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How to Impress Women at Your Workplace: 10 Best Ways


We live in an era of multi-national companies and corporate. Gone are those days when only men used to work at such places. We have come a long way. Both men and women work for hand- in- hand these days. So, to impress women at work is quite a challenge in itself.

impress women at workplace

You never know when you will have a woman as your boss in the workplace. That is why you must know how to impress women and create a good business relationship with them.

Once you learn these simple tricks, you will find it easy to deal with them and this will also help you achieve success in your professional life.

Simple Ways to Impress Women at your Work:

1. Be Original:

The true act of impressing a woman lies in the mere fact that they will not be impressed by anything which seems unoriginal or fake.

Most of the time, people try to act like someone else to attract women or be in their good books. This usually does not help and in rare cases, may even harm your reputation at the workplace.

Always try to act original and be yourself. Once you are comfortable in your skin, it lets others see your true skills and knowledge.

In any workplace, a person only impressed by facts and achievements.

You must also strictly avoid fake praise of your female colleagues or bosses just to work done from them.

Women are shrewd and they can easily identify when you are making up stories to impress them. It is better to stick to the truth.

2. Be Supportive:

You must offer a helping hand to women. It is one way to be courteous and easily draw the attention of women at your workplace.

Women prefer men who are caring and considerate. Even in the modern workplace, women have to cope with several challenges.

If you have a colleague or a boss who is struggling hard to balance professional and personal lives, a little support in work can help her greatly.

Try to hear your female teammates out and speak to them regarding the problems they are facing. Try to provide a helping hand so that they feel confident in their professional lives.

3. Keep an Open Mind:

Try to recognize certain opinions and allow room for frank conversations.

Very often, workplaces are extremely biased and male oriented. The laws and regulations made are based on a man’s lifestyle and priorities. They do not ask the opinion of women as they only form a minority.

Women would never be impressed by working with such biased colleagues. You must keep an open mind. Make decisions after taking feedback from all the members in the firm.

4. Confidence Counts:

It is always advisable to be confident in the workplace. Try to make eye contact with her every time.

Women despise men who are extremely shy or scared. They prefer men who are confident and speak up boldly without hesitation.

5. Presentation Matters:

Women want a man that is presentable whom they can introduce her to family and friends. So always wear proper attire for the office.

Avoid overdressing just for sake of impressing a woman. But always smell and look good.

6. Women Have a Soft Corner for Friendly Men:

Asking about her is the best way to initiate a conversation. Women always want her man to show interest in here talks.

Take note of things by remembering the special things that she shares with you. You can bring up these things in the future.

7. Be Wise with Gift Choices:

Flowers are the best things to gift a woman. You can gift her flowers on any day. Don’t wait for the birthday or anniversary.

The women at your workplace will enjoy nice gifts just like any other woman. It is a great strategy to impress your lady boss or female colleague.

8. Don’t Advice When Not Asked For:

Always pay attention to her responses. Women despise it when they are told what they should do and what they should not do.

That is the reason why you should be careful while advising a lady colleague or boss. They may not take it in the right sense if you advise her when she hasn’t sought your help.

9. Transparency is the Key:

It is better to be transparent with women. Often, office politics that involve women become much worse when you do not maintain transparency. It is best to discuss your viewpoints openly.

Women in professional circles appreciate this level of transparency. They may reciprocate by maintaining a good professional bond that will ensure a stable work life.

10. Don’t Be Conservative:

Workplaces are quite flexible these days. So don’t assume her single interaction with any other man can steal her from you. So always use your words wisely and be respectful in high anger also.

Wise men know how to use their temper to speak wisely and correct the situation. If a woman at your workplace is wrong, you must prove the same to her rather than pointing fingers.

Facts About Developing Professional Relationships With Women:

To impress women in professional circles is never easy. Women who are working are independent and have their views.

Individuals who are capable of putting forward their views effectively and get things done will impress women quickly. You need to remember that a woman notices everything from a person’s looks, dressing, speech, style, and fashion.

Conclusion :

Men who are well groomed and stylish are sure to develop a good rapport with women in their professional life. Women prefer men who maintain the right distance. You need to retain the proximity limits to maintain a cordial relationship.

The professional circles are changing greatly and more and more women are working today. You need to respect women and give them equal status. That is the greatest key to please and impress women in your professional circles.