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How to Increase your Raise or Bonus Pay: 22 Tips


All of us working as employees don’t mind that extra pay raise in our pay or bonus. The easiest way to get more money is an increase in your pay. A sole increase in your pay if properly invested can make your increment even bigger.

Say if you get a raise of $3000 then it can lead to more money in your hand to spend. The increment is that happy times when you get that extra variable pay to spend on your dream wish. Like you can go on vacations, buy that beautiful piece of ornaments, or that home décor you always wanted.

increase raise or bonus pay

How much raise you get depends on the performance you give. But sometimes you think that the increment that you are getting is not satisfactory. There are certain parameters that determine the raise one gets.

These parameters are directly or indirectly related to the performance of the employee. So here are certain tips that can help to get an increase in your raise or bonus pay.

Supercharge Your Raise or Bonus Pay:

The following mentioned are few tips on how to ask for a raise at work and ways to  make more money through employee bonus or by asking for raise.

1. Talk to your boss:

If you are unhappy with the raise you are getting you should always talk to your boss. You got the job because you were the best out of the rest.

If ever you have to quit the job then it is a loss to the company as well. The company again has to go through the recruitment process, spend funds to fill in the place again and so on.

2. Self determining the raise:

What you get and what you want-there’s always a gap between them. There is always a least money that is needed by you to get daily bread and butter. And then there is that dream salary you always wanted for yourself.

Compare these two figures and then determine the bonus or raise in the salary that you are getting. It will help you to know the raise that you are getting is not sufficient. So, talk to your officials, convince them and get that raise that you always wanted.

3. Work hard:

As we all know the golden rule that hard work always pay. Performance always speaks better than words. If you are not getting the raise that you always wanted then work hard to get that dream raise of yours .Employers always are on a look out of the employees that are hard working.

4. Arrange for a meeting:

Always inform your boss about why you have arranged for the meeting with him. Sudden appearance before him and without knowing the topic of meeting may put your boss in a confused state of mind. This may lead to his loss of interest in the meeting.

5. Clarity in ideas:

Before presenting your thoughts to your boss always remain clear about the presentations you want to make. Always do your homework well. If required you can always present the officials that will stand on your side. Brief your previous achievements but don’t overdo it because it may lead to mix match situation or the employer.

6. Your contribution to the company:

Employers always want their company to be on the top. This can happen only when they have hardworking, dedicated, intelligent set of employees with them. When asking for a raise in your bonus, it can always be supported with your contribution to the company.

Explain your seniors about your plans and how will they be helpful to the company as well. But never offer anything that is beyond your reach. Do what you can always do best for the company.

7. Think from boss’s point of view:

Always try and think from your boss’s point of view. What you demand should be judged from your boss’s view. Give him the reasons that why you should get that raise. Show your contributions towards the company so that he gets satisfied enough to get that raise sanctioned.

8. Comparing with others in similar positions:

Find out what people in same position in other companies are getting as their earnings. To support your view go through the magazines, newspapers and other related articles. Financial experts always carry out surveys, go through them and bring them to your boss’s notice.

9. Be open minded:

Sometimes its better to be open minded towards certain things. It may happen that your boss may refuse you to give money bonus or that dream raise of yours. But he might give it to you in some other form. Like he can offer you an insurance cover or annual bonus or some better pension deal.

10. Approaching your boss at the right time:

Always approach your boss at the right time. If you approach before the board meeting then your view may just be rejected. Don’t ask for a rise if there is profit warning situation in the company.

11. By showing your presence:

Don’t keep a low profile in the company. Your boss should always be aware of your good work and show his acknowledgement. Your boss should know you and your position in the company.

12. Don’t be emotional:

To get that raise never burst out into tears. These tears will not bring in any extra raise. Never show that how desperately you need that money.

13. Show your commitment towards the company:

Always show your commitment and dedication towards the company. Never give a chance to your boss about lack of commitments. Show your boss where you can take the company.

Always give priority to your company work and needs. This will definitely not go unnoticed by the officials and will raise your bonus.

14. Stop complaining:

Any boss does not likes an employee who always complains about the various issues in the company. So stop cribbing like a small baby. Instead of complaining improve those areas which need proper attention and bring them to your boss’s notice. This will make your boss to increase your raise.

15. Convince the boss:

As they say the boss is always right-this holds true in every field of work. Convince the boss about your increment in salary or getting a raise. The boss should always find his company in a profitable position.

You should make him realize that your contribution will bring more financial gains to the company than your cost of hiring for the firm.

16. Bonus incentive instead of salary increment:

All the organizations whether big or small will have to pay the minimum wage or salary to their employees. These minimum wages are set by the government. But these days some companies are trying a new method to motivate their employees. They are giving bonus instead of average salary increase or raise.

Bonuses are directly related to the performance of the employee. So to motivate them they are giving performance bonus. Company bonus given can be of different types. It can be in the form of cash bonus or new car or a new home or any other way.

17. Pay attention to what boss says:

Always pay attention to what your boss says. Does your boss always have to give you the reminders for the same mistakes? Are you repeating the same mistakes again? If you agree to these questions then there is a problem.

To avoid these situations always pay attention to what your boss says. Try and take notes. Always write the mistake that you make and try not to repeat them in future. This habit will make you more efficient and will thus prove helpful in your raise increase or bonus pay.

18. Try and solve the problem by yourself:

Every organization faces certain problems in their day to day work routine. If at any level certain problem arises which can be solved, solve them. Try and avoid them taking to your boss.

This habit will keep you in your boss’s good books and if at any time there is a salary raise in the company, your name will be in the top of your boss’s good books.

19. Adapt new techniques of working:

Always stay updated with latest working styles that are introduced in the market. Certain work areas require an employee to be updated of the latest technology.

Lack of knowledge may lead to lack of raise. This is one of the common problems that are faced by the employees who are 50 years of age or above.

Just check out the various blogs, websites offered by the companies. Attend the workshops that are organized by the companies.

This will not only sharpen your skills but will also bring you to your employers notice. Employer will see your dedication and will increase your income, raise or bonus pay.

20. Do more than expected:

Whenever an employee is hired, there are always some expectations. Like, if you are appointed as the manager of a factory then you are always expected to increase the production of the company.

But if that employee increases the production along with the cost cutting then this is a double benefit for the company. This will help the employer to raise your salary or to give additional bonus to the employees.

21. Take on extra responsibility for extra pay:

Sometimes an employee is given extra responsibility, in such a situation always ask for an raise in your pay or an extra bonus. Never work without extra incentive for that extra responsibility. If the employer somehow does not pay you the extra bonus then go and ask for it.

22. Just go and ask for it:

If by all these methods still you don’t get that increase in your raise then just go straight and ask your employer for it

Finally :

These are just few guidelines that will help you to get a raise in your pay or bonus given by the employer. But actually nothing can beat hardwork and dedication. Always try and do those acts that are beneficial to you as well as your company. Performance always speaks for itself. Always discuss your views with your boss because only he can actually guide you. Don’t ever be scared to ask for the services that you have provided.

So just go out there and work hard and get that raise that you always dreamt of.