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How to Get ahead at Work Fast? 23 Best Tactics


In a workplace, there are two kinds of people, one that will start hunting for opportunities from the first day itself and the other that will just check in, examine the time, complete the work given and head out as the day ends. The first type of people usually are the ones who enjoy promotions, raises and added chances because of their hard work and stepping out with extra efforts. However the latter are the ones who just keep wondering why they are not able to capture opportunities. One’s actions at work will decide which category of people they belong to. Nevertheless, everybody wants to get ahead at work. Below are specific tactics, if you want to be actively get ahead at work.

get ahead at work fastHow to Get Ahead at Work?

The following mentioned are few tips on how to get ahead at work and how to get promoted.

1. Determination:

Be determined as to what you want to achieve before strategizing about getting ahead at work. You have to be excellent in whatever work you do. Figure out whether the path you have chosen gives you the best opportunity to showcase your skills and be part of others. If you still are not sure about what you are good at doing, there is no need of being troubled, you can always experiment.

2. Be presentable:

Get yourself good rest and wake up fresh looking. When you sleep well you are mentally refreshed and physically energetic for work. Invest quality time in looking presentable because when you look presentable, it will reflect positivity in the interactions you make with other people in the workplace.

3. Avoid negativity:

At a workplace you will be around a lot of gossips and supervisors may ask you provocative questions about other colleagues. Stay away from such negativity and do not bother making any need to jump in the negative conversations that others are so involved in. Contribute in positivity of the workplace and avoid such pessimism. Pessimism will drag you down at work however positivity and constructiveness will elevate your career.

4. Do not betray anyone:

Do not backstab anyone. You may have had some bad experience or dislikes towards some people but keep it to yourself. When people help you be generous and help back; do not take other’s work credit for yourself. Do not point others when you fail as a team, and play blame game.

5. Utilise downtime:

There are times at work when you are out of work or the project you have been working on has completed, make use of the spare time productively. Find something you can do like improving your skills, cleaning up your desk or working on less important project. Do not wait for work to be assigned but engross or try to get work you find useful.

6. Do each work with maximum efforts:

Even if you are assigned menial or minor job you should not take it lightly and put in minimal energy. When you consider putting fewer efforts for minor tasks, you miss out something or make blunders that go unnoticed by you but you may lose your credibility in such minor blunders. Do not fall for this trap but focus all your attention at any task given and give your best for completion of each of them.

7. Follow people who excel their work:

Try to learn from people who are doing a good job in their work. These people are approached for work advices . Ask them how they get things done and observe their moves especially what they involve their selves into during downtime and manage time. You can even ask them to guide you.

8. Build constructive relationships:

You need to build and maintain a positive relationship with each member of the workplace from grassroots workers to the high managerial levels. Become friends with them and ask how they have been doing. Search for a common pursuit and start up a conversation. You are always at advantage with each positive relationship you form.

9. Build an indestructible network of support:

You need to help and support as many people as possible. With this you build a network of support group. When you are kind and supportive towards all, everybody at workplace will support you for your work and success as well.

10. Avoid vicious people:

Every workplace has one or two evil beings to get all the negativity possible at the workplace. They may backstab you or drag you down to unhelpfulness. But you have to maintain a safe distance with such people. Avoid interactions with people who are evil, if you do have to interact be close to the facts and wrap up the conversation with them. Stay focused on your own work and move on with it.

11. Always have professional approach:

Always be professional in your looks and action at work. Be considerate and cooperative with others. Always stand out from the crowd and ask whenever you need help. Become problem solver of your company as bosses are not attracted by complainers but look forward for problem solving employees for job promotion considerations.

12. Avoid sick leaves to be used as additional vacations:

Do not call in sick unless you are really sick. Be consistently present and become dependable for your work as this will benefit in the long run. If you are ambitious and want the raises for your work then avoid taking leaves unnecessarily.

13. Augment your skills:

Whenever you get time to make sure you are improving your skills needed to take steps forward in your career. Learn what skills will be needed to get done work more efficiently and get more knowledge about your industry.

14. Mentoring relationship with Executives:

Studies have found that employees who built a mentoring relationship with their supervisors or managers were promoted in their work because they help in spreading a good word about the employers. Some have mentoring sessions in the workplace; even if it is not present you can build a relationship with someone higher in position. Mentor can also be helpful in career advice and guidance and become sources for information at work.

15. Establish networks:

When you build more networks, more people are likely to know your strengths, abilities, know your importance and some may even be familiar with your goals. This makes the people in your workplace to discuss your name whenever opportunities appear. When you network with people in the other departments of your organization, you learn a lot more about the workplace.

16. Keep a record of results:

Keep track of all your work results for future references and to quantify for fast promotion. This way you keep a record of the contribution you have made in your company’s successes. It will bring to light your determination and loyalty to the company.

17. Embrace challenges were given:

When you are given a challenging work, do not hesitate to make full use of the opportunity to show off your skills and competence. Do your very best and if you think you are in need of help, ask for it. When you display courage to handle challenging situations yourself, you are looked upon as a credible and valuable person.

18. Lead whenever necessary:

In times of difficulty, the workplace expects a person to lead them out of troubles. During a meeting become that leader who is able to solve problems. Share your best ideas and help people out from the crisis. Eventually you will be followed by others including the management for facilitation.

19. Ask for extra responsibility:

Simply ask for more responsibility apart from the tasks at hand or volunteer to help other departments of the organization. This gives you increased value in the workplace. When you ask for more work you display your concerns towards the company and its departments. It portrays your interest and desire to help your company succeed.

20. Admit your mistakes:

When you have made a blunder, admit it and find ways to rectify it. Do not be embarrassed and try to hide it. Do not blame anyone else for your mistakes. Successful people are those who stand up for their own mistakes and solve them by their own expertise.

21. Promote yourself:

Sometimes you have to come out of the shell and not be modest while telling others about your accomplishments. Market yourself with the achievements you have acquired and make people know you seek or must get promoted or raise. Sometimes it is better to keep your higher authorities posted on each and every outcome you produce as an employee in a timely manner.

22. Ask for a promotion:

When you know you have excelled in your work and deserve a raise or need to get a promotion, ask it directly to your supervisor. If you are refused then ask what it takes for a raise or promotion and work accordingly. You yourself have to go the extra mile for standing up for yourself.

23. Do not publicly disagree with your boss:

Even if you have strong bonds with your boss do not oppose your boss in public. Instead seek a private moment and justify what you think and why you disagree. This is because your boss is reliable in front of other people and you do not want to be a part of his loss of credibility. When you speak to the boss confidentially you become his trusted loyal advisor.

Only promotions do not determine your growth in the career and workplace but you have to become versatile at work for acquiring further opportunities. Unlike old times when people used to get promoted over time, these days there is a prominent impact of globalization, technology and flattened organizational structure. Thus you will have to make use of the list above for your way up to success. Invest all your focus on the tasks at hand. A undisputed practice of these tactics will definitely get you close to raises and promotions at work.