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How to Hire a Good Boss: Best Tips and Interview Questions


Bosses are one of the most important characters in an office environment which urge an employee to stay back or leave the organization. A boss can also be mentioned as an umbilical cord that associates the employees with the organization. The cord is mandatory and hence must be protected without being damaged.

Hiring a boss is time-consuming when compared to recruitment for other positions. There are indeed several aspects that need to be addressed to hire a good boss. Here are mentioned a few hints about hiring a new boss.

How to Hire a Good Boss

Qualities of a Good Boss:

An employee’s work performance is highly influenced by the boss they are working under. Your plan of work and the action that needs to be executed would all depend upon your boss.

So being in such a prestigious position a boss needs to be a motivator and the person who can not only make his employees work exceptionally but also help them throughout their journey.

Now leadership skill is not the only skill that makes a good boss, there are few other qualities that a good boss possess. Some of them are enlisted below,

  1. Listening to employees issues
  2. Does not micromanage
  3. Appreciate employees when performing well
  4. Empowers employees
  5. Organizes and assigns work well with employees
  6. Respect the employees
  7. cares about the happiness of the employees
  8. Shares important information
  9. Acknowledges his team for successful completion of the project
  10. Sets high goals and motivate employees to achieve them
  11. Always being accessible to employees
  12. Good decision-maker
  13. Supportive
  14. Have a clear vision and mission
  15. Has a defined solution to make the vision possible

Signs That You’ve Got a Good Boss:

A good boss is the one who boosts the morale of the employee whereas a bad boss makes the employee’s life a complete drag.

As per a survey, almost 77% of employees get stressed because they work under a bad boss. Moreover, they firmly believe that pressurizing employees would make them become more productive.

Working under a good boss is a boon as he not help you work smartly but also helps you grow and develop. Now if you want to access whether you have a good boss, check out these signs.

Signs of a good boss:

  1. Being cool even at the time of issues
  2. Does not involve in-office gossips
  3. Always being unbiased
  4. Empathetic towards employees
  5. Encouraging employees to improve and grow for better results
  6. Helps you providing flexibility at work
  7. Build up a positive and productive work culture
  8. Provides you constructive feedback
  9. Coach their employees well
  10. Would be ready to take on menial tasks
  11. Not claiming to have complete knowledge
  12. Having good listening skills
  13. Focus on small victories
  14. Conducts shorter meeting
  15. Good communication skills
  16. Is always approachable and very friendly
  17. Would be ready to take the blame
  18. Appreciate your unique skills
  19. Does not micromanage employees
  20. Encourage and inspire to work even better

What Makes a Good Boss?

1. Sets clear expectations:

A good boss is one who spends time with fresh employees from the start and recognizes their significance. It is a good boss who converses about performances and excellent ones along with performance reviews. Discussions related to expectations are ones that are usual for a good boss.

Good bosses do not stress and lead the employees about work should be done but discusses the results and outcomes of the task. There are varied ways of expectations that are set, some would be in an informal way using conversation and some would be in a formal way of planning the session.

2. Is compassionate: 

A good boss is an individual who views humans before the job. They are ones who understand life and permit leeway when the employee faces a tough phase. They are also one who possesses good confidence in the employees that they would make it up in the future.

3. They possess the control and accomplish things: 

A promising feature for a good boss is that they develop an environment for expansive thinking. They are amazing because they gift their team with resources, time, techniques, and provide ideas to solve big issues.

4. Coaches: 

A great boss can also be mentioned as a leader and a coach, who instructs and also inspires their teammates and also leads the team. An effective boss does not imagine or think that their employees know what and how to perform, but they call upon and help the employees from the sideline as a coach.

Usually, bosses wanted to play the role which makes the employee null without any knowledge. It is only a great boss who identifies that coaching is successful and can maintain a balance of control. A good boss knows about under controlling and over-controlling the employees.

5. Offers feedback: 

It is very common that certain bosses wait for performance reviews and provide feedback that is negative for employees. This makes them think that if it was negative the boss should have informed earlier. In this way, the employee would have made corrections and done things earlier.

A good boss is one who offers feedback on the way so the relationship established. It is a good boss who makes a relationship between leadership and cooperation. It would sound like punishment or a trial verdict when negative feedback is given at the end.

6. Efforts are identified: 

Some researches mention that human beings are ones who fly high with appreciation and hence employees in an organization must feel esteemed. A good boss knows that there is never any boost similar to positive strengthening.

A good boss is one who mentions certain aspects of the employees who are good enough as it motivates the employees. It’s just common sense when an employee performs well one day and is appreciated by his boss, then he feels motivated and performs well in the upcoming days too.

7. Equality:

All employees in an organization must feel like equal members who offer for their teams. In that manner, a good boss is one who develops an environment with equality. The environment would be based on respect, trust, integrity, and aspects that boost innovation feedback along with creativity. A good boss knows that employees who are in such an environment are ones who bloom.

8. Friendly:

A great boss is one who is friendly and provides importance for all employees. A great boss wishes back to employees who wish them and makes them available to all employees when required. A good boss never tries to pry but takes interest in every employee’s life. They are also sympathetic and in this way, the employees feel that they interested and caring. For this reason, employees like their boss and they also commit to their work.

