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How to Become a Model for MR Price: 14 Awesome Tips


It is a privilege to be a model for different brands that are popular and come up with great opportunities.

Mr. Price is one such brand and many young models wish to be a part of this brand. They wish to start modeling under the tag of Mr. Price. There are many doubts and worries that may pop up when you plan to become a model for the brand.

Here we have listed the simplest ways to get into the brand. We have also helped to clear all queries that budding models have while joining the brand.

So read and be prepared to model for this great brand.

how become Model for MR Price

Tips to Become a Model for MR Price:

1. A Brief Introduction to Mr. Price:

Mr. Price is a South African brand founded in the year 1985. It has changed its name many times after it has been founded.

Mr Price brand has several stores in different locations of South Africa. It also has its stores in Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, Malawi, and Namibia.

They have a wide clothing range with attires for men, women, and children of different ages and stages of life. The brand actually got the name Mr. Price in the year 2001.

2. No Racism:

There are many young models who wonder where their race or ethnicity would cause an issue since Mr. Price is a South African brand.

These worries are actually baseless as Mr. Price does not keep any bias to any race or ethnicity. You can apply to model for the brand and if you are fit and fulfill their requirements, they will surely select you.

If they reject you, it could be because you do not suit their requirement.

You must also make sure that you have an open mind and be willing to work with people belonging to different races and ethnicity.

3. Fit Body is a Must:

A prerequisite in Mr. Price if you wish to model for them is that you must have a fit body.

They do not accept people with the extra fat jutting out from here and there. If you have decided that Mr. Price is the brand you wish to model for, start exercising right away.

To become a successful model fitness is utmost important. You can have some hours eked out for exercise. You may also appoint a trainer to help you out with your exercise. Regular jogging and brisk walking are other activities that can help you stay fit.

4. Socialization is the Key:

Modeling for Mr. Price is way different from modeling for other brands.

While for other brands you just need to make sure you are a good model, in Mr. Price you need to be good at socializing too. This is because Mr. Price has several group modeling assignments and you need to work with people.

Individuals who fail to interact with people fail to maintain a cordial relationship. This can hamper your work reputation. So make sure you develop good speaking skills and learn to work comfortably in groups.

5. Flash Your Smile:

Smile is one of the key aspects of a Mr. Price model. A beautiful smile is a must-have for a model who works in this brand.

You need to take special efforts to maintain your smile beautifully. This means you have to take proper care of your teeth and your skin.

A regular visit to the dentist can help you have pearly white teeth. Take extra care of your skin. Wash it with face wash and keep it free from marks and oiliness.

You may use skin creams to keep your skin smooth. You may also use home remedies to maintain skin health.

6. Variety in Opportunities:

The beauty of modeling for Mr. Price is that people of different types and forms can stay assured that they will get a chance to model for the brand. This is because they have a variety of options.

They have options for kids modeling, modeling for men and women. They also have options for women of different body sizes.

You may even opt for maternity and plus-size modeling in case you are in that stage of your life. There are very few brands that offer so many options.

7. Improvise While You Model:

If you have to be remembered for your work, you need to be unique. You are not going to be special if you just obey their orders and be their puppet.

You need to execute your ideas and voice your suggestions. If you have some unique ideas for modeling, make sure you use them and impress Mr. Price and brand so of the same rank.

You can develop your ideas by researching similar brands and understanding the core concepts of modeling.

8. Stay Prepared For Casting Calls:

You never know when you get an opportunity to model or get a casting call for Mr Price.

You need to be physically and mentally prepared for such calls so that you can grab at the first opportunity you get.

You can go through different fashion websites and understand the questions asked during casting calls and interviews for fashion events.

Be prepared for the casting call physically too. This means that you should always stay well maintained so that you can participate impromptu for events and casting calls.

9. Connect with Modelling Agents in South Africa:

The Mr. Price brand is a South African brand and hence you need to get in touch with modeling agents in South Africa.

There are some prominent agents who have years of experience in the field. Mr. Price hires its models from such reputed agents. The agents can also help you understand where you are lacking.

You need to work on these aspects and improvise. It will not just get you a chance at Mr. Price but also at other modeling events. If you reside elsewhere, you can get in touch with these agents through different social channels like Facebook or Twitter.

10. Reflect Your Experience When You Audition:

If you are an experienced model, you must make sure that your experience is clearly reflected in your work.

You may have experience modeling for street fashion clothing or you may be accustomed to modeling for formal attires.

While you audition for Mr. Price, make sure your years of experience counts. You need to combine the experience you gained while working for other brands or events and the stylish fashion of Mr. Price.

11. Create a Profile and Share it with Agents:

A model must have a good profile created and shared with the prominent agents. You need to get your pictures clicked in different poses.

You must make sure that your prominent features are clearly reflected in the pictures. You may take the assistance of some photographer friend so that you get the most expressive clicks. You can have your photographs clicked with and without makeup.

You must carry a hard copy of your profile when you head to visit agents. Save a soft copy as it will prove handy during emergencies.

12. Create an Impressive Profile on Social Networks:

The internet has made the world a very small place. As everything gets easy on the internet, firms and brands look for models using the internet.

You need to have an impressive profile created and shared on various social channels to have the best advantage of the internet. You may post your modeling poses on Facebook and Instagram and let the world know what you truly are.

There are many modeling agents and brands active on social media and they will surely give you a chance if they find your social profile impressive.

13. Follow Blogs and Profiles of Mr. Price Models:

If you want to understand the brand and its culture, the best way would be to follow the ex-models of the brand.

They have worked for the brand and are aware of the work culture in the brand. They can tell you ways to improve your screen presence and increase your chances of getting modeling assignments for the brand.

Get in touch with these models on social networks. You can also follow their blogs to understand their views on different matters.

14. Work On Communication Skills:

If you have the perfect looks but are unable to speak properly, it can harm your repute greatly.

You need to work on your language and your body language. Models need to speak correctly and impressively. They must be able to convey what they feel when they interact with people from the brand.

In Mr. Price, you may be expected to work with a group of models and there again your language proficiency or communication skills matter a lot. You also need to work on your body language.

If you are nervous, it should not show in your body language. It is vital if you wish to excel in the field of modeling.

Being a Mr. Price model is a big thing. Preparing to fit their criteria requires you to take some extra effort. So start working on different aspects of your personality. If you hone your skills so that you have an eminent persona, you will be liked by the big brands. It will then be easy for you to get nice modeling assignments.