in any posts that are unethical or unprincipled, as it could go on to later cause trouble. At the same time, go on to use social networking sites for advantage. One can as well connect with people related to work, like the supervisor/ manager or colleague on the social networking sites. Get to know about company news, as well through these sites.

11. Part in good terms with the employer:

One thing to remember is that, if ever the internee wishes to turn his internship into a permanent job offer, then one needs to be in good terms with the supervisor/ employer, hiring team, clients or colleagues and more. If ever, the candidate is not capable to commence work with the company, immediately after completion of the internship, then one needs to part on good terms with the company. The first thing to make sure is to send out a letter thanking the supervisor for the experience and skills gained while on the internship. It would be even better if the person could go on to show appreciation to the hiring manager/ recruiter for having given the internship. This would ensure to build rapport with the hiring team. One can also keep on building a good friendship with the hiring manager or HR, which can come in handy at a later date in landing the job.

12. Be persistent and land that job offer:

Even with all these steps taken, one still might not land that permanent job immediately, at times. Could be because there was no immediate requirement for the company at that particular time or else could be that the competition for that position was so high that a better candidate landed that job. One can never be sure of the reason. On the other hand, whatever be the cause, if one has not found ways on how to turn an internship into a job offer, then no worries. The candidate needs to continue with the networking. One should never give up being persistent, so that the company would think to call the person, if ever another opportunity comes up. Other reasons could be that the candidate might have more work to finish before joining for permanent reason. This being the reason, if the internee left on best terms with the company, chances are door to the company would be open in case of another opportunity at a later date. Even if the company rejects application for one post keep reapplying for vacancies, that may cope up related to ones preference. Persistence is sure to prove fruitful, in the long term.