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How to Get a Job in Airport: A Complete Career Guide


The jobs in airports are always the one that attracts a large number of candidates for the different working area.

Airports offer jobs for almost every field available in the market from management to technical jobs, the jobs vary from cleaner to manager to the technical staff as well as salaries are always good at airport job which acts as a cherry on the top.

Job in the airport gives you the pride, reputation, well earning as well as offer to meet the culture from all over the world.

Working at an airport is the dream of many freshers as well as experienced employees and airport authorities also want talented people in their team, so that they can offer world-class service to their customers.

Job in Airport

Getting Job in Airport:

Getting jobs at an airport can be very confusing because of so many jobs airport offers and the procedure that changes with each job.

If you are one of those who want to work at the airport, then it’s safe to do some homework beforehand.

The first thing you should know is about the types of job and what department you want to give your service according to your qualification and interest.

Types of Jobs in Airport:

The airport offers large numbers of job in the city where it is situated for the locals and the outsiders because airports need staff, management, technical staff, security staff and much more which includes cleaning staff and helping staff. So to clear your confusion here we are discussing the jobs that the airports offer.

  • Human resources
  • Legal
  • IT
  • Finance and accounting
  • Sales and advertising
  • Public relation
  • Long-term strategy and projects
  • Marketing and communications
  • Community relations

These are the departments that required specialized candidates with the qualification related to the jobs. These departments hire different levels from time to time depending on the vacancies, and the requirements of the airports.

There are different procedures for the hiring which can vary from job to job. These jobs are departmental jobs, but there are other jobs as well which are listed below.

Airport Jobs List:

  1. Air cabin crew
  2. Air traffic controller
  3. Airfield operation assistant
  4. Aviation security officers
  5. Business development roles
  6. Business center coordinator
  7. Airport director
  8. Catering assistant
  9. Cleaning assistant
  10. Corporate support
  11. Customs and excise officers
  12. Customer service agents
  13. Ground service agent
  14. Immigration officer
  15. Passenger handling agent
  16. Maintenance officer
  17. Pilot

These are the jobs that are specialized jobs, for example, a pilot is trained employee who is hired to work with the airline, but can consider as the job in the airport because they basically deal with the airport and works.

The procedure of hiring is different for the different job which is generally available on the website of airport authorities or on the job portals. The competition for the airport is tough and students across the nation try to land the job at the airport.

Jobs in Airport for Fresher:

The airport is the land of opportunities for the freshers where they can start their career by working at the airport.

The airport offers jobs for all, no matter the specialization because at airport different types of jobs are available for the freshers to start their career with.

1. Air traffic control:

Air traffic control is one of the jobs at the airport, which controls the traffic in the air by managing the landing and takeoff of the planes. Hired and trained by the federal government, air traffic control staff jobs are one of the jobs that demand high concentration and accuracy.

2. Security:

One of the most important jobs at the airport is security because thousands of passengers travel across the nation and the world through airways.

Their job can vary from x-ray scanners to the sky marshal; every step at the airport is under the strict scrutiny of security.

The pay is good as well as the intensive training, but again training depends on the post you got hired.

3. Airline jobs:

Many career opportunities at the airport are directly provided by the airlines for example flight attendant jobs.

There are many career opportunities at the airlines which are considered as the job at the airport because they mostly work at the airport or on the flights.

Jobs in airlines get good pay depending on the job and the experience, and definitely is a job fresher wants to do.

4. IT:

The whole airport has now been working with the digital system which is directly connected to the central system where all the information is stored and used.

The airport also faces problems in the software, up gradation and installation of new systems and software as well as security from the cyber theft which generates the jobs in the IT sector.

5. Finance and accounting:

As traveling with airways is typical among the middle class and the upper-middle class because of financial stability, the job of finance and accounting is generated every year because airports need management and money to run it successfully.

6. Sales and advertising:

The airport earns a good sum of money from the sales and the advertisement as well as need promotion on a few occasions to make sure that the customer knows more about the airways.

The sales and advertisements are the growing field at the airport, which requires fresh talent every year with innovative ideas.

7. Marketing and communications:

Another department that requires fresh talent to work and have well pays as well as getting to work flexible hours.

The job of marketing and communications requires experienced employees and freshers to work so that they can have better results.

Marketing and communication do all the managing of communication and the marketing strategy for the airport.

There are other jobs at the airport, which require fresher to work and pay good salaries; these fresher jobs come from different departments as per their requirement from time to time.

How to Get a Job at an Airport?

Finding a job where you work at the airport is not the easiest task because the jobs are limited to the cities where the airports are as well as different job positions have a different requirement and hiring procedure.

The airport jobs are a great way to start your career where you get to work your dream job with good salaries and interesting surroundings as well as have many benefits.

When you start to find an airport career job, you may face several difficulties that may distract or demoralize you. Here we are discussing how to find an airport career job.

1. First, decide what you want to do for your career:

As we discussed earlier the airport is a great employer who offers a wide range of opportunities to work for.

If you want to work at the airport, you should know the field and the job you want to do. If you have any confusion, then do thorough research about the jobs available at the airport and then select the one you want to work to start your career.

The airport offers a variety of jobs that range from the IT sector to marketing and technical jobs, so the better way to find the job at the airport is to first understand what you want to do.

2. Do research about the skills and training required for the job:

After deciding the job you want to do, find out the qualifications and skills that are required for the job.

For example, you want to work as a pilot, but you do not have a clue about the plane and how they work. Then how are you going to be a pilot? A fail attempt right? The better option is to do research about the skills, training, and qualification required for the job.

If you have the qualification for the job, then you are good to go, but if you do not have anything remotely close to the job, then you need to reevaluate your choice of career path and find something that suits the qualification you possess.

3. Get the necessary diplomas, training or qualifications:

If you are so sure about the career path you have chosen that you only want to work in this job, then you should start with getting the necessary diplomas, training or qualification for the job.

Almost all the jobs at the airport need qualification and some sort of training as most of the jobs are technical and the non-technical jobs also need a qualification that suits the requirement.

So first earn the right to apply for the job by getting the necessary qualifications and training before you go and apply for the job. When you are qualified for the job you want to work, you have better chances of getting the job.

4. Prepare your resume for the job you want to apply:

You have done the research about the job and the qualification that required for the job.

You have all the necessary qualifications and training for the job, now the next step is to prepare your resume for the job you want to apply.

Preparing resume is an important step as your resume speaks volume on your behalf and your employer hardly has time to give to your resume which means your resume must be to the point, an impressive and good combination of information.

Prepare your resume with utmost care as your resume is the first thing that interacts with the employer.

5. Search the job on the airport website, job portals, and newspapers:

After preparing your resume, it is the time when you start to look for the vacancies and position that are available to fill.

This is the step that takes time and needs patience because the hiring at the airports is not open 365 days in a year.

Start your search from the airport website where the information first goes out about the new hiring and keep in touch with the website for any new notifications. You can also check job portals and newspaper for the news of hiring.

Searching for the job is a tiresome process that takes time and patience. Do not give up if you are having a hard time finding the opening in the hiring process because sooner or later the airports are going to hire the new employee.

6. Apply for the job:

The last step of finding an airport career job is to apply for the job. You had done everything from searching for the job to prepare a resume, and now is the time that needs you to apply for the job.

You can check and apply on the airport website where a section is dedicated to the career or to the website of the subordinate airlines that offer opportunities to work at the airport.

Keep yourself motivated while applying for the job because there is high competition as so many people want to work at the airport.


The airport career job is the dream of many youngsters, and every year the airport authority is getting many resumes.

As the financial stability is increasing among people and the expense of traveling increases with the globalization, the demands of more airports around the country also increase, which generates so many job opportunities for the freshers to start with.

The airport is the sea of jobs where different jobs are available to start your career with fabulous surrounding and flexible work hours as well as many benefits that come with the job.

Key Takeaway:

In this article, we have discussed all the airport jobs and how to find an airport career job. We hope our efforts pay off in terms of that, this article helps you in the journey of your success.

Every year airport authority announces jobs for freshers and experienced candidates, so go ahead and live your dream, we wish you all the best.