Good Boss, Bad Boss:

There are ample characteristics which can mention about a good boss as well as a bad boss. Almost many employees mention that their boss has been their most nerve-racking part of their life. Here are a few hints which present a good boss and a bad one.

A bad boss considers as one who does not listen to their employees, who talk too much, who does not respect their employees and one who does not value the time of others and plenty more. The inability to listen to employees considers as the worst feature for any boss.

1. Speaks offensive and seldom communicates: 

Communication is the major bridge that stands between a boss and an employee. A bad boss is one who does not communicate often.

A bad boss is one who uses derogatory words and yells to the team, in this way the self-esteem of the employee is lost which in turn upsurges the employee’s pressure.

A good boss is one who knows when and where to speak with the team in the right manner. A good boss is the one who offers clear instructions about the project and other required sources to the team.

2. Firing employees:

A bad boss is one who treats the employees and keeps firing them in case they do not do their assigned job. But a good boss is one who motivates employees, boosts them with positive motivation which includes offering rewards, eradicating tension at the workplace, and constructive criticism. In this way, the energy and self-esteem of employees are developed.

3. Takes control of the job: 

Employees are being recruited as they possess the right qualification for the job and also the mandatory skills and talent for the job.

Bad bosses usually instruct employees to do jobs in a manner they have completed it. Bad bosses do not like the innovative and special touch done by employees. They take control of the complete job which turns out hazardous to the self-esteem of employees and their career growth too.

A good boss is one who allows the employees to complete work as their desire for the assigned project. A good boss provides all instructions and specifications which are mandatory to work for the project.

4. Blames the team: 

A bad boss is one who blames the whole team at times of failure. An employee feels bad when they blame for something which they aren’t responsible for. A terrible boss is one who accepts only achievements and blames others for failures.

A good boss is one who stays with the team at all times and supports the team. A good boss has a give and take relationship with the boss and employees and assists the team at all times either good or bad.

5. Does not think through other ideas:

A bad boss is one who does not accept or ask for other ideas or thoughts. They may be the boss as they possess the skillset, experience, and talent, they may also have the power to decide and take action accordingly.

But this does not mean that the boss is always right all the time. A good boss is one who asks the team members for suggestions and asks ideas from other people in the team before deciding. An Achievement that happens in the team is also an achievement for the boss.

Habits of Good Bosses:

Though bosses are busy and have their schedule of work, they also need to have some good habits. Here are a few habits of good bosses.

1. They dedicate time for themselves:

Every boss has a morning routine that they need to schedule to move forward the whole day. Good bosses follow several habits that help them to place in the right frame of mind. Some bosses meditate, some exercise, and a lot more. Good bosses are one who freshly initiates their day instead of thinking about things happening around them.

2. They have breakfast:

A good boss is one who has his breakfast every day as it keeps the day going smoothly. The benefits of breakfast are many and hence they do not skip their breakfast. A good boss cannot be languid without proper fuel for his mind.

They stand to be the head of the team and ready for anything. They don’t rush and in case they run out of time, they don’t skip their meal but have something that compliments breakfast.

3. They allow for mistakes:

Mistakes are unavoidable and employees to permitted to make mistakes. Mistakes are the building blocks for various new ideas and innovations and hence making mistakes by employees should never be fired or punished all the time. Hence bosses should also have the habit of allowing employees when mistakes take place.

Interview Questions To Ask Your Next Boss:

Interviewing your next boss can be quite tricky and needs quick research before proceeding. For those who face situations of interviewing their next boss can run through these questions given below.

  1. How do you think success can be measured?
  2. Can you tell us about your style of management?
  3. How do you think that employees must be encouraged to grow?
  4. Can you mention a few chances for cross-training?
  5. As per your style, how do you reward an employee?
  6. Can you mention some of your aims for the department?
  7. Are there ways by which you can help you so that you are more successful?
  8. Can I know your turn over in your department?
  9. Can you tell us in detail about some misconceptions people possess about you?
  10. Mention your biggest success?
  11. Can you explain how you managed a recent large project where others worked and you monitored the project? Also, mention your role in the project and how you interacted and coordinated with the team members?
  12. Can you tell us the latest tough decision you made? Can you walk us through the issue and the way you handled it and how you thought the process would be?
  13. Can you describe yourself as a manager?
  14. Can you mention how others described you too?
  15. Mention a few employees who turn out to successful because of your management style?
  16. What would be your performance bar for performance in your department?
  17. Can you tell us the latest management mistake which you made recently and the way you handled it?
  18. Every best and good boss also as complaints about them from their employees, in that manner what complaints would you expect from your employees whom you managed?
  19. What would be some of your pet peeves?
  20. The only issue that we are fraught here is and how do you think you can solve it? Can you tell us your way of approach?

These are a few interview questions that can probe in an interview. All these questions and more questions can research to ask during the interview and find the skill level of the employee.


These are some of the most essential aspects which need to follow to hire a good boss. Good leaders are mandatory for the success of an organization and hence proper research and above-mentioned tips are useful to hire a good boss.

A good boss should select where he holds hands with employees and works for the welfare of the organization. In this way, the employee, as well as the organization, succeeds and grows.