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How to be Happy for others and not Jealous in Career Life


The modern career scenario is extremely tough. Individuals who possess skill, abilities and talent also fail to achieve success in their careers. Inspite of years of struggle, they fail to achieve anything truly remarkable. In such a scenario, when they come across individuals who are still new to their careers but have achieved fame and success, it may be a cause of jealousy. But, you must remember, jealousy doesn’t help in any way. There are several adverse effects of jealousy. On the contrary, if you are happy for someone, it is sure to help you too. Check out a few simple reasons why you should be happy for others success in their career and not jealous.

be happy about othersHow to Be Happy for Others When they Succeed:

Jealousy and Comparison Are Extremely Negative Thoughts:

Before you waste time envying someone else’s success and wondering why you never made it there, you must consider whether these thoughts are really helpful. Negative thoughts impact your confidence and your belief in your own abilities. Jealousy is one of the biggest negative thoughts. If you are jealous of others’ success, you will never have time to notice your own baby steps towards success.

Instead of comparing with others, you must compare your own previous performances and see whether there has been any improvement over the years. If you have lagged behind in any one particular field, try to evaluate why you are poor in that field. Self evaluation helps you understand your own weaknesses and correct them. This way you will improve in your work and automatically grow in your career.

Jealousy May Hamper Your Relations with Colleagues and Friends:

As rightly quoted in the Shakespearean sonnets, jealousy is a green eyed monster. If you are jealous of your colleagues and always view them with envy, you can never strengthen your bond with them. This can in turn affect your relation with your colleagues and coworkers. It may even affect your work at the workplace.

When you share a cordial relationship with your coworkers and colleagues, communication with them becomes simpler and this ensures that there are no barriers in communication either. Smooth communication ensures that the message is properly conveyed and the work is executed properly.

Jealousy May Prevent You From Thinking About Your Own Career:

When you spend most of your time thinking about others’ career gains, it impacts your work greatly. You could be under a great level of stress due to the continuous comparison. As you regard everyone else with envy, it prevents you from taking pleasure in others’ gains. It can hamper your career greatly.

Instead if you focus on your career and make sure you do the work at hand sincerely, your efforts will be surely identified and appreciated. You need to thus try and convert all the negative intentions into positive thoughts that finally result in productivity. As you rightly know, the firms and organisations always look for results and if you fail to create the right results, you have no right to get jealous of other successful people around you.

Team Spirit is not a Trait Found In Jealous People:

Today, there are many big companies and these are companies where the youngsters dream to make their career. These companies have hierarchy that bifurcates individuals into different teams based on their skills and abilities. The success of the firm depends on the performance of each team. Individuals who interact well with their team members are able to do the work assigned to them effectively.

Jealous individuals usually maintain a distance from other members in the team. This keeps them less informed about the team’s different activities. It prevents them from achieving their best. Again, team spirit is a quality that envious people lack. Such individuals fail to do justice to their position in the company. At some point the firm may realise this fact and may even consider removing the individual from the team. Thus jealousy may also have a direct negative impact on your career.

So, there are myriad reasons you should not compare or envy someone else who has a good career. There are several reasons to be happy seeing others succeed in their career.

Few Major Reasons to be Happy for others:

Be Inspired By Others In The Same Field Who Succeed:

Often, inspiration has a very great role to play in showing you the right path to success. When you see someone in your field and who possesses the same skill sets as you succeed, he should inspire you. You must try and find out the methods he followed in order to succeed.

Remember that every great person has had a mentor. If you look at successful people as mentors or guiding lights, it will help you find success.

Maintain Good Relations With Successful Colleagues So That You May Follow Suit:

While competitive spirit is a vital ingredient that makes winners, there is a line beyond which this may be regarded as envy. So make sure you never cross that thin line. If you maintain good relation with successful colleagues, you get to learn a lot from them. Their valuable guidance can help you do better in your career. You can also learn from their mistakes and not repeat them. This will make your journey to the top easier.

Good rapport with colleagues always has its benefits. If you have good relations with your seniors or coworkers, there are greater chances of you being referred to better jobs or other opportunities in your field. You must always leave these doors to opportunities open by maintaining good contact with them and avoiding any negative feelings. When your mind is free from other thoughts and has time to think about career prospects and new ideas, you must remember you are on the right track.

Maintain Good Rapport With The Team To Stay Better Informed:

The major drawback of not staying in good terms with people of your team is that you won’t be kept informed about the latest developments in the organisation or firms. In team activities, poor rapport may adversely affect your performance which is least desirable.

You must remember that when you are in search of a new job, your colleagues who are in the same field can help you out. They can inform you about current openings in their companies. If you maintain good contact, it is sure to benefit you professionally.

It is clear that those who maintain positive thoughts regarding coworkers are happier and more successful.

Simple ways to maintain a good relationship with your colleagues and co-workers:

Try To Know Colleagues Personally:

Often jealousy or comparison happen when colleagues do not know each other. Once they know each other personally, their rage or hatred slowly disappears. It is thus a great idea to try and know your colleagues at a personal level.

You may meet your colleagues outside office for parties and get togethers. You may even meet at tea during weekends. These are ideal occasions where you may know your colleague closely. Attempting to smoothen the bond will help you know your colleagues and stay clear of any kind of negative emotion.

Know Your Own Limitations:

There could be certain limitations that prevent you from achieving the goals that your friends have easily achieved. This could be the inability to spend more time at work, health issues or any other small issue. Try to understand that each person has certain limitations and the few who get to the top truly deserve to be there.

This justification is sure to prevent you from envying people in your work circle and make you concentrate on your own work.

Traits of A Career Oriented Person:

Your chances of succeeding are greater if you become a career oriented person. Here are some traits that you must try and inculcate.

Gain Maximum Knowledge in Your Field:

A person who has detailed knowledge in his field is sure to grow and succeed some day. So make sure you take interest and learn about the different aspects of your job. When you become an undeniable asset to the firm, your career prospects are sure to be better.

Stay Abreast with Latest Technological Developments in Your Field:

The internet has taken over and today there is a new development every single day. There are apps being developed to simplify use on mobile devices. Check out whether there are apps that may prove useful in your field. It may help to simplify your work and if you are the one introducing it to the firm, it is sure to be remembered for it.

Never Waste Time on Gossip and Foolish Discussion:

Gossip is one thing that first brings negative emotions into the minds of employees. Never be a part of waste gossip and try consciously to avoid it.