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How to Build your Personal Brand with Social Media: 15 Tips


The internet has proved to be an astonishing resource for elevating one’s career, job search, networking and more.

The opportunities have become wide where an individual is able to develop their own website, blog, log into social media sites and provide complete history.

Employers these days aren’t just framed with just a single page of CV, but can start to recognize the employee through social media websites.

Personal branding has been a hot topic where people emphasize more these days. Personal branding in other terms can be selling yourself in order to achieve your objectives. Personal branding is born in social media sites and published on the same platform.

It is important to develop a personal brand with social media. Let’s dive a bit deeper and find out tips on how to establish your personal brand with social media.

how build brand social media

1. Demoing a completed profile:

Abeyant and incomplete profiles hovering around the internet is one unprofessional way which should be averted. This indicates that an individual is not interested in personal branding and also isn’t a member of the online community.

In order to build your personal brand, make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date, along with the recent work history, education history. Do recall that other profiles in Google+, Twitter, and Instagram are also completed to the latest date.

2. Pictures on social media:

Pictures are another important tool which speaks your personal brand and hence, photoing pictures for social medias should be handled with care.

A picture speaks a thousand words and is the volume of your social media site. In order to present yourself as a personal brand, make sure you upload a picture in a professional manner.

Avert pictures where you drink and other social situations. Snap the right picture and achieve uploading appropriately.

3. Flash your skills:

Every professional cannot develop their own website and host their skills and talent. For the same purpose, social media sites are an excellent platform to flash your skills off.

For writers or copy writers, LinkedIn can be a perfect base to open up your writing skills. Animators and video editors can catch hold of YouTube to open up their creativity.

Graphic designers have never lost hope, as Pinte

rest and Instagram are other social media platform to elevate their work.

Flashing your skills online so that employers are lured is one way to promote your personal brand.

4. Careful writing and posting:

Always bear in mind that, each word you write are read by millions of visitors and so craft and write carefully, also avoid writing in a hurry.

Each and every post you write backs to your personal brand. Also make sure to edit and make your post ready to be posted. Proof read at least twice before you post.

5. Getting involved in discussions:

The apt meaning of social media is to become social. In order to construct your personal brand, make sure to be societal.

Getting occupied in discussions with your appropriate group is one way to elevate your brand.

In the same manner for other social media sites, LinkedIn groups, Twitter chats and Google+ communities which associate with your field can be identified and have discussions with. By this way authority is developed and audience is gathered.

6. React with care:

When you deceive a snark is involved in a post, most people react or avert reacting as they may react emotionally.

Though it may be a jest try to react with caution and think twice before you reply to the post.

Context has more chances to damage your personal brand and hence avert reacting with emotion. And make sure you react in the correct way using appropriate language.

7. Sharing beneficial content:

To keep your followers interested in you and your position what do you do?

To maintain a decent follower on social media sites posting industry related contents and posts related to ones skillset can be a good thought.

As well make sure to partake in the same informative content with your followers. This indicates that you have knowledge on the subject and employers also like it. YouTube channels, industry blogs and many more authors can be hunted and data can be obtained.

8. Know your proficient area:

The personal branding world is filled with competitive profiles amongst entrepreneurs and hence concluding from what your desire to be known for is mandatory.

Instead of picking the usual field, picking a niche your expert in can be impeccable. Along with a focused niche, you will gain in more opportunities.

You will also earn a chance to prove who you are by discussing relevant topics.

9. Initiate writing or blogging:

To build your brand and repute online, the best way is by content marketing. Start writing and publishing contents in order to exhibit your expertise.

When information is mandatory for individuals they get back to the resources which were already posted. With seamless content, you can become a specialized person in your field.

The apt way is to start a blog and keep it updated in a steady manner. Guest blogging can also be a good way to enhance your personal brand.

10. Personality plays a role:

Although these are social media profiles, it would be good to add some personal content, fun or something interesting in your social media sites.

A personality fit as well as a proficient employee is required by the employer.

Being professional and knowledgeable would at the end of the day make it draggy and exanimate. So some light hearted content where you think that your employer can watch can be posted.

11. Getting engaged and elevating network:

The best activity to get your personal brand developed is to engage and elevate your social networking. When you have 0 followers, then your idea of developing a personal brand would fail for sure.

Connecting, following, liking, and engaging with professionals in your field can help you enhance your network and involve in discussion.

Replying to ones contents, posting, updating and retweeting can assist you in reaching more people and gather enhanced followers.

12. Being consistent:

For ones who are serious in building their personal brand should bear in mind to maintain the same image, name, and profile across all social media sites. it would be really beneficial when all these profiles match up.

Your picture gets cemented in the minds of the visitors when same image is showcased all over.

With the same name and profile picture on all sites, possessing an appealing and unequaled title or a powerful statement as headline can be a great idea.

13. Post everyday:

To add value to your personal brand, you need to post more. It is also suggested by entrepreneurs that the more you tweet, the more you’re followed.

It is also mentioned that twitter users who sent tweets below 1000 are followed by 50 to 100 followers. In the same manner twitter users who tweet nearly 10000 times gain followers from 1000 to 5000.

Another amazing fact is that individuals who possess nearly 15,000 tweets gather 100000 to 1 million followers.

14. Respond quickly:

When you find your name being mentioned, watch out and reply immediately. It is also said that 53% who tweet at a brand desire for a reply within one hour.

So it is mandatory to reply for your tweets which pave way for building your personal brand.

15. Develop multiple channels:

Many people conceive that Facebook is the only destination to initiate and cease developing of social networks.

But remember that there are legion of social media sites such as twitter, LinkedIn, tumblr, Flickr, Youtube and plenty more which assists you in developing our personal brand online. LinkedIn is a key social site as most recruiters hunt through LinkedIn for recruitment.


Personal brand can be built by following these informative tips on all social media sites. When such tips are followed, top-notch people get associated with you and you get to gain more followers.

Getting to know all possibilities and also your activities, developing social media sites can be beneficial. Joining in groups and conversations are intelligent ways to develop your personal brand.

To make yourself look better as an entrepreneur or as an individual make sure to develop your personal brand with social media sites. The magic to get you associated with thousands of branded people outside can be well achieved through social media sites.

In this manner personal branding can be developed and maintained using social media sites.