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How to Impress a Female Boss Being an Employee


Lasting impressions are not as easy to make if your boss happens to be an upcoming, rule-abiding, by-the-book female corporate figurehead. But that does not mean that the routine is any different. The only difference from having a male boss is that your female boss would set the benchmark for you at least 10 times higher.

how impress female boss

Yet it is not a maniacal or a mammoth hurdle to get on the good books of your alpha type female employer if you set a few pointers for yourself to get by at your workplace.

13 Ways to Impress your Female Boss:

1. Do not be tardy:

Ensure that you are never late for your log-in or you will never hear the end of it. It is not easy to keep your female employer off your case if you show up at your desk after she does at hers. So make sure you leave your casual approach at home, especially if you have a female boss.

Punctuality is a very significant work ethic that most employers expect from their employees. Yet, women bosses tend to pay attention to these little things much more than men.

Most women manage to balance their household responsibilities and professional lives. It is not easy. In spite of this fact, if your female boss arrives before you on her desk, it is sure to disappoint her. It is not surprising if she reacts aggressively to such irresponsible behavior.

2. Be responsible:

While being punctual at your workplace is one sign of your being responsible, many other factors matter equally. A female employer will not assign you high priority tasks unless you earn their trust first that you can be counted upon. So keep your head down and work your way through the field.

Women are usually ambitious and aspire to do the best in their field. This means they have to make sure their team performs the best. That is why they will scrutinize your efforts and increase your responsibilities when they are sure of your skills, abilities, and trustworthiness.

3. Do not be proactively jovial:

A female employer will not share a joke with their employees or be as casual with them as male bosses. Female bosses try to maintain a serious attitude at work. So make sure you reflect the same attitude and ensure they are not displeased. They should not get the impression that you are taking work lightly.

Again the question of earning their trust in your competency comes in to play. If you want to be someone the employer would not mind sharing a laugh with now and then, a relationship of that sort needs to be maintained.

4. Curriculum Vitae:

If you want to meet the benchmark when you have a female employer or want them to set you as the benchmark for others, then strive to get more merits on your resume. Especially if you are appearing for a job interview and the employer is a female, make sure you have a well-organized resume with a long list of your career achievements.

It might not happen right away for the freshers in the ranks but it’s good in this instance to act a little ambitious. Even freshers can add value to their resume by mentioning their achievements during their college and school years. You can show the great contribution you have made in college and school projects. A wise female boss is sure to appreciate these.

5. Expect no leniency:

Female employers are more protective and fierce about having a corporate legacy so expect no leniency. Instead, expect authoritative strictness in most of her professional strides. This trait in female bosses is sure to compel you to work efficiently.

Falling behind on your work can undo any positive impression you had on your employer. If you wish to build the bridge to your next raise, be professional and sincere in your work.

6. Be Chivalrous and Well Cultured:

Most female bosses get easily annoyed if you stare at her or get more intimate that is desirable in a professional setting. In many cultures and nations, women are brought up in a conservative environment. So you must know how to behave with women without displeasing them or making them feel harassed.

In many countries, the men practiced chivalry. While today, chivalry is dead, many women still expect a chivalrous approach from men in their professional circles. So make sure you live up to their expectations.

7. Productivity:

Goes without saying that being productive at your desk and engaging in the conference room works in any place of work. But to impress a female alpha, you need to kick it up a notch and produce more results than you are expected to.

If the need arises, volunteer for more work assignments. Taking in excess workload, not bolting for the exit five minutes before you’re punch-out time would be appreciated as tokens of dedication.

While this may appear too hectic and exerting, it will surely pay high returns in the end. Who doesn’t like getting a bonus at an unexpected time of the year? So perk up and be ready to slog.

8. Be polite:

This rule applies not just to female bosses but to all bosses. A boss is senior to you and has several years of valuable experience in the industry. The least he or she would expect is a little respect and polite behavior.

It would be foolish to even mention this that you need to respect your boss but if your employer is a lady then you have all the more reason to be polite in all your approaches.

Keep your tone polite and the charm will go a long way in building a steady working relationship. Not only does a steady employee-employer relationship bolster workplace aesthetics but it also allows you to have the inner track on who’s getting the next big project to sink their teeth into. On the contrary, if you are harsh with your words, you may just miss out on a chance that someone with your experience deserves.

9. Be politically correct:

The hard-wiring in a corporate employee’s brain as to the code of conduct with a female employee or boss can be quite different from your understanding. If you have just joined a new firm or organization, talk to your peers and coworkers. Try and find out what the company culture is.

If required, make a note of the essential facts about dealing with female bosses. Your peers may have had firsthand experience. Some may even have got a taste of her displeasure because of the wrong approach.

Not being sure whether you should hold the door open in chivalry is one thing but dropping the wrong jargon or stereotypical statement in front of your female boss could land your job in jeopardy. So be careful what you utter around her.

10. Be neat:

It is commonly seen that women are more particular about hygiene habits. A talented employee with some annoying hygiene habits may fall into the bad books of a female boss easily. So make sure your shoes don’t stink and your body does not give out a disgusting odor.

Your male employer might not be as mindful of your attire but your female employers keep a tab on how creased their employee’s shirts and trousers are, so don’t slack off with your appearance. It might send the wrong message about your attitude towards the workplace.

11. Cultural cues:

Pay attention to what your female boss is saying. If your high school teacher did not refrain from lambasting you for not replying directly or not paying attention, your female employer will be no different. So keep your ears picked!

12. Have a Hold on your Tongue:

In any organization, using swear words or abusive language can surely land you in trouble. Women are more sensitive to such things. If you have a female boss, you need to be extra careful about what you say. Even when you are extremely angry or stressed out, do maintain your temper while speaking to your boss.

A better idea would be to avoid a confrontation with your female boss when you are truly upset or stressed. This will help you prevent further tension in your professional life.

13. Learn To Interact with Female Bosses For Career Progress:

In many firms and organizations, women are taking up responsible positions. The changing scenario in the professional world has made it essential to learn how to deal with female bosses and coworkers. So you must understand how to deal with both the genders equally well.

This is a great key to ensure professional success in the modern and competitive work scenario. Many firms and organizations have a properly listed code of conduct. Even in the remaining firms, understanding how to deal with female bosses or coworkers can help you a lot